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YEET Episode 1: The Ice Breaker

YEET Episode 1: The Ice Breaker 190 Views

Greetings everyone and welcome to the very first card for YEET!

On the show we will see the final minutes of the Cannon Battle Royal (was filmed for the pilot) and it's outcome! We will also be introduced to our contestants for the show, before then playing a few rounds of our gameshow! After all is said and done, you "wrasslin fans" will of course be treated to some high impact grappling in the form of our two matches! 

Now you might want to know exactly what those two matches are, well look no further than below!

MATCH 1: 200 point exhibition
RoZo the Giant vs Sean

MATCH 2: The Lucky 7 Battle Royal for 1,100 points
Ike the Spike vs Camille St. John vs Buster Wilde vs Jax Biggs* vs El Dougle vs Swamp Boy vs El Sexy Dominicano
*Jax Biggs was originally a contestant in the pilot, but due to outside circumstances his prior points were withheld for The Lucky 7 Battle Royal.

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