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RISE Wrestling - Volume 1

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RISE Wrestling's left-field debut during National E-Wrestling Day left the wrestling world buzzing, even among other heavy hitting company debuts. The atmosphere and mystery surrounding the suprise presentation left a giant impression, and the women of AES flocked to be a part of this new project.

RISE Wrestling hopes to do just that, elevate wrestling to a higher pedestal. On the first chapter of our new venture, one woman will be elevated to an even higher pedestal: championship glory.

The main event of RISE Part 1 will be a Three-Way Dance to crown the first ever RISE World Champion, and just getting there is the first step.

MATCH 1 - Mew vs. Jamie Haskins

We would be insane not to put the first slot in our main event up for grabs between the two winners from our NEWDay showcase. Mew is one of the fastest rising stars in all of AES, the expert trainings of Laura Brennan and Shaymin producing yet another high-caliber talent. It's only a matter of time before Mew wins her first championship, is it now?

Standing in her way, however, is the Pittsburg native Jamie Haskins. Haskins is no stranger to gold, capturing multiple top accolades within the X-Games, and her extreme aerials in the ring could earn her a spot on the winner's platform here in RISE. 

MATCH 2 - Alex Santos vs. Barbie Jay Tucker

Another two of Roses of Sports Entertainment's breakout stars, Alex Santos and Barbie Jay Tucker are looking to return to prominence in RISE

Alex Santos, a ROSE original with an iconic persona, has never truly risen to the upper echelon of women's wrestling. However, after picking up a high profile win in AES Primetime, Santos has established herself once again as a talented competetor worthy of a chance to stand at a higher level of wrestling. Alex will have to focus both halves of her personality on her opponent to main it to the main event.

Barbie Jay Tucker is a highly decorated woman in wrestling already. A multiple time TCW* Women's Champion, and the last woman to hold the ROSE XXX Championship, Barbie Jay's pedigree is hard to ignore or overcome. Redesigned and ready to climb the mountain to deliver some Southern Discomfort to Alex, and with any luck the two other women in the main event.

MATCH 3 - Nicolle Knox vs. Blair Irving

To the untrained eye, a match like this stands out among the other two qualifiers as the odd one out, but the two women scheduled take standing out as a compliment.

Boxing's Nicolle Knox has always been a powerful force in the combat arena since her teen years, putting up big fights both in the ropes and the cage, and while she's certainly not the first striker from the world of fisticuffs to find themselves in the world of wrestling, Nicolle looks to reach for higher heights, and hopes that her high society charm and high impact rushes will bring her to the World Championship of RISE

Across the ring is another teen prodigy, Scotland's Blair Irving. Five years since her first match, Blair enters the RISE roster with one vision for the future: A future with her as champion. Blair wants to be the Game Changer in professional wrestling, and a victory here is one step closer to becoming the biggest game changer of them all.

MATCH 4 - Li Akira vs. Elizabeth Prisa

Li Akira "finally found was she was looking for" when she became the UWOT Gracedia Champion early in the year. The brash leader of the Scarlet Sirens, armed with her weapon rack of submission holds and heavy kicks, bested Oseiko to claim the title. However, the success found by Li Akira, while deserved, was blinding to her and caused her to fall to Mew during RISE's second ever match. Akira's refocused and looks to make an example of her opponent.

Elizabeth Prisa faired better during National E-Wrestling Day, successfully defending her Women's Championship in a sleeper hit match of the night. The Speed Demon lived up to her name and sped to a new level of noteriety with the larger AES fanbase, and the daughter of lucha scant 2 years in the industry earned her a massive Champion vs. Champion match against one of the elite.

MATCH 5 - Molly Prizm vs. Dianna Ayanokouji

Molly Prizm is the very picture of a "bubbly" personality. A New York born LGBT activist with gymnast atheliticism, Prizm's high-energy and postivity turns any ring into a nightclub. Molly enters RISE with a massive ravewave of support behind her, but the Power of Booty is up against an equal, perhaps greater power.

"The Black Empress" Dianna Ayanokouji surrounds herself with darkness and evil force, an antithesis to Molly in nearly every way. Imposing in size and personality alike, Dianna has entered RISE to capture the souls of her opponents that don't pledge alegance to the cold sorceress and her close allies. Could those allys appear with her? 

MATCH 6 - Royal Authority vs. Puzzle Bobble

RISE's highly eclectic tag team division is roaring out of the gate with two brand new duos. While it's too early to comfortably crown a Tag Team Champion, it's certainly safe to say that whoever comes out the winner in this match will be the first set of women on the shortlist to the belts.

Even with what little is known about both Charlie Davidson and her tag team partner Alicia, the team calling themselves Royal Authority has magic behind the mystery, with Charlie bringing nearly a decade of wrestling experience to the table. The younger "Idol Princess" Alicia has garnered a reputation amongst those that have crossed her path in her short time in wrestling, but the picture painted is dependent on who you ask. Making their homebase in The Queen City, it should come as no surprise they intend to take the throne as the breakout team in RISE

If Davidson and Alicia make up a odd pair, then their opponents of Puzzle Bobble live up to their namesake by any metric of comparison. Both Iona Devin and the international sensation Violeta have their unique attitudes to wrestling, but their refusal to become "too serious" masks more than just Violeta's face. Iona Devin boasts a highly competitive MMA career and a robust wrestling arsenal. The two hope to utilize their talents to bring home the easy win in their RISE debut.

MATCH 7 - ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? - RISE World Championship

Crowning a champion in a new organization on the first show is a bold move in today's wrestling world. RISE looks to buck trends and create a championship division with high stakes and huge reward. The three women that compete for the title in tonight's main event will have earned their spot, and are prepared to take the role as RISE Wrestling's first fighting champion.

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