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AES Over-The-Top 2015

AES Over-The-Top 2015 687 Views

Original Airdate: February 14th, 2015

AES Over-The-Top. A 40-man timed battle royal where the winner receives fame, glory,and a commemorative championship that signifies that they can get a match for any championship in any federation whenever they wish. It is the biggest match in AES history, and the show it takes place on is just as huge, featuring mutliple championship defenses, mini-battle-royals, returning names, and more.

Two Gimmick Battle Royals
Two six-man battle royals featuring characters from the past and present who are a little bit wacky. Winners get the last two spots in the main event.

TDW vs. SAPW Tag Champs Collide
The Hatventurers vs. The Wylde Onez 

ROSE World Championship Match
Amy "Girly" Roselyn vs. La Red Dinamica

Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Dance Party '95 vs. Lord Duister, Baldomero La Estatua, and Amsel von Kaiser

24/7 Championship Open Invitational
Dan Brown vs. Five Opponents

Two Legends Collide
Shaymin vs. Laura Brennan

40-Man Over The Top Battle Royal
Winner gets a shot at any championship in any federation

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