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High Point Wrestling Episode 5.8: Open the Missing Link

High Point Wrestling Episode 5.8: Open the Missing Link 426 Views

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It's time for Ol' Ozzie to come clean to you about why the show has taken so long.

Long story short, it's all my fault. I neglected one person's contract when it came up, then in the time it took trying to get that person back, we've lost so much more each time, to the point I can tell you right now, New Heights isn't going to be the same show it started. I debated rebooting, I debated forming something new, I debated skipping over New Heights and just continuing what I had.

But nah, the show must go on.

I'm sorry Ozzie can't deliver to you what she promised. Those who asked had their tickets completely refunded for New Heights a while back. In the end, I'm a fan who knows how much it sucks to not get what you were hoping for. But as someone who still carries a ticket to the last ever shows of WWA, ACES!, WFL, ProWres, PHOENIX!, TFIAH, CNW (twice!), ROSE the first time, SAPW, and even more...

I know it sucks more to see any of these shows, but I was even more disappointed when these places shut down.

With HPW, I'm not gonna let that happen. Aria and I have some restructuring to do, some matches to change, simply put...things will get messy. The details of the damage are in the Previously on HPW box, if you want them, but if you think I'm not gonna continue, you don't know me.

I'm going to deliver the best show that I can. Sorry for making you all wait.

Let's start from the top, and reach New Heights.

Previously, on HPW...:

It is with great sadness that I must announce Walter Zenon is one of the first people to go. With this decision, Aria and I had made the decision to move the remaining three into a triple threat match to determine our first ever Atop The World Championship. To make sure that these wrestlers aren't rusty, we've given these three the oppurtunity to decide their opponents. They can choose someone in the locker room, or it could be somebody who has never set foot in an AES ring. Lakeem, the only remaining person in the triple threat to have gotten in by winning a triple threat match on the first episode, will have the distinction of picking out the opponent for Harem Talent Agencies' Ryland Patrick. Ryland, who is currently undefeated in HPW, won his spot at New Heights in the triple threat match, thanks to a deal made by his manager, who secured him a spot in the inaugral match provided that he defeated Lakeem on Episode 3, which he did accomplish. Meanwhile, Ryland will decide the opponent for Lottie D, who earned his spot after walking out and challenging Grover Tatum for his spot (who has sadly also parted from the company). Initally Grover refused, until Lottie began joking about Grover's dead wife, which lead to him accepting the fight, and getting pinned by Lotus. Lottie will have the distinction of picking Lakeem's match. Those three matches will be split across the night, with one of them being our main event.

The next big hit that you might have heard about is the loss of Chell Sweetie, who is taking an indefinite leave from the world of Professional Wrestling. We have Thora Vinter and Rose Parker each with their own (seperate) sky boxes once again, as they get to view a match that was intended for New Heights. Now, the person who was going to gain Number One Contendership will receive their shot much earlier than expected, as the winner will be guarenteed Chell's original spot in the triple threat ladder match for the Ice Queen Championship.

To say we have a strong number of contenders doesn't even begin to describe it. Any one of these women could stand up to the toughest, and they have the chance to prove that. While we couldn't get Molly Prizm back, we ultimately decided Dani Gibbons deserved a big oppurtunity, and was more than a worthy replacement for Molly. Arabella Grimsbane in many's eyes has been one of HPW's two breakout women. While the AES world hasn't seen a whole lot of her, she's managed to catch people's attention with her incredible matches and...interesting personality. The other breakout star of the promotion is one Miranda Wright, who had managed to reinvent herself upon coming to HPW, as well as pick up the first win in her time in AES. Although some may doubt her, even more have been betting since day one that she could take home the gold. Tekina had layed low on the radar for some time, but within the past year or so, proven herself a force to be reckoned with, including in HPW, by pinning Anya Reyes on episode 5 to pick up the win for her team. And speaking of, Anya Reyes, she will also be given a shot to make it into the match. From the getgo, she had her share of critics, and fans, but one thing that could not be argued is her technique, having been trained by the one and only AES Hall of Famer Laura Brennan. Then lastly, we have Mew, who was the one to lose her match to Chell Sweetie in the contendership for the inaugral Ice Queen Championship match, however she's only gotten better with her time away, impressing many in her other AES ventures, and with Chell gone, this could be her moment. But, there's six worthy successors to the throne, and only one wrestler who can remain. Who will be 'the one' to step up and square off at New Heights for a shot at becoming our first ever Ice Queen?

We are still figuring out the situation regarding the Twin Peaks Championships, but the Pillars of Destruction have also parted ways. We will have a solution by the time New Heights rolls around, so stay tuned.

We have one more match moved from New Heights, however, as an apology from Ozzie for how long this has taken, and to make room for some changes. The Six Man Tag Team match that followed the rivalry between Imp Montague and Alex Auburn, ever since Alex refused to make a deal with him as a client of his, Imp made it his personal goal to bring down Alex for 'emabarassing him'. As time went on, they began to build their own alliance, Imp with the hitmen tag team of Dirty Deeds, and Alex with "The Badstreetchadore" Adrian Bliss and The Lab's own Joey Lin. We hope only that this match will have been worth the wait.

Another major name not related to any title match whose status is still up in the air is one Sicario Suarez. While he is still under contract officially, he has been hard to get in contact of, but we will hope to update you when we learn whether or not he will be there at New Heights. Until then, we would like to provide you with a match starring Sicario's opponent he had at New Heights, JD Jarbo. He will have a match against someone who lost the Double Dragon Battle Royale at National E-Wrestling Day this year, but whose punk demeanor and stiff style, not to mention status as Lance Meszaros' golden boy makes him one of AES' loudest and most talented wrestlers to step into the ring, not to mention High Point Wrestling. His match with Joseph James was arguably one of the promotion's most talked of, from last year. I speak only of That Young Punk Kid, Harley Vincent.

Speaking of Joseph, while he has a match with Gervasio Capello still at New Heights, we can give you one more match for THE FIRST TIME EVER...where Joseph James focuses on a name that has been largely overlooked, but I predict that will turn around when he's allowed to fight one-on-one against our resident vet. Brett Paradise is a love machine, but he's also a fighting machine. With his colossal size making him a hard target for the former El Trippy to trample, he will have to deliver hard if he wants to try and bring him down.

Then lastly (to be determined. I don't know, maybe I'll add a match, I'm feeling fine), there's two wrestlers whose contracts have been on my desk for a while, but I haven't contacted them for their services quite yet. But, with some free space on my card, and a whole bunch of restructuring I need to do, I thought 'why not', and contacted these two, who have both been having matches since then. Brody Boucher, and Jamie Haskins, come on down! You to get a one-on-one to show your stuff.

All that and more sound good? If so, cool. Then let's bring HPW back.



Ryland Patrick vs. An Opponent of Lakeem's Choice

Lakeem vs. An Opponent of Lottie's Choice.

Lottie D vs. An Opponent of Ryland's Choice.



Anya Reyes vs Arabella Grimsbane vs Mew vs Miranda Wright vs Dani Gibbons vs Tekina



Alex Auburn, Adrian Bliss, and Joey Lin vs. Imp Montague & Dirty Deeds (Clayton & Salem Murdock)



JD Jarbo vs Harley Vincent



Joseph James vs Brett Paradise



Jamie Haskins vs Brody Boucher



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