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Road To Renaissance - Final

Road To Renaissance - Final 473 Views

The Road To Renaissance shows were a series of six episodes meant to build towards Renaissance. Unfortunately, only one seems to exist in its original format as of right now. Original description from 2013:

Are you ready?

After an exciting episode of Road To Renaissance that saw The Lineage one-upping Chris Oderick and his surprise partner /wooo/DDP, Dr. Midcard's army pulling forward in the war with the Toy Soldiers, Cole Scorpio knocking out Oseiko, and Kamara Moore winning what may have been the biggest match of his career against Richie Stevens, the Road continues on! Tonight, in a blockbuster main event, Tyler Rykren looks to do what few others have done and take out the artist known as Blackout. Plus, two - TWO Battle Royal Qualifiers, a clash of rising stars, and one of our co-presidents, Akiba Red, taking on the big bad Bruno Bono!

Plus, since this is a super special episode, we're throwing tons of other matches on the card, too! It's the final show before Renaissance and we're going all out! Watch rising stars Dustin Delta, Trent Kekoa, and Bob Sagat battle it out! Watch Dr. Midcard and Dr. Steel's personal picks take each other on before their match at the grand show! And finally, the Regginator has a match against an opponent of Arino's choosing: dolan!

It's sure to be one to remember! Don't miss it!

The Tiger takes on The Artist!
Tyler Rykren vs. Blackout

Reggie's Challenge?
The Regginator vs. dolan

Weird Science!
A wrestler of Dr. Steel's choosing vs. A wrestler of Dr. Midcard's choosing

Night 2 Battle Royal Qualifier!
Skyler Altus vs. Jiro Kurotsu

8-Person Royal Rumble!
Participants: Jay Gunn, Sego Khan, Ryan Davis, Chris Oderick, Derrick Brizen, Calissa, El Hijo Del Ta, Raiden

Bruno Bono vs. Akiba Red

Action Jackson Speaks!
The Badass Brother Has Something To Say

Night 2 Battle Royal Qualifier!
Jeremy Dupoe vs. Don "The Pain" Wayne

The Ripper Continues His Path of Dominance!
El Beardy vs. Punter

Three Rising Stars Clash!
Dustin Delta vs. Trent Kekoa vs. Bob Sagat

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