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True Survivor Night Two

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Night Two

Whatever team Evan Wolf can bother to put together vs. Some guys I bought a limousine for
The greatest team in the world, the Cockus vs. A team I brought in specifically to test our mettle
Whoever was left out of my roster purge vs. The winning team from another Tournament that finished up last winter
A team written in, in what I think is blood, called "Team AES" that won't return my phone calls vs. ??? (Again, can't fire people I don't know)

The middle matches of Night Two feature my least favorite bone, Black Skull, versus an opponent of my choosing to truly show that he is at the very least defeatable. Oh, and I'm introducing the IWC Eliminator Title here with some guys no one cares about and Stu Pendous.

Night Three will feature the rest of the tournament. Remember, eliminations can occur via pinfall, submission, countout, KO and even disqualification so there are plenty of totally legitimate strategies to winning this. Every elimination is permanent and the winning team will then fall on itself until only one person remains.

"So remember, my fellow Americans, if you ever feel lost and have given up the will to keep fighting remember that I, your Electric President, will bring the same passion to righting the good ship IWC as I will to True Survivor. Thank you, and God speed."

The Electric President spins around in his chair until he is no longer facing the camera and the screen fades to black.

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