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AES World Cup: Group Stage #2

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AES World Cup
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Group D: Anette Moreno vs. Akachi
After a loss to Chang Koehan on the last show, Anette's looking to save her World Cup run from extinction. To do that, she'll need to beat Akachi - who is herself looking to make a powerful statement in her first outing in Groups. A loss here will send Anette home.

Group E: El Sexy Dominicano vs. Gervasio Capello
To say his last match didn't go so well for Dominicano could quite possibly be the understatement of the decade. He'll be facing Gervasio Capello, who's looking to keep his impressive performances alive after beating DEUS to qualify. A loss here sends Dominicano home (or rather, knocks him out of the tournament).

Group C: Tanner Morgen vs. Ganbataar Orpaneng
Gan got upset on the last show and is herself now quite upset, and is looking to take it out on Tanner Morgen. It won't be easy for her, though, as Tanner's latest showings on PANIC have proven. A loss here sends Gan home, can she snap her recent streak of suffering?

Group B: Travis Cassidy vs. Shaymin
After a draw by double countout devolved into a brawl outside, Shaymin's got to save her anger against Francis Ugondus for Primetime Plus and focus on this match. And after some soul-searching following his defeat of his mentor Laura Brennan, Travis Cassidy's coming into the group stages with purpose. A loss will send Shaymin home.

Group H: ZHEN vs. May Russell
Shifting gears from the wrestling masterclass above, we've got two wrestlers whose style is "hit the other person really hard until they lose." ZHEN's riding a wave of momentum from winning against Helen Highwater while May's rage is near a breaking point after her loss to BLITZKRIEG; who will get hit the hardest?

Group G: Mica Bellamy vs. Camilla DeCosta
Losing to Joseph James hasn't put as much of a damper on Mica's spirit as you might think, but a loss here will send her home. So she's going into this match against ScrapYard standout Camilla DeCosta with a purpose. Can the Jamaican Sensation end Mica's run in the World Cup?

Group F: Camber Khadre vs. Marie Dufort
It's a fight between two nobles, technically: Camber is the Flame Kingdom's queen while Marie is a Latverian countess. A loss here sends Camber home; can she crush Dufort like a tin can or will her World Cup run go up in smoke?

Group A: Cory Galloway vs. Baldomero la Estatua
It's a classic match of "big guy vs. not-so-big guy," or "skill vs. sinew," or... you get the point. Cory Galloway is one of AES's stars to watch right now; will he manage to send Baldomero packing or will the bodybuilder break Cory over his knee? A loss here sends Baldomero home.

 Plus: The tournament bracket is revealed, Oseiko takes on her toughest challenger to date, and a preshow match not featuring Wren Sullivan that you definitely won't want to miss!

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