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AES World Cup: Qualifiers #3

AES World Cup: Qualifiers #3 231 Views

Exhibition Match: El Sexy Dominicano v. Tanner Morgen
Half of the Caribbean Connection, El Sexy Dominicano looks to make his mark on the tournament here with his Latino charm and lots of flips. His opponent Tanner Morgen was one of the standout rookies in 2017, with standout performances in ScrapYard and an upcoming appearance at True Survivor. In this exhibition match, will Dominicano's superior agility win the day, or will Tanner force him to catch his Red Hands of Ulster?

Qualification Match: DEUS vs. Gervasio Capello
The former IBW champion DEUS kind of fell off everyone's radar after SAPW's unfortunate closure last year. That is, right up until he popped up again in LOVE, making it his mission to destroy all anime. He's got his work cut out for him there. Gervasio is still on a bit of a cold streak; while he wasn't involved in the finish in his exhibition on the last show, he's still looking for a way to turn it all around. And qualifying for the World Cup could help him do just that.

Exhibition Match: Lucius Masters vs. ???
Derided as the "weak link" of his tag team The Masterwork, Lucius Masters entered the World Cup to prove, once and for all, he can go with the best of them. He's got very little to lose and everything to prove here, and he intends on doing that, even against an unknown opponent. Both wrestlers here intend to burn the house down with their match. Let's hope that remains figurative.

Qualification Match: Francis Ugondus vs. Jake Cunningham
There's something different about Francis Ugondus lately. Is it the stylish shades, golden shirt, or the fact that he's borrowing his friends' finishers? All we know is that after a big win over Derrick Brizen, Francis ain't nobody to be fucked with. But don't count Jake Cunningham out just yet. After putting away John Good and Jacob McDonald, Cunningham's proven he can hang with just about anyone.

Qualification Match: Shaymin/Kyo v. Oseiko/Aiko Shōkan (tornado tag)
Okay, I know, I know, it's a tag team match that's also a qualifying match. The last time someone tried this sort of thing... well, we're not talking about the last time someone tried it. This one, however, is an all-Japanese qualifier, with the winning team facing off against each other at the final qualification show. This match features joushi legend Shaymin teaming up with Grappling of Glory Jr. Heavyweight champion Kyo. They face the team of LOVE's world champion Oseiko, whose work you can find all over the Society, and Aiko Shōkan, whose skill with strikes is matched only by the mystery surrounding her past.

Qualification Match: Joseph James vs. Arthur Rickett
Joseph James is not having a good time of things in the World Cup. He's gone 0 for 2 in his exhibitions, taking pinfalls to both our Canadian competitors (on whom more will be spoken about later). Meanwhile, Arthur Rickett's riding the momentum from both being the final UWOT Great British Champion and his win last show against Juno Jones and Gervasio Capello. Can Joseph James turn his luck around, or will Arthur Rickett ride the momentum on into the World Cup?

Qualification Rematch: Wren Sullivan vs. Cory Galloway (cage match)
Wren Sullivan had some seriously strong words for Cory Galloway on the last show, and has challenged him to prove that he's worthy of representing Scotland. She's set a cage match as the stipulation, but with a twist - climbing out of the cage is a disqualification, not a victory. This is once again for the right to be in the World Cup. While Cory has indicated on Twitter that he's game for it, he still retains the right to decline this match - so it's still possible, if not probable, that Wren could be looking like a fool when all is said and done.

Qualification Match: Travis Cassidy vs. Laura Brennan
Both our Canadian representatives have put on quite the show, with both scoring victories over Joseph James in our last two shows. Their accomplishments outside of the ring can't be understated either, with Travis's federation PANIC debuting to rave reviews and Laura's work at the Lab producing the next generation of stars.

But in the end, there can be only one.

Despite Travis being Laura's student, don't expect either of these two to go easy on each other. Does Laura have a few tricks hidden up her sleeve that Travis doesn't know about? Or will the student finally surpass the master? All we know is, you don't want to miss this match.

PLUS: Xandre LeBelle makes a statement after "his" win! Derrick Brizen has a lot to say! And more!


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