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AES World Cup: Main Tournament Night 1

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AES World Cup
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Note: Matches do not air in the order they are listed.

Francis Ugondus (USA) vs. Maria Villanueva (PHL)
Francis's entire run through this tournament has been met with controversy, from announcing his presence by knocking out Hon Hon Lun to knocking Travis Cassidy out of the tournament with a low blow into a rollup. His series of injustices has not gone unnoticed, especially not by Maria Villanueva. With the strongest sense of justice in the tournament, this student of Shaymin's looking to stop Francis's run cold and get some redemption for her last run in (a sorry excuse for) an international tournament.

Chris O'Derick (USA) vs. Chang Koehan (KOR)
It's almost like O'Derick's an entirely different person when he's in the World Cup: after a nail-biter victory over PANIC World Champion Cory Galloway, he's now got a big challenge ahead of him. Emphasis on big - Chang Koehan is the biggest of our remaining competitors. The Mallbrawl fan favorite took a shocker loss to Akachi at the end of the group stages, can he recover from it?

Tanner Morgen (NIR) vs. Helen Highwater (n/a)
Helen's tantalizingly close to her goal of bringing the world together. All she needs to do is keep winning. She faces Tanner Morgen, who won his group and was in contention for the PANIC World Championship, where a win just slipped through his fingers. While Tanner is perpetually mad, here he looks to win it all.

Joseph James (ENG) vs. BLITZKRIEG (DEU)
BLITZKRIEG very nearly bulldozed her entire group, only losing by countout to Gervasio Capello after throwing him around for most of her match. She will, however, be facing someone her own size in Joseph James. Despite the fact that JJ won his group and BLITZKRIEG came in second in hers, the man they call Black Pepper (because he gives you a kick, you see) might actually be a bit of an underdog in this one. But Joseph James is still Joseph freakin' James, so who knows? Is Wrestling Coming Home or will JJ be doomed to whiff on too many Night-Night Penalty Kicks?

Gervasio Capello (ITA) vs. Mica Bellamy (FRA)
Mica only just made it through to the knockout stage after a tie broke in her favor. While I'm sure she's very relieved that she made it, the fact that she's through because of circumstances beyond her control may leave her ability in doubt. But on the bright side, she's going in to the tournament a good bit less banged up than Gervasio. While Sicily's Finest was victorious in his group, he got tossed around by BLITZKRIEG like a ragdoll for most of their match, and even after a month or so that's still got to be affecting him.

ZHEN (CHN) vs. Cory Galloway (SCO)
After making her return to wrestling during our qualifying rounds, ZHEN's proceeded to kick a bunch of fools in the head a lot, becoming, among other things, one of the four contenders for LAW's world championship. Opposite her is PANIC's world champion Cory Galloway, whose career has taken a serious upswing in 2018 despite a last-minute loss to Chris O'Derick in groups. Can ZHEN exploit that loss or will the Defender's momentum just keep going?

Akachi (NGA) vs. Juno Jones (IRL)
I could just say "Akachi pinned Chang Koehan" and leave it there, but that doesn't quite cover everything. Akachi's one of the downright meanest competitors in the World Cup, if not AES as a whole, and will certainly stop at nothing to win. On the other hand, Juno Jones has already had an amazing run in this tournament, with an upset against Ganbataar Ornpaeng in groups and strong showings in each of her matches. If there's a Cinderella story somewhere in this bracket, it's probably going to be with Juno.

Marie Dufort (LVA) vs. Shaymin (JPN)
There's got to be a certain kind of satisfaction in being told that you can never wrestle again and then doing it anyway. Marie's managed this through the power of technology, and Shaymin's danced near that line for the last several years. Now, one of the members of BOSS takes on one of the legends of the sport in the first round.

Exhibition: Oseiko vs. Wren Sullivan
Throughout the entire group stage, Wren has had several chances to challenge Oseiko. Every time I've asked - and I do mean every time - I've gotten the same reply of "not right now." (I'm paraphrasing, of course.) But with her assault during the last show, I'm no longer offering her the choice. The same rules as the challenge apply: if Wren wins, she takes Oseiko's paycheck.

Exhibition: Anette Moreno vs. Camilla DeCosta
I had sincerely hoped to have this during the tournament itself, but fate had other plans. So I'm doing it here instead! In the last (alleged) international tournament, Camilla removed Anette from contention, but Anette was awarded a second chance. Not that it matters since that tournament folded almost immediately afterwards, but Camilla's never gotten over it. Thus, the two of them will be facing each other for their first ever singles match.

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