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AES World Cup: Group Stage #3

AES World Cup: Group Stage #3 417 Views

AES World Cup
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Group F: Marie Dufort v. Maria Villanueva
Two strong competitors with very similar first names go up against each other in our opening contest. Will we see Villanueva's fighting spirit win the day or will Dufort win it for the might of Latveria?

Group H: Helen Highwater v. May Russell
With both these competitors smarting after losses to ZHEN, it's do-or-die time in Group H - the loser of this match is out. Will Helen come that much closer to bringing the world together a little more or will May finally win a match?

Group E: BLITZKRIEG v. Gervasio Capello
BLITZKRIEG made an example of Dominicano in her first match - one Gervasio has to have noticed. Can Gervasio pull off the win here, or is German wrestling truly the greatest in the world?

Group A: Chris O'Derick v. Cory Galloway
Chris O'Derick eliminated Cory Galloway at the Eight Nation Battle Royale all the way back in February. But that was a different Cory Galloway. That Cory wasn't yet hailed as the savior of AES. Now, four months after NEWDay, can PANIC's world champion get his pin back on O'Derick?

Group D: Chang Koehan vs. Akachi
Chang Koehan hopes to continue his momentum from victories over Sir Dan and Anette Moreno. Anyone else might be worried, but Akachi - not so much. Can she pull off the upset?

Group C: Juno Jones vs. Tanner Morgen
For Juno Jones, this could be the most important match of her life. For Tanner Morgen? Just another day in the life. Juno's pulled off one upset victory in the group stage; can she go two-for-two? There's more on the line here than just first place, after all - Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland rather famously have a rift between them.

Group G: Joseph James vs. Camilla DeCosta
Despite the fact that a loss may send her home, Camilla DeCosta's in a relatively good position despite going up against Joseph James; a win or draw will see her through, as will lasting longer than 10:51 regardless of win or loss. The problem with that, though, is that she's up against Joseph James, who looks to have this match look more like his one against Mica than his one against Francis. And speaking of...

Group B: Francis Ugondus vs. Travis Cassidy
It's the Battle of the -OLA Runners-Up, and due to the circumstances around both previous matches in Group B, Shaymin is all but guaranteed to go through (the only way she can't is if this match both ends in a draw and in less than 8:11). So it's all on the line here, folks: the winner gets first in the group and the loser goes home.

 Plus: The tournament bracket is revealed, Oseiko takes on her toughest challenger to date, and a preshow match not featuring Wren Sullivan that you definitely won't want to miss!

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