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Shucky Duck Wrestling 4

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Air date: July 20, 2012

Lots of new people have been signed, and the fave five system is in full force! Tonight, two of the three championships will be defended, while the fave five system will help others determine who gets the next shots. Will the titles change hands? Who will debut under the Mystery Opponent Initiative? Will the person behind the strange video be revealed? Tune in to find out!

Mystery Opponent Initiative
Fatty McYardtard vs. ???
The Mystery Opponent Intiative rolls on! A new competitor will be joining the company, and Fatty McYardtard gets to personally greet them. Who will it be?

8-man Newcomer Battle Royal!
Jordan Larsson vs. Lance Murdock vs. UZU maki vs. General E. Amazing vs. Mysteriously Masked Man vs. Tommy Hayakawa vs. Caid Murdock vs. SPEAR Copeland
There were lots of new signings over the last couple weeks. And I do mean a lot. So, instead of having four different matches to debut everyone, everyone will debut in an 8-man (if you're counting at home, it's technically 6-men and 2-women) battle royal!

Book ALL of the Dragons Battle Royal!
Lotus Dragon vs. Bearded Dragon vs. Above-Average Dragon
With the debut of Above-Average Dragon at SDW3, we realized we have a lot of dragons. So we booked them all. Vince Russo doesn't book SDW, so no, this match isn't for the rights to the name "Dragon." Maybe later.

A Bear-y Tall Order!
Bear-y Mannilow vs. Groudon
At SDW3, Bear-y shocked the world by beating Bork Laser with a roll-up. Can he keep the momentum going to defeat SDW's local TALL monster, Groudon? Will Mannilow be able to overcome this bear-y tall order? Or will Bear-y fall short? (Pun not intended but now that I'm noticing it, I'll take it.) 

Relatively New SDW Members Only Battle Royal!
Mick E. Spade vs. Jason East vs. Estramir Mastern vs. Walter Zenon
Two of these guys won in their debuts, and the other two failed. When all four meet in a battle royal, who will be the last standing?

MAIN EVENT: They Meet Again... - Shucky Duck World Championship
Mighty Inferno © vs Jiro Kurotsu
While Inferno was given the night off at SDW3, the final man he had to go through to become the Shucky Duck World Champion managed to reign supreme. Jiro gets another shot, thanks to the Fave Five System. In a match that seems likely to be booked more often than Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston, we'll see if Inferno can keep his fire burning long enough to beat Jiro one last time!

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