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RISE Booster #1

RISE Booster #1 327 Views

The RISE Booster Pack is a rare occurrence, one that signals a score needs to be settled, or there are those that just can't wait to get their next opportunity to impress. The RISE Booster Pack is not just a sideshow. It will have real consequences for the future of RISE and of the women in it.

Match 1 - Tammi Wray's Proving Grounds

Tammi Wray may have gotten shocked by Oseiko on the last event, but Tammi is not letting one loss drag her down. Instead, she feels as though she has a new calling. Tammi has made her open challenge known to everyone, and there are people lining up to take the shot. Someone will either shut Tammi down again, or be the first name on the list of victims.

Match 2 - Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer vs. Connie Quinn

Green Blazer made a huge impression on the RISE audience at Part 2, with #Greenie being one of the top trends of the night. But unfortunately her hopes of winning the match were dashed at the last moment by eventual winner Zahra. Connie Quinn, however, had an unfortunate run-in with Fortuna Dale before the that night had even began. Connie pushed hard to be in a match on the next show, whatever it may be, but didn't request Fortuna like had been expected. Instead, Connie wanted to be across the ring from the bringer of justice for her first official RISE match. Can the top trainee graduate again?

Match 3 - Lucha Council vs. Puzzle Bobble

Puzzle Bobble may not be in the running for the RISE Together Championships at present, but they impressed enough to get another shot to correct their 0-1 record as a team. The Lucha Council has been causing more than enough trouble before even having a proper match or debut as a team, so it's only right that RISE gives them the chance to put up or shut up. Let's be honest, though, they wont shut up regardless.

Match 4 - Anya Reyes vs. Evelyn Gillespie

The Golden-Haired Gypsy makes her long awaited debut against a bold newcomer. In terms of location, trainer, and personal fashion, these two women are at opposite ends. The wild Punk Queen Gillespie fully intends to make Anya the lead in her personal horror show. The Reyes Revolution may be harder to quell than Evelyn thinks.

Main Event - Dianna Ayanokouji vs. Birdy L

Dianna has destroyed one woman and plucked the wings from another. It's time for Birdy L, the last of the women present for Dianna's debut, to try and stop the terror plowing through RISE. Dianna's size and power is undeniable, but Birdy L's made of tougher stuff than Dianna may want to give credit. The veteran favorite is the last best hope of avenging the loses of Molly Prizm and Miss Teree at the Empress's hands.


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