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AES World Cup: Qualifiers #4

AES World Cup: Qualifiers #4 231 Views

Qualifying Match: Siobhan Rose vs. Juno Jones
Here's some World Cup trivia: no matter who wins this match, they will be the youngest competitor in the World Cup. Siobhan (age 19) has been doing rather well for herself, avoiding the pin in her exhibition tag match and picking up a win in her debut. But everything's on the line here, and Juno (age 17) is looking to redeem herself from her loss to Arthur Rickett.

Exhibition Match: BLITZKRIEG vs. May Russell
We wanted to give some time to two wrestlers who are already qualified and who we felt could benefit from a second showing. The fact that these two are surprisingly similar is just icing on the cake. BLITZKRIEG has the clear size advantage but May is fuelled by furious angry rage; this match will likely be closer than stats indicate!

Exhibition Match: Baldomero la Estatua vs. ???
We have one last competitor in the World Cup who we've been asked to keep secret! This is them! I as usual can't tell you much, but I wouldn't have put them up against Baldomero la Estatua if I didn't think it would be a good matchup. La Estatua may not be the brightest wrestler - I'm pretty sure that's why Señor Géne is around - but the former bodybuilder makes up for it in sheer HOSS. Can he be outwrestled, or will he be the One Hoss to Rule Them All?

Qualifying Match: Lucius Masters vs. Ganbataar Ornpaeng
I hate to do it, but even after all the qualifiers we've done I'm only down to 25. One more has to go. Both Lucius and Ganbataar could use the second chance to show what they've got, with the sole rider being that whoever loses does not advance. This will be our only cross-country qualifier, and honestly, it's one more than I would have liked.

Qualifying Match: Shaymin vs. Kyo
One of the legends of the sport goes up against one of its rising stars. Shaymin has been wrestling for AES since Black Mountain Wrestling in the '90s. We have people in this tournament that hadn't even been born yet. Kyo, while having lost his title at Decimation, is still one of the rising stars of AES; he's looking to make his name here.

Exhibition Match: Joseph James vs. Francis Ugondus
Brought to you by Galaxias!
Francis Ugondus's plan to make himself the face of modern wrestling has been going pretty well for him, given that he's gone and secured the American position in the World Cup. And here he hopes to make good on his threat to cripple everyone in his way. JJ's been on a cool streak while Franco's on a hot one; can experience win over momentum?

Qualifying Match: Derrick Brizen vs. Chris O'Derick
Since his appearance in the Eight Nation Battle Royale, Chris O'Derick has looked - and acted - different than he has in the past. The Master of the Cutter has lost a lot of the rockstar attitude that made him famous, and traded it in for sheer viciousness. And this is before we get into rumors that he's in police custody in Washington state. But unfortunately for him, he's chosen to antagonize Derrick Brizen, who is without a doubt one of the most brutal wrestlers in AES history. Will Chris manage to fend off Derrick and keep his spot in the tournament, or will Derrick show Chris what real brutality is?

Qualifying Rematch: Xandre LeBelle (w/ Andrew Adonis) vs. Mica Bellamy (w/ ???)
It's a big ol' duel, with seconds and everything, and the French position is on the line here! Xandre has naturally picked Andrew as his second, but Mica hasn't yet gotten back to me about hers. I do hope she can do so, because if she doesn't have a second she'll have to go it alone. And that would put her at a disadvantage with the duel's rules.

Yes, special rules. To further get into the spirit of duelling, I've added one rule: each duelist can tag in their second to replace them, but that puts them out of the fight. They can't be tagged back in and have to watch on the sidelines. This could turn the tide of the match, so it's best to use it wisely!

Plus: Plans for exhibition matches during the group stages and beyond! And the groups are revealed!

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