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RISE Wrestling Part 2

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Barbie Jay Tucker rose higher than anyone else at the end of our last event. But even if the summit can only hold one woman at a time, the journey up the mountain has many footholds and milestones to reach out and take. Tonight, four more women will reach out farther than the rest, all for championship fame.

Preshow Match – La Deaf vs. Jame Haskins

The Lucha Council have already made enemies in the locker room, and their goal to mug everyone they meet has drawn the ire of usually chilled out Jamie Haskins. Jamie wants her stolen skateboard back, but La Deaf wont hear of it. In RISE's first preshow match, who will shred away the winner?

Match 1 – Kiya Salma vs. Big Girl Gladwin

Kiya Salma's cult following among fans of ALEVATION is just one element to the Egyptian dynamo. Often critiqued for her less than stellar judgment regarding when to dance, Salma's quick reactions and fast moves make her anything but a slouch. In ALEVATION's downtime, no doubt Kiya has been putting in the work to further her repertoire of offense (and dance moves) for RISE.

No individual with the last name 'Gladwin' can be good news, and the woman known as 'Big Girl' looks to continue that reputation in her RISE debut. The #scumgirl recently ran down the top roster members of RISE, announcing her intentions to go after the RISE World Championship. A win here could be the first step to accomplishing that lofty goal.

Match 2 – Erica Lee Parker vs. Kasey Krush vs. Zahra vs. Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer vs. Madeline House Jr. vs. Akachi

Six women, one ring, and only one winner. RISE has so much talent all on such an equal playing field that it's tough to find appropriate pair ups to offer matches to. In less of a move to “thin the herd” and more of a move toward finding a standout, RISE has offered six women a chance to shoot straight into the RISE World Championship title picture. The winner of this battle royal will earn a yet to be announced opportunity to fight for the hottest prize in women's wrestling today.

Match 3 – Miss Teree vs. Dianna Ayanokouji

The odd circumstances and unplanned additions to the last semi-main event didn't change the outcome: the destruction of Molly Prizm at the hands of Dianna Ayanokouji. One of the women that saw the match in person was Miss Teree, and Dianna's less than veiled threats have been answered in the form of this match. If there's one thing Teree cannot allow, it's a villain like the dark Ayanokouji to run roughshod over the landscape of RISE.

Match 4 – AC Marko and Nikki Valentine vs. Sin Gun Chasers

In a true gunfight, two more new AES tag teams will debut, with more at stake than just first impressions. Marko and Valentine's questionable employment before RISE may or may not come into play, but what is certain to come into play is Marko's freestyle wrestling and Valentine's brawling ability. Across the ring are the newest signies to both RISE and TANW, the team across borders known as the Sin Gun Chasers. Virginia Nothing and Judy Moon may not be names on the tips of tongues everywhere, but the codependent duo hope to change that with their new foray into the world of professional wrestling. Both teams have something to prove and more to gain, as the winners of this match will go on to face the Royal Authority for the RISE Together Championships.

Match 5 – Oseiko vs. Tammi Wray

What do you get two women who feel they have nothing? For Oseiko, she feels like her time to return to prominence in wrestling is running out. For Tammi Wray, she feels like her country has been slowly eaten away while she was protecting it. Both women may have paths too different to compare, but their end goal is the same: prove that they can still be who they say they are. It's put up or shut up for both as they make their RISE debut.

Match 6 – #1 Contenders Match

??? vs. ???

In a rare instance of secrecy, RISE has chosen to keep the challengers for this #1 Contenders Match hidden to raise the anticipation, and to ensure RISE World Champion Barbie Jay Tucker pays close attention to the match herself. We can reveal that the two women involved were ROSE mainstays since the beginnings, and both desire the chance to be what they never were in ROSE: World Champion. Who will challenge Barbie Jay at Part 3?

MAIN EVENT – RISE Valkyrie Championship 4-Corners Ladder Match
Li Akira vs. Claire Chambers vs. Alexis Riot vs. Jan Netty

The Valkyrie Championship has one of the most storied histories in all of AES. First known as the Kawaii Championship, this blue bounty has been around the waist of some of AES's most popular women. It's the ultimate status symbol to wear and defend that championship. RISE is reviving the legacy of the Valkyrie Championship with a new lineage in a new generation, the same way it was introduced years ago: A four-corners ladder match.

The four women that have been selected to compete for the new honor have been scouted and chosen for their current standing and future potential in RISE and elsewhere in AES. Some of them have been described as being one major victory away from superstardom, some of them are on the tipping point between good and great, and some of them are seen as long overdue for their time in the spotlight.

Li Akira would tell you she belongs in the latter camp. Already a champion in UWOT, Akira's thirst is left unsatisfied, and her lust for glory sent her to RISE as it's very first signing. After her victories against Maria Villanueva and Elizabeth Prisa, Li slotted herself into the Valkyrie picture with ease.

The woman known as Wildcard has been anything but predictable since bursting onto the AES stage. 15 years the veteran, she has the single longest tenure of any other woman in the match, making her a favorite to claim the title. Claire Chambers' victories in ROSE near it's closure have stuck in the memories of fans, making her the next potential Valkyrie Champion.

Alexis Riot's short time in AES, no pun intended, has already captivated the imaginations of the fans. The Queen of Smol Style's charisma and flamboyant attitude have made her a name to look out for, especially after nearly becoming TANW's first ever Open Class Women's Champion. With her experience in big title matches, why not add her and let her take her chances to become a member of RISE elite?

Jan Netty, the comeback queen, has exploded into RISE with a shock debut and decisive victory. Undefeated since her heartbreaking loss at the Dark Tournament (in a ladder match no less), Jan has risen from her career spanning string of losses, not quietly either. In 2012 she failed to capture the Valkyrie Championship in it's infancy, and it's safe to say she has no plans to fail again.

All this and more appearances by RISE's other talents as we enter Part 2 of the journey.

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