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AES F-Mania

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DISCLAIMER: This show was aired in 2012, with a name and content from 2011. Times and prevailing cultural attitudes both on and off AES have shifted and changed dramatically. This video remains uploaded for archival purposes, and to erase it is to erase history, but the language, etc. used in the title and periodically throughout the night is in no way condoned nor approved.

The creator of this video apologizes.

A supershow a year in the making! Done in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, F-mania took place a year after the original show was meant to air but did not, and featured matches from that card, plus new ones based around AES lore.

"Dreamy" Mike Quality vs. "The Beast" Jason East

The Storre vs. The Starrenjahs

Big Netjester vs. Vaughn

Loser Leaves AES
Munch Mazing vs. Juan Cortes

X-Pac Heat Match
Red Machine D & Smark Henry vs. Cheex & Big Bertha Pancakes

8-Man Gimmick Battle Royal

Loser Must Go To Bed
John Laurinaitis vs. El Trippy

Lotus Dragon vs. Two Bears

Hardcore Brawl
Raiden vs. Dingo Patterson

8-Rookie Battle Royal

Winner is Declared President of AES
Akiba Red vs. David Tennant
[Special Referee: Kim Jong-Il]

Steel Cage Match
Derrick Brizen vs. Hyper Blizzard

Winner of Gimmick Battle Royal vs. Winner of Rookie Battle Royal

MMA-Style Match
Skyler Altus vs. Laura Brennan

WWA Championship Match
Billy Gunn vs. Girlyname vs. Viktor Zangief
[Special Referee: El Beardy]

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