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Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode 2

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Episode Two

We’re hot off the heels of the first episode of the New TDW! Titles were unified, new faces were seen, and old faces collided. As the journey continues, we head on to Episode 2 of Total Distortion Wrestling!

Toon Toon Black and White Army are a unique pair to say the least. Embracing the Geordie culture, these two men faced adversity against a duo of AES Cops at Super Kerfuffle 2 and are now sticking together as a team. However, they may have made a mistake in taking on Wolfie Blair’s word. Regardless of that, they face a randomly paired up team made by Bill Atlas to perhaps recreate the success of The Hatventurers by teaming up Richardson Peterson Jr and Alex Riley. While Mr. Atlas may call them “Mad Money”, it is unknown if this pairing can work along together. Will they be able to coexist, or will Toon Toon Black and White Army pick up their second win as a team?

Battle Royals! You gotta love them. They’re unpredictable and crazy. Wacky even. But at Episode 2, there will be a battle royal featuring Laura Brennan, Harley Vincent, Jade Andersen, and Panther Mask II. Panther Mask II is riding off a win over Dorado which would have earned him a Super Smash Championship match if Kerfuffle had continued. However, it is unknown what reward Panther Mask will get, and I bet he isn’t happy about the wait. Harley Vincent and Jade Andersen join after having less than stellar debuts on Episode 1, with Harley taking on Clark Walker and Jade taking on Juan Cortes, they look to bounce back with a win here. Lastly is Laura Brennan, who makes her debut under the new TDW banner. This AES Hall of Famer looks to get her momentum rolling, and defeating three young fresh faces could be a good start for her. Who will take the win? Will it be Panther Mask, Jade, Harley, or Laura?

In another case of an established tag team versus a pairing made by Bill Atlas, we will get to see Derrick Brizen and El Beardy in tag team action as they take on the team of Devon Callahan and Rohan Khanda. Rohan Khanda, the father of Maya Khanda, is looking to fight for her sake as I’m told, and certainly some people may think he’s cool, but in the ring he’s all business! He is being paired up with Devon Callahan, who may have suffered a neck injury in the past, but has bounced back and made her mark in TDW’s past facing off against Erika Reinhardt and notably, the Brizens. She and Derrick have had history in the ring and that looks to continue as they face The Brethren. The Brethren have made quite a mark, most notably at World Long Gone, and with the Guitar Warrior Championship already in their possession, it looks like they’ll be making a gun for the Blast Beats Championship. But will they succeed in this match, or will Devon/Rohan come up with a surprise win?

Title match bonanza! We have loads of title matches for you here tonight, and this is the first one! Reggie Sallis will be defending the Encore Championship against Eli McSweeney. Originally the match booked for the now cancelled fourteenth episode of TDW, these two men will face off in a match after having some…interesting starts. Eli McSweeney made his presence known last episode, by walking in on the J.C. Stone vs Splat Purchase match. He tried to help J.C. but inadvertently caused a distraction, letting Splat capitalize and pull of a shocking victory, much to Eli’s dismay. While this doesn’t help his case for rekindling a friendship, he has to put that aside as he faces a dominant champion in Reggie Sallis. Reggie has been on a tear, even with TDW going under a rebrand. He has defended his belt in multiple federations, and even unified the Super Smash Championship last episode by defeating @ZappKanon, who no longer works here and is barred from showing up. With that in mind, Eli has a huge challenge ahead of him. Can Eli shock the world and defeat Reggie Sallis, or will Reggie add another defense on the column?

Erika Reinhardt, a member of the Scarlet Sirens and your TDW Six String Champion. She unfortunately hasn’t had a chance to defend it after winning it at World Long Gone, so this match will rectify that as she defends the championship against a new face in Terry Atkins. Terry Atkins is American made and bred, as he is a former All-SWC 1st Team defensive linemen for Texas Tech. Spending some years in Japan under the promotion Olive Japan Pro Wrestling, the King of the Road looks to make his mark very quickly with his first match being for the Six String Championship. Erika Reinhardt however stands in his way. Erika, who has found a good amount of success in TDW, defeating a dominant champ in La Red to win the title, looks to continue making waves, with or without her Scarlet Siren cohorts by her side. Will the King of the Road become champion, or will the roadblock in his way be too much for him?

Marty Jannetty is a polarizing figure to say the least. He’s brash, vulgar, and quite bitter. However, he is TDW’s world champion and not someone to take lightly. That being said, he has rightfully come under scrutiny due to the way he defended the title at World Long Gone due to the screwjob ending. He looks to rectify that here on this episode. After coming out to the ring before the main event, Marty proclaimed that he would defend his title here tonight one on one, with no shenanigans or tomfoolery. However, due to the nature of this open challenge, Marty has no idea who can come out of that curtain. Who will face Marty Jannetty for the coveted strap? Who knows? We’ll find that out on the next episode of Total Distortion Wrestling!

TDW Guitar Warrior Championship
Marty Jannetty [c] vs ???

TDW Six String Championship
Erika Reinhardt [c] vs Terry Atkins

TDW Encore Championship
Reggie Sallis [c] vs Eli McSweeney

I’m Gonna Stop Giving Matches Names
The Brethren vs Rohan Khanda and Devon Callahan

The EU Referendum
Toon Toon Black and White Army vs Richardson Peterson Jr. and Alex Riley

Sponsored by Waffle House Battle Royal!
Laura Brennan vs Panther Mask II vs Jade Andersen vs Harley Vincent

Also, Action Jackson, Tony Hawk, Ricky D’Amore, Jolene Abbot and El Trippy V, and maybe more!

When: this wednesday
Where: The Stream Page or on the AES App I think

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