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Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode 4

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The wait is over. Panic Attack has finally happened. Champions were crowned, rivalries were laid to rest and some have had their fires stoked even further. Total Distortion Wrestling may finally now have two champions decided but that is now only half the battle for them. Now begins the next stage of their everlasting battle; the battle to retain their titles

Cole Scorpio fought valiantly to become the TDW Guitar Warrior Champion but despite his best efforts, Cole Scorpio fell to the fourth and final Sweet Chin Marty. While Marty is off partying and celebrating, Cole Scorpio gets to take out his frustrations in the main event of tonight's show against AES's most feared...thing, The Glitch!

Things are going great for Canadian Dragon right now. At Panic Attack, he finally managed to get his match with El Trippy V and despite the slippery bugger's best attempts to get out of the match, CanDrag finally got his match and went to town on the suited superstar and got his win. And now, it's back to business as usual for Canadian Dragon, as he brings back his Open Invitational as he hopes to pave a way towards greatness! Who will CanDrag face? Not even he knows!

Speaking of great nights, it was just as good for Clark Walker. After threatening to put the show on hold all night long, Fatty McYardtard made his debut in TDW to put the upstart in his place. However, after a brutal match, Clark showed some amazing strength to put down Fatty and really get his momentum going. And now, he can continue that by getting some payback on the man who eliminated him on his quest for the Six String Championship, Cornelius K. Racy. Cornelius's night wasn't nearly as rosy though, as he found himself eliminated first in the championship match, despite a strong showing. Can the nightmare of Lafayette get himself back on track or will Clark follow up on his first win in TDW?

Nights on either end of the scale is apparently a theme for this episode. After being tormented by Darby Brizen for two months, Devon Callahan finally managed to secure her first win in Total Distortion Wrestling, after a brutal match between the two at Panic Attack. However, Devon must now face someone who's surely not in the finest of moods after being beaten in the final Six String Qualifier -Noxi. And to make matters worse, it seems that Devon's business with Darby may not yet be over, after talk show host with a penchant for violence was witnessed to be in a foul mood after her defeat.

The word around is that there seems to be some beef between Blues and Ricky D'Amore right now. There's been many occasions of the two exchanging less than friendly words backstage and the two had to be restrained last night at Panic Attack. So there's only one logical option when this kind of thing happens in TDW; we put them in a match against each other and let them tear each other apart.

The great thing about wrestling is that every day, a promising wrestler gets their chance to prove themselves every day. This time, that honour goes to the Snake of Serbia, Viktor Vlasnic. Viktor will get his chance to prove his critics wrong as he debuts againstVancouver St. Daniels, who is looking to recover from his defeat to the now Guitar Warrior Champion "Bitter Marty Jannetty from Episode 3. 

And additionally, we have been informed that the TDW Guitar Warrior Champion "Bitter" Marty Jannetty AND TDW Six String Champion La Red Dinamica will be appearing tonight (separately, of course), to celebrate their momentous victories at Panic Attack!

Main Event! - Cole is Just a Little Glitched Off
Cole Scorpio vs The Glitch

The Return of the Canadian Dragon Open Invitational!
Canadian Dragon vs ???

Cornelius Doesn't Enjoy a Packet of Walker's Crisps
Clark Walker vs Cornelius K. Racy

Noxi Has Always Wanted to Take a Trip Down to Devon
Devon Callahan vs Noxi

Roses are Red, Violets are Blues, Ricky Loves All of You
Blues vs Ricky D'Amore

Vancouver Needs to Prove He Isn't OutVlasniced
Viktor Vlasnic vs Vancouver St. Daniels

Also, Appearances by TDW's brand new champions "Bitter" Marty Jannetty and La Red Dinamica!

Ross, you're fucking fired for that Vlasnic pun, holy fuck.

Airdate: May 7th 2014 6 PM EST/11 PM GMT

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