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AES World Cup: Qualifiers #2

AES World Cup: Qualifiers #2 224 Views

Qualifying Match: Helen Highwater vs. ???
When I first started the World Cup, I wasn't expecting there to be a qualifying match between two unaffiliated wrestlers. Hell, I wasn't expecting there to be unaffiliated wrestlers at all! But Helen Highwater came to the World Cup intent on spreading a message of globalism and unity, hoping to win on behalf of Earth as a whole rather than a single country. Her opponent wishes to remain a mystery, but I can tell you there's a lot of buzz about them. If Helen wants to defeat them, she has her work cut out for her.

Qualifying Match: Mica Bellamy vs. Edith Dumas vs. Xandre LeBelle
With Hon Hon Lun removed from the tournament and Xandre LeBelle cheated out of his qualifier, we've quickly shuffled around the format and added him to this previously planned match. Mica Bellamy is a newcomer to AES, a former French secret agent taking her martial arts skill into the squared circle. Edith Dumas, by contrast, has been making the Scrapyard roster suffer with her submission holds since it opened. There's just one problem here - Xander doesn't fight women. Can he overcome his chivalrous instincts long enough to qualify?

Exhibition Match: Arthur Rickett vs. Juno Jones vs. Gervasio Capello
Juno Jones has her work cut out for her here. The Irish standout who debuted at our NEWDay Showcase goes up against "Sicily's Finest" Gervasio Capello, and final UWOT Great British Champion Arthur Rickett. While Capello is having a rough time of it in Grappling of Glory thanks to the savagery of Kill Them, he absolutely shouldn't be underestimated here, and Rickett's accomplishments speak for themselves.

Exhibition Match: Ganbataar Ornpaeng vs. ???
Ganbataar Ornpaeng is in some serious hot water in Laos. While this match might not be do-or-die for her standings in the tournament, it certainly is one for her standing in her homeland. She needs to make a statement with this match, and a strong one, regardless of her opponent. Once again, we've been informed that her opponent wishes to remain unknown until they make their appearance. With that said, she's poised to give Ganbataar the fight of her life.

Qualifying Match: Jake Cunningham vs. John Good vs. Jacob McDonald
The first of two American qualifiers on this show, with the winners facing each other on the next show. John Good is likely still reeling from his loss to Siobhan Rose on the last show, and he's bound to want to make a point here. Jacob McDonald is an amateur wrestling standout who's had trouble adjusting from the mat to the ring, and "The Tank" hopes he can finally get all the puzzle pieces fitted together with a win here. Jake Cunningham, the One-Winged Eagle Scout, brings his abilities from his one-man war on nature to this match; after his showing at our NEWDay showcase, he too has something to prove.

Exhibition Match: Joseph James/Siobhan Rose vs. Laura Brennan/Travis Cassidy
For the second time ever, Joseph James and Laura Brennan find each other across the ring from each other. This time, though, there's a twist: they've brought their trainees. Siobhan Rose is enrolled at Joseph James' Battle Academy, and Travis Cassidy is probably the most famous of all of Laura Brennan's students. Both students and teachers can fight in this tag match. Can Siobhan help pull off an upset against the two Canadians?

Qualifying Match: Francis Ugondus vs. Derrick Brizen
While I certainly don't endorse the way Francis Ugondus decided to announce that he was participating in the World Cup, I did previously receive his application to join the World Cup, so I can't just shoo him out the door for that stunt. I can only guess at his motivations, but he'll be competing for the USA, and will be in the second of the two American qualifiers this show. Against Derrick Brizen.

You know. Derrick Brizen. The Drug Lord. The Heaven Stabber. The Dirty D. BOSS Industries member. One of the Brethren. All-around crazy motherfucker, and that's when he's sober. Holder of way too many entrance themes. That Derrick Brizen.

To say Francis has his work cut out for him here is an understatement on the same level as "the Browns are kinda bad".

PLUS: Wren Sullivan has the mic at the beginning of the show!

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