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AES PrimeTime 18

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Original Airdate: June 4, 2017

An official memo from the desk of Max Karzai:

The countdown to PrimeTime Plus begins. That's right, our 25th episode is going to be an extravaganza! I know I'm excited, and I'm sure you all are too! It's going to be all hands on deck for the next seven episodes, which is why we're going to be staying in Valdosta for a while while we plan out Plus! There's a venue to be rented, guest stars to contacts, schedules to's going to be a lot to think about, but I know it'll all be worth it in the end!

So! From now until Plus, we've decided to reallocate most of our resources towards that show. In the meantime, the next seven PrimeTime episodes will be shorter productions, but that doesn't mean they're short on the action! For example, in this one, my girl Thora Vinter will be taking on the impressive new talent Roche Fortier! That's going to be a great one. We also have a clash of young and old as Jordan Larsson takes on Travis Cassidy! And speaking of new talents, we have made a HUGE PrimeTime signing that you're not going to want to miss, and we will be announcing that on this very show!

Finally, our main event is spectacular! At National eWrestling Day we learned that Alan Emmerich Stevenson was being inducted into the Brethren, and as such we are proud to announce that The Brethren will be taking on the team of Pastor and Guinivere Lincoln, plus the impressive Jay Gunn and Richardson Peterson Jr.! I hear that Jay sees something in the kid, and it's going to be a test for all four, especially considering the history many of these people have with each other!

The countdown begins!

Let's rock!

Rock And Roche!
Thora Vinter vs Roche Fortier

Hard-Hitting Action!
Travis Cassidy vs. Jordan Larsson

AES PrimeTime's Newest Signing Debuts!
Who could it be?

The Last Journey!
The Brethren (Sir Dan Danielson III, Derrick Brizen, El Beardy, Alan Emmerich Stevenson) vs. The Lincolns, Jay Gunn, & Richardson Peterson Jr.

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