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Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode 3

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Episode Three

Episode Two and it's night of three championship matches has been wrapped up, and while not as many belts are on the line, this episode looks to stack up as we inch closer and closer to WrestleWave!

We've have been blessed by Vincenzo Oswaldo Maciarello to hold a match as a tribute of sorts to The Exciting Battle Of Los Angel-AES, which was won by the way, by TDW star John Doe. Nevertheless, the tournament featured some of the top names in all of AES, but it also featured some smaller names that made their first Armbar Error Society in the tournament. Some of those smaller names will duke it out for the opportunity of a lifetime, a match with Reggie Sallis for the TDW Encore Championship. An opportunity like this doesn't ever so often, so these four men will look to make the most of it? But who are these four men? Let's do a quick run down.

Jack Windsor is a wrestler originating from the British independent scene. He proclaims he's "Bloody Good" and wrestles stiff striker/submission hybrid style. He has a bad attitude, which will certainly make him the crowd's least favorite in the match, but given his track record, the fans are the last thing on his mind. He just cares about beating down his opponent and getting the win. He might be the favorite going in.

Nick Silver is an independent wrestler from the Nevada area. With a cult following both in the area and in online wrestling communities, his fans are joyed to know that the Exciting Battle of Los Angel-AES has given him opportunities to get looked at by big companies such as TDW and High Point Wrestling. However, some people may wish he stay in his roots, possibly even Silver himself, but the King of Cutters has a huge opportunity to win big.

Lee Smith is another independent star like Nick Silver, but with an affinity for the Japanese culture. While this may get him labeled with the term "weeaboo", do not let that take away from his wrestling skill. He's a nice guy who likes to have fun but inside the ring, he's all business! While this is a big opportunity for him, he was in fact eliminated from the tournament by a man in this match by the name of Nick Silver. In order to win this match, he will have to overcome that hurdle he could not and grant himself a championship match.

Lastly wrestlefans, you haven't seen him for a while, but it's SUPAH DRAGIN back in full effect, and he was tellin' us baby, they got the Pro Wrestling gorillas and he's coming back for the EBOLA tribute battle royal. There are other guys in this match like Jack Windsor and Smith Lee and the one guy with the uh...cutterrrrrrr! And Smith Lee, but one name he says you haven't heard SUPAH. DRAGIN. SUPAH DRAGIN. Boom! He's throwing his name back in the hat, and while people may say "It's been an while since you've been an active participant in the sport of professional wrestling" among other gibberish. He says he's in the best shape of his life. He ain't afraid of nobody. He's gets in the ring with Sir Dan? BOOM! Psycho driver. Get in the ring with Sego Khan? BOOM! Psycho driver. Get in the ring with...Charlie fuckin' Proxy?! BOOM! PSYCHO DRIVER! He's got the muscle, he's got the hustle, and he's ready to wrestle.

All four of these men are fighting for the same goal in facing Reggie Sallis for the TDW Encore Championship as previously stated. He's hit the 10 defenses mark last episode in beating Eli McSweeney in an exciting match! Anyone who wins the battle royal will undoubtedly be seen as the underdog, but they just might like it that way. A win over Reggie Sallis could potentially be a star making moment for one of these men, but can they do it, or will the effects of the battle royal be just too much?

Wolfie Blair told Toon Toon Black and White Army that they started a war. On Episode Two, Wolfie said he was firing back against them, and after working up Albert Del Tyneside it became clear Wolfie didn't go into this war alone as he had Hugh Karcer on his side. These men have shown dominate streaks in Total Distortion Wrestling, with one man being undefeated and the other having made Darby Brizen of all people tap out. They look to a formidable duo indeed, which is why their being tested by another duo who has been around the galaxy in Dance Party 95. Dance Party had a match with the Hatventurers for the TDW Blast Beats championship. While unsuccessful, it could be said that they both did a good job considering the two men's ring rust, taking the duo to the limit. They may seem all fun and games, but this will be a test for Wolfie and Hugh as they get into their first tag team foray. Will they past this test, or will the party be nonstop?

Has Tony Hawk gone insane? Like, has he actually gone insane? Seriously? Tony Hawk revealed on Episode Two that he requested a rematch against Richard Fountain, but this time he looks to have Action Jackson train him up for this go around. Proclaiming that if he didn't get back up if he failed a trick, Tony Hawk looks to take that mantra into this match. He is ready to inspire people around the world into never giving up, but Richard Fountain is still quite a tall task. Richard Fountain is the easy favorite going in based off their last encounter, but some might have to think how he feels facing Tony Hawk again even though he has proclaimed before he wants to crush the spirits of wrestling legends. Regardless, it's the rematch of the century. Will Tony Hawk pull off the greatest upset in Armbar Error Society history, or will Richard Fountain show that Tony Hawk should have just given up?

Debuts aplenty in this match as Clinton James sets to make his Armbar Error Society debut against in a established talent who is debuting for Total Distortion Wrestling in Birdy L. Birdy was a member of the now defunct Roses Of Sports Entertainment, a member of the Duckin' BFFz and also the sister of TDW's own El Beardy. She's easily got the experience advantage in this match and looks to start off her Total Distortion Wrestling career on the right foot. This may stack the odds against Clinton James, but this cocky cowboy probably wouldn't have it any other way. Again, making his AES debut, Clinton James is a show off, a cowboy, and he thinks he is the best man to have set foot on this planet. While everyone knows what Birdy can do, no one really knows what Clinton can do. This gives him the unique opportunity to show off to full effect and possibly make an early mark by defeating Birdy L. However, will he be able to back his words up, or will Birdy L's experience factor reign supreme and earn her a win?

All this and more in the next episode of Total Distortion Wrestling!

TDW Encore Championship
Reggie Sallis © vs Winner Of EBOLA Battle Royal

Some Good Ol' American Tag Team Wrestling
Wolfie Blair and Hugh Karcer vs Dance Party '95

The Rematch of a Lifetime
Richard Fountain vs Tony Hawk

Night of Surprise Debuts!
Clinton James vs Birdy L

Reliving The Exciting Battle Of Los Angel-AES Battle Royal!
Jack Windsor vs Nick Silver vs Lee Smith vs SUPAH DRAGIN

Also, Dustin Delta, JC Stone, Juan Cortes, Erika Reinhardt, Ricky D'Amore, Toon Toon Black and White Army, and possibly more!

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