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RISE Wrestling Part 3

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Tonight, the RISE is complete.

For the first time, all three RISE Championships will be decided in three giant matches featuring new teams, old scores, and huge challenges in the biggest show in RISE history. You wont want to miss who shows up this time.

MAIN EVENT – RISE World Championship – Barbie Jay Tucker © vs. Casey McCloud

Before Casey had even secured her victory against Anne Cortes to earn this match, fans were already picturing the promised match between the Pain Train and Barbie Jay Tucker finally coming to fruition. Originally a challenge for ROSE's XXX Championship, the looming match between Casey and Tucker had weighed so heavily on Casey's mind that it effected her performance in the ring. A lot of time has passed between then and today, and Casey has clearly decided she needs to go through Barbie to finally earn the World Championship fans knew she could win for years.

RISE Together Championships – Royal Authority vs. Sin Gun Chasers

It's finally time to see which team can be called champions. Royal Authority and Sin Gun Chasers were not names anyone knew at the start of 2017. Not only that, no one expected them to be in line for a brand new set of title belts. But just like Mark Anderson and Carmen Castellano proved before them, the time for new stars is upon us. Idol Princess Alicia and Charlie Davidson secured their spot in this match on the first ever episode of RISE, showing what the new tag team division is about. Virginia Nothing and Judy Moon took their directionless paths back on the trail with their unexpected win over a game Marko Family. Both tag teams have a huge opportunity with bigger expectations, but only one can be the first.

Unification Match – Undisputed RISE Valkyrie Championship – Jan Netty © vs. Traci Touchdown ©

For the first time, two women's championships will be unified inside the ring. Jan Netty broke her career spanning losing streak at the Dark Tournament, and she broke her string of ladder match loses in the previous RISE main event when she captured the new RISE Valkyrie Championship. But the thing that was broken at the end of the night was Jan's body when the dominant Traci Touchdown returned with her own championship in tow. Traci delivered two of the devastating spears that left Imouto-Chan hospitalized last year, declaring herself the true champion without saying a single word. One of these women will be able to call themselves the final ROSE Valkyrie Champion AND the reigning RISE Valkyrie Champion.

RISE Up Bracket

Part 3 marks the introduction of the RISE Up Bracket, the new determining factor in RISE World Championship contendership. On the night of a RISE Championship match, four of RISE's top women will be split into two one-fall matches. The winners of both matches will go on to the main event of the following show in a #1 Contenders Match for the top prize. Let's take a look at the four women taking their chances.

RISE Up Bracket Match 1 – Dianna Ayanokouji vs. Oseiko

Oseiko's desire for a championship is heavily documented and almost as heavily lamented by the Black Widow. The journeywoman has circled the globe more times than the moon, traveling from promotion to promotion. But Oseiko isn't here for sightseeing, she's here to get her name engraved on a championship title. Easier said than done when Dianna Ayanokouji is the woman to beat. Dianna has gone three for three against the best and brightest in RISE already, whats one more? Dianna's stature and dark presence have been the downfall for all her opponents thus far, but Oseiko will be the first to tell you she's fought bigger.

RISE Up Bracket Match 2 – Nicolle Knox vs. Zahra

Zahra burst onto the scene with a huge victory against five other women in a battle royal that gained the attention of more than a few people in the AES fanbase. The Egyptian in azure managed to not only win the match, but also earn this slot in the RISE Up Bracket for her performance.

With Mew taking a short sideline to adjust for the new environment, it was determined that RISE World Champion finalist Nicolle Knox be given another chance to qualify for the championship. Nicolle since the debut of RISE has entered into more big matches, capturing the ROCS World Championship earlier this year and even earning a tag team championship opportunity in TANW, but she'll have no backup from her family against the new talent that stands in her way.

Akachi vs. Erica Lee Parker

Akachi's disorderly conduct after her elimination from the previous show's battle royal has set her in the sights of Vancouver's normally upbeat Erica Lee Parker. Parker may not have won the match either, but Akachi's post match attack left her with more insult to the injury. Akachi's aggressive nature may have gotten her into this mess, but it may be her biggest asset to getting out of this encounter with a win. Erica Lee's motto of “Let's Do This” will certainly be the right attitude for this match.

Chell Sweetie vs. Elizabeth Prisa

Making her return to the ring is one of the most avoided and feared women in AES. Chell Sweetie is most famous for her time in ROSE and SAPW, where she not only captured the XXX Championship, but also the ROSE and SAPW Tag Team Championships. Her impressive title history is backed up by a vicious mean streak and a skilled background in MMA and wrestling.

Looking to unseat the queen of sweet is the doubly determined Elizabeth Prisa. It's no secret that Elizabeth wants nothing more to achieve the same success in RISE as she has in ZCW, but a World Title would be a farther cry away if she can't get the job done against Chell on this night. The Speed Demon will never to work off more than a little glucose to get past the candy shell of her opponent.

Fortuna Dale vs. Maria Gibson

After a two year absence from the ring and a new addition to her family, Maria Gibson returned as the newest addition to the RISE roster as a new solo competitor. A shock to everyone, including RISE's street smart poet Fortuna Dale. After promising to rough up the first person she saw after a string of losses leading back to the very first match under the RISE banner, Fortuna brought the call out for Maria to jump in and save the day, hitting her with the Gibson-patented Natural Born Stunner. Maria will be in for a ride against the riding outfit wearing Brit.


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