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An official memo from the desk of Max Karzai:

Bonjour! Why am I speaking French? Because the PrimeTime tour's next stop is in the great land of Canada! It's our first time over there in the land of maple syrup and hitchhiking robots and we wanted to hit this place with our best shot.

Reggie Sallis is a man after my own heart. He's big, he's bold, and he's also agreed to hold an open challenge as the main event, putting his TDW Encore championship on the line! We've sent out invitations to people all around the Armbar Error Society. Who will answer, and could they possibly topple the champ?

Weirdly enough, shortly after the AES Board of Directors put out the press release announcing Reggie's challenge, I was held at gunpoint in a dark alley by a man in a black and white mask who demanded I book an open challenge of his own. I asked him why, and he told me "THIS ONE WILL BE BETTER THAN THE OTHER OPEN CHALLENGE BECAUSE I'M NOT A FAT FUCK! LOL!". Hey, I'm not the kind to deny such a polite request.

We have more than just those open challenges on the card. John Doe was going to be on the last episode of PrimeTime, but due to scheduling conflicts was unable to participate in the battle royal. However, he has been contacted for this episode, and he will have his hands full as he takes on a woman fresh off a victory against Bob Sagat, Oseiko. Plus, we have a six-man odd-couple tag team match as the CNW tag team champions Dirk Derek and Miles King team with CNW fellow Mick Spade to take on UWOT tag team champions Singh & Swing and Travis Cassidy!

Finally, we have a very special five-person match we're calling the Mistletoe Challenge! The winner of this match gets three minutes alone with an AES superstar of their choice. Not to beat them up, that's what the main show is for! No, this one lucky winner gets three minutes and a sprig of mistletoe to do with what they wish. It's Christmas In July! In August! We were never that good with dates.

Tune in for another exciting episode of thrills, spills, and chills as the Primetime Tour rolls on!

Let's rock!

El Fucko's Better Open Challenge!
El Fucko vs. ???

Tag Champions, Unlikely Allies!
Dirk Derek, Miles King, & Mick Spade vs. Rey Columpio, Charanjeet Singh, & Travis Cassidy

The Man In Gray vs. The Black Widow!
John Doe vs. Oseiko

Mistletoe Fatal Five-Way!
Tyke Miller vs. Connie Quinn vs. Anya Reyes vs. DJ Wavebird vs. Keenan Frost

TDW Encore Championship Open Challenge!
Reggie Sallis vs. ???

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