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Golden Triad Tournament (2014) Night 1

Golden Triad Tournament (2014) Night 1 275 Views

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Ladies and gentlemen I proudly bring you the Golden Triad Tournament, the three-night event where warriors from all across the AES landscape will join together in trios and compete in six-man tag team action!

Sixteen trios will compete in this tournament, making for a total of forty-eight competitors. Who will advance and follow in the footsteps of 2013's winners Team ROSE(Shaymin, Amber Oh, Caid Murdock)?

Here are your round 1 match-ups!

Team SOON (????) vs Nintendo Power (Seth, Pastor Lincoln, Laura Brennan)

Toy Soldiers (Dr.Steel, Drone Beckett & White Goodman) vs Grumpy Old Men (Hershel Hiam Hebrewberg, Emersson Jenson, Vin Tage)

Fake And Gay (Kodokuna Yama, Bob Sagat, Lewis Walker) vs Dragoncyclone (Sego Khan, Kamara Moore, Tyler Rykren)

Awesomenauts (Captain Awesome, Pepsiman, Sharknado Boy) vs Team Red (La Red Dinamica, Sir Tan Tanielson, Hatman)

Class Inc(Miles King, Cole Scorpio & Richie Stevens) vs 3 Strong Independent Black Women Who Don't Need No Man(Lakeem, Fats King, Fatty McYardtard)

Mahou Shojo (Anne Cortes, Skele-tan, Birdy L) vs "The Lineage" (Derrick Brizen, Vic Vandal & El Beardy)

The Scarlet Sirens (Li Akira, Angelina, Erika Reinhardt) vs Team La Team (Imouto-Chan, Crypto, Yuugi Hoshiguma)

Pink + Powerhungry (Girly, Dr.Midcard & Wren Sullivan) vs AAA (Amber Oh, Aurora Rivers, El Acero)

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