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RISE Wrestling Part 5

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Dianna Ayanokouji is lying in wait, Amy Roselyn is front and center, and the two fastest rising tag teams in 2017 finally clash on a massive episode of RISE.

RISE Valkyrie Championship – Jan Netty © vs. Evelyn Gillespie

In the first of three championship matches on a stacked event, the reign of undisputed Valkyrie Champion Jan Netty has another challenger ready to end it.

Evelyn's destructive win over Anya Reyes secured her spot on the RISE roster as a force not to take lightly. The Horror Punk is preparing to make the champ scream out in terror and take her championship in the process. Meanwhile, the Jan Netty camp has been continuing to enjoy the longest win streak of Jan's career, a run that's skyrocketing Jan up the rankings and making huge notes in the history books next to her name. There's no chance that Jan will simply lead herself into this slasher flick.

Barbie Jay Tucker vs. Ultra Fighting Green Blazer

You would need superpowers to stand up to Barbie Jay at this point. The title reign that ended before it could truly begin is all that RISE fans have been able to talk about since the main event of Part 3. And for a proud southern woman, that's not something that can stand. No doubt she'll look to bring the title back down below the Mason-Dixon, but she has to earn her chance like all others in RISE are expected.

The Green Blazer has been a favorite newcomer since the opening of RISE, and to get a shot against the first and former World Champion is not going to be taken for granted by the follower of the light of justice. Blazer last defeated Connie Quinn, and the jump from wrestling school graduate to a beast of the Terrordome will be stark and quickly noticeable. Will our hero make it out of this one? Find out next time!

Akachi vs. Erica Lee Parker - #1 Contenders Match for the RISE Valkyrie Championship

Whomever makes it out of our opening match still standing will have to keep their eyes on this match. For weeks now, Parker has embarrassed Akachi, with quick eliminations one week and shock pinfalls the next. Akachi's frustrations have reached a boiling point, and we at RISE couldn't love it more. To sweeten the deal for both women, the next contendership for the Valkyrie Championship is on the table. Can lightning strike three times?

Puzzle Bobble vs. The Duckin' BFFz

The classic team of Anne Cortes and Birdy L reunite in RISE! Puzzle Bobble may not have been in the talks for the Together Championships early on, but a win over the long standing team may be the fuel to return them to the title picture.

RIN Shinigami vs. Kiya Salama

RIN ran through the returning Skyler St. Pierre in her last match, and looks to give a repeat performance against the belly dancing sensation. While Skyler still has a whaft of new wrestler smell from her time in the ROSE Training Facility, Kiya has more years of experience and a unique presence in the ring. It could be the edge she needs to bring the fight to RIN.

Amy Roselyn vs. ??? - ROSE World Championship

That's not a typo. The ROSE World Championship has been here for years, so don't call Amy's open challenge a comeback. The legendary belt only two women have held in it's history is on the line per the order of Amy herself. Who will take the chance to shock the world as the final ROSE event ever approches. (No, it's not Mil Meneos...)

Casey McCloud vs. Zahra

While it's understandable that Barbie Jay may not be Casey's biggest fan, it's been Zahra taking her complaints to the office. Zahra claims that Nicolle Knox's victory over her in the RISE Up Bracket was tainted, and that she would have beaten Dianna Ayanokouji to earn her opportunity. Zahra gets a chance to prove her superiority and ability in one go, as she's been granted a match against our World Champion. Who knows where Casey's mind is at after learning of her next challenger. Maybe Zahra will be in the right place at the right time...

MAIN EVENT – RISE Together Championships – Sin Gun Chasers © vs. The Amazons of Anchorage

RISE doesn't waste any time pitting the best against the best. While the Sin Gun Chasers may not have been considered “the best” before their debut, Judy and Virginia have taken their names farther than any other team in RISE and brought a two-company undefeated streak with them. The popularity of the Chasers is rising at an incredible rate, but already they face one of the biggest dangers to their titles yet.

The Amazons of Anchorage. Mixtures of disdain, frustration, and reluctant acceptance of their dominance follow that name. Cammie Rae and Electra Emerick know exactly who they are, and what they are is TANW Double Class Champions. Electra is undefeated and a former singles champion on her way to more. Cammie Rae has been a constant fixture in the championship scene along side her partner. The Amazons have owned every division they've entered with ease. Will RISE be any different? Or will the Chasers finally fell the beasts and retain their championships?

PLUS a fan favorite debuts for RISE Wreslting


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