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ProWres - NEW Day 2015

ProWres - NEW Day 2015 427 Views

-=Colour Coded Killers=-

In the first ProWres sanctioned match for over a year, and for the first time ever, ProWres presents Colour Coded Killers. Four team captains, hand picked by ProWres management, were given a list of available superstars to choose from. With the exception of El Trippy Del Rudo, who neglected to attend the selection process, these are their hand picked selections! 

In what is sure to be a match for the ages, ProWres returns with Colour Coded Killers!

Team Red
Captain: Sir Dan Danielson

Alex Arellano, Norhand Chandler, Panther Mask II

Team Blue
Captain: Prince Franklin

"Bodacious" Bo, Doyale McKenzie, Lakeem

Team Yellow
Captain: El Trippy Del Rudo

Captain Coral, Cosmo A, Eli McSweeney 

Team Green
Captain: Jordan Larsson

Chase Maverick, La Red, Tomas Remirez 

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