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The ROSE Tradition is here again! The women of RISE will dress up in costume, but the stakes are huge on a special Halloween Booster edition of RISE Wrestling...

Special Match – ScrapYard Cast Iron Championship – Sanako Asano © vs. Darby Brizen

Sanako Asano and Darby Brizen are world traveled and carry with them reputations as some of the best on the planet. While RISE would have happily accepted both of these women into it's ranks, we're privileged to have Darby Brizen on our brand. Scrapyard has generously allowed RISE to have a special championship match between Asano, quickly becoming one of the top names in all of AES, and Brizen, star and champion in her own right. Even on a fun holiday like Halloween RISE doesn't hesitate to put on the best matchups in wrestling.

ROSE World Championship #1 Contenders Match – Robin Reflex vs. Big Girl Gladwin

After the Open Challenge was answered by Anya Reyes (and briefly by Jan Netty), Robin Reflex came out to make her intentions of challenging for the ROSE World Championship known. Unfortunately, Big Girl Gladwin made her intentions just as clear by jumping the Reverb Rebel from behind. With two viable contenders, it's only natural to narrow the prospects down to one woman.

Special Match – A top star outside of RISE requests match vs. Elizabeth Prisa

Elizabeth Prisa's reputation as a fighting champion in ZCW preceded her entry into AES, and now that she's been established more, there are people out to put another note in their career by beating her. Prisa prides herself on being ready for the challenge, and after a big win over multi-champion Chell Sweetie during Part 3, she's game for the next woman to crash the lair of the Speed Demon. But her opponent might be frightening enough on her own.

Match 4 – Barbie Jay Tucker vs. Connie Quinn

Barbie Jay's 2017 has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but the one thing that's been consistent is violence. Tucker's fury over losing the RISE World Championship and being denied her chance at TCW* gold manifested in a brutal knockout of Green Blazer just a week prior. It's clear Barbie has no time to waste on her track to regaining the title.

Connie Quinn, on the other hand, has been riding higher than ever. After taking her television stardom to heart, she's scored a shock victory over her trainer Alex Santos. This confidence may be a tad misguided, since the former champ is no easy task on a good day. Can Quinn work more television magic?

Match 5 – Amy Roselyn vs. Oseiko

One of the most shocking moments from last week's mainline RISE episode was the sudden and forceful breakdown of Amy Roselyn's career by Jan Netty. The attack on her character and her reign as champion left the usually boastful ROSE World Champion speechless and distracted in her match against Anya Reyes. One of Jan's chief complaints was Amy's less-than-stellar work schedule. Amy, apropos of nothing it would seem, has requested a match against another ROSE Original and a staple of AES for years.

Oseiko, The Black Widow, is always looking for the next challenge to overcome. Oseiko and Roselyn have gone one win a piece in the past, so this rubber match is of the highest importance to the Japanese born workhorse. RISE has so far become yet another company where the summit of championship glory is in sight, but no footholds seem to be in reach. Even in this non-title match, Oseiko no doubt intends to give a big match performance as if the red and gold would be around her waist with a victory.

Match 6 – The Youngsterz vs. Royal Authority

The Royal Authority is not happy about being dropped from title contention so soon into RISE's conception, with their loss to the Sin Gun Chasers in the inaugural RISE Together Championship match eating at them since August. Back on the hunt, the odd pair from the Queen City returns to take on ALEVATION's young guns of the tag division, The Youngsterz.

Chisa and Hazuki did not come out on top against the also debuting Goraiger on the same Part 3 even that saw the RA fail to capture gold, but with the former contenders seemingly their best shot and being the next team to challenge Judy and Virginia's dream run as champions, they need to bring everything to the table against the Idol Princess and her bruiser partner.

MAIN EVENT – Halloween Battle Royal


Six women from all corners of RISE and beyond will appear in the main event encounter of horrific proportions! Who will enter? What costumes will be seen? Who will gain an all important and very real win on the RISE record books? Only one way to find out!


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