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AES PrimeTime 7

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An official memo from the desk of Max Karzai:

Well, folks, the PrimeTime tour is back with a vengeance, and we may have made a mistake booking Dazzling Mercury as he seems to have eaten a large chunk of the profits we made last show. Not literally, of course. That's Matt Suit's job. Ha! Just kidding. Please don't quit. You're our entire PR department.

But I digress. Dazzling Mercury and Ricky D'Amore had a spectacular match, a match that unfortunately left us with no choice but to tour to a slightly smaller arena for this next show. But just because the arena is smaller doesn't mean the card is. We've got one heck of a show planned for Reseda, and it's one that will certainly not disappoint.

We cut a deal with Coke Ibushi, and our main event is a CFPW Colt Championship match! A few stops ago, we held a battle royal where the winner would get a championship match at a future show. Unfortunately, the winner of that match was unable to be contacted and be booked for this show, so we're holding another battle royal featuring eight huge names! The winner of that battle royal will battle Darby Brizen later that night.

Apart from that, we have two of AES's most charismatic new stars squaring off, an excellent tag team bout, and the worlds of sports colliding when two athletes who made their name in different combat sports face off to fight one another!

Gold will be on the line, and so will bragging rights, as the PrimeTime Tour rolls on!

Let's rock!

Colt Championship Contender Battle Royal!
BRIX, Albert Del Tyneside, Anne Cortes, La Red Dinamica, Thora Vinter, Perseus Watson, Cory Galloway, Grigori Ginoveaf

Masque vs. Masque!
Benjamin Bender vs. Lutteur Masque

Hard-Hitting and Hard-Headed!
The Uprising vs. Hats 'N' Hellions

Boxing vs. MMA!
Leslie Fairchild vs. Sparky Foxworthy

Colt Championship Match!
Darby Brizen © vs. Battle Royal Winner

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