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AES World Cup: Group Stage #1

AES World Cup: Group Stage #1 194 Views

AES World Cup
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Group H: ZHEN vs. Helen Highwater
Two of the wrestlers from our second qualifying show go head to head here. Both of them have wins. Who can keep their momentum high at the start of the group stages?

Group E: BLITZKRIEG vs. El Sexy Dominicano
After a decisive win against May Russell, BLITZKRIEG is turning her sights on dominating her group. Can El Sexy Dominicano pull off a win, or is the best he can hope for is survival?

Group C: Ganbataar Ornpaeng vs. Juno Jones
Ganbataar's making it a point to go home with the Cup or not at all. Can our youngest competitor pull off an upset?

Group F: Maria Villanueva vs. Camber Khadre
It's fiery spirit vs. fiery magic in this match. Can the Tri-Star pull off the win, or will she get burned?

Group A: Chris O'Derick vs. Baldomero la Estatua
With Brizen in his rearview mirror, O'Derick looks to destroy Baldomero's chances. But can he manage it, or has he hit a Baldomero-sized wall?

Group B: Francis Ugondus vs. Shaymin
Can't wait until PrimeTime Plus? We've got your fix here. Francis Ugondus faces one of the legends he seeks to destroy. With his momentum riding high after beating Joseph James, can Shaymin pull off something to stop him in his tracks?

Group D: Anette Moreno vs. Chang Koehan
The Iron Ball that Ruled the Mall (well, "rules" when I write this card but this show airs after Mallbrawl's last show) faces down Anette Moreno; can Chang thrive outside the Mall for long or can Anette capitalize on the short recovery time/

Group H: Joseph James vs. Mica Bellamy
The France-England rivalry steps into the squared circle. But has Joseph James recovered enough from his beating at the final qualifier?

Plus the first of Oseiko's challenges and - get this - an actual preshow!

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