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AES World Cup: Qualifiers #1

AES World Cup: Qualifiers #1 322 Views

Qualifiying Match: Anette Moreno vs. Solfrid Stahlhammer
Here we have an interesting parallel: we have someone who debuted at last year's Grand Prix facing off against someone who's debuting right here. Anette has made a name for herself in the year she's been in AES; she's in strong contention for a title in BAD and has consistently put on strong showings in ScrapYard. Solfrid, one would think, hopes to echo that success, and with a contract in the soon-to-premiere CoFE she may get that chance. But only one of these two can represent Norway. Will experience win out against promise?

Exhibition Match: Siobhan Rose vs. John Good
Don't let her extremely pink exterior fool you, Siobhan Rose is an absolute terror in the ring. The Irish wrestling prodigy makes her AES debut here, facing man of the Lord and BAD alumnus John Good. While Good's singles success hasn't been that great, the Disciples, his tag team, are BAD's tag team champions. It would be foolish to count him out.

Exhibition Match: Camilla DeCosta vs. May Russell
Camilla DeCosta has a bone to pick with Anette Moreno. See, a year ago at the Grand Prix Camilla knocked Anette out of contention, only for Anette to be awarded a second chance. But before anything could happen to settle the score, the Grand Prix folded. We hope to rectify that. Buuut since Anette is busy qualifying for the World Cup, we're instead having Camilla fight Anette's tag team partner. Now when we were told that a short red headed Aussie with anger problems had signed up we had... someone different in mind, but May looks to prove herself here, for definitions of "prove" involving punching other people really hard.

Qualifying Match: Xander LeBelle vs. Hon Hon Lun
Yo dawg, we heard you liked tournaments, so we put a tournament in your tournament so-- why are you booing me? Anyway, over the next three shows we'll have three matches between our French contingent; the winners of the matches in the first two shows face each other in the third. The name of the game here is hot new talent versus established wrestler, with rising star Hon Hon Lun facing off against the former Gentleman Masque, Xander LeBelle.

Exhibition Match: Maria Villanueva vs. Akachi vs. BLITZKRIEG
Nicknamed such cheery things as "Übersoldat" and "Zerstörer" (German for "super-soldier" and "destroyer" respectively), BLITZKRIEG was born for combat. (I'm not sure how literal that is, and to be honest, I'm too afraid to ask.) The German mastodoness faces Akachi, who while not quite as large has a mean streak the size of Nigeria to make up for it, and as we saw on RISE, willing to do anything to win. With these two ladies in the ring it seems easy enough to write off the third competitor, but if anyone can face down these two and win, it's probably Maria Villanueva. Her sheer force of determination got her a shot at the Glory Jr. Heavyweight Title in Grappling of Glory, and while eventually unsuccessful, took the current champion to his limit.

Exhibition Match: Laura Brennan vs. Joseph James
I don't think I need to introduce either Laura Brennan or Joseph James to you, so fuck it, let's have a legend fight.

Qualifying Match: Wren Sullivan vs. Cory Galloway
Wren Sullivan makes a long-awaited (or dreaded, depending on who you ask) return to AES action in the World Cup. The ROSE superstar has been out of the spotlight since its shutdown save for a brief appearance in last year's AES vs. the World, and the Scottish She-Wolf hopes that securing her homeland's slot will get her back in action. But to do that, she first has to get through Cory Galloway. The Defender was in our Eight Nation Battle Royale at NEWDay, eliminating Juno Jones before himself being eliminated by eventual winner Chris O'Derick, and of course his performance at The Battle for Everyone's Souls is in the forefront of everyone's mind.


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