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Road to Renaissance 3

Road to Renaissance 3 439 Views

Original Airdate: May 2013

There were thrills, chills, and spills on the last stop on the Road To Renaissance, and things are only going to get chillier, spillier, and thrillier as we roll on! First up, we have the lead singer of starless*Sunrise and self-proclaimed sexlord Claude*Dreiz taking on TUFU's second-in-command, Imouto-chan! Next, the man of a thousand cutters and former Lineage member, Chris Oderick takes on the rookie gone rogue, Ryan Davis. "The Ripper" El Beardy will also be in action tonight, taking on one half of the SAPW tag team champions, Mexican Dragon. The Night 2 Battle Royal will be getting its second member, either the former Redneck Ninja Roger Hellman or the High Roller Miles King. And finally in a huge tag team main event, Shaymin and Caid Murdock take on Derrick Brizen and Cole Scorpio. 

It's sure to be wild, crazy, and chaotic, so be sure not to miss it!

Tag Team Collision!
Road To Fuchsia vs. Deathmarch

Night 2 Battle Royal Qualifier!
Roger Hellman vs. Miles King

We're Gonna Rip It Up!
El Beardy vs. Mexican Dragon

Technical Masterpiece!
Chris Oderick vs. Ryan Davis

Claude*Dreiz vs. Imouto-chan

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