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High Point Wrestling Episode 3: Paradox Meltdown

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Maaaaaaaaaaan, I know that maybe there were more professional decisions, but if I didn't like the picks for the three triple threats on episode one, I could've just, y'know, actually picked them myself. But I liked who I got, was thing.

Last week Ryland joined up with Harem Talent Agencies and called out Lakeem, saying that he deserved to be in the spot "way more than Lakeem", and that I should replace Lakeem in the match at New Heights. Although his word hurt...he's been clean as a whistle and proven himself to be an extraordinary talent in High Point Wrestling, so if Lakeem is willing to agree to the match, it's happening. In our main event to this show, let's see what Ryland can do. He thinks that he deserves to be in the match over Lakeem, this show will let him put his money where his mouth is.

Still, I'm so excited. This is the halfway point to Ep 6, so let's make this happen. Of course, as always, your details are under the cut. Plus, I included the history of the business Ryland Patrick signed to at the last show, Harem Talent Agencies, just for you newbies. Ciao.

Previously, on HPW...:

Okay, I know what this is called but first, I gotta talk about the odd one out. That being the debut of four of our new talents (not to mention four INCREDIBLY talented wrestlers), I'm sure that all of you are familiar with Tekina. She's pretty unsettling, and Molly (not Prizm, Bee. Sorry if this is confusing) said that women like her are typically referred to as...'Yandere', which basically means she loves people to the level someone would say is incredibly creepy. That sounds about right, so I'm pairing her with someone making their grand debut into AES who gives off a similar vibe, who seems to fancy herself to be some kind of dark supervillainess, Arabella Grimsbane. Together, the two of them will be teaming up against someone who has made some waves in AES, Anya Reyes, a Lab trainee that has some people saying she reminds them of a younger Laura Brennan, definitely a huge compliment, if I do say so myself. She'll be teaming with another gal who is making her debut in AES, who's sort of a raver type? I'm sure you'll love her. She calls herself Molly Prizm. And together, these two teams will get to butt heads with one another in what's a match that I don't think anyone should dare overlook.

Getting back to the Previously on HPW part, the gang is back from the first episode! After winning a three man tag team match on Episode One, Ammon Gahiji, Charlie Proxy, and Royce Aul will all be in singles competition.

First up, and fittingly for THE FIRST TIME EVER, in of course, Joseph James' First Time Ever Open Invitational, sponsored by Galaxias™, Joseph James will face off against the man who models himself after the fighting game character of the same name, Charlie Proxy. The match will not be a Street Fight, nor go into the rules of Mortal Kombat, but nonetheless, I have no doubt that it will become a classic in both men's careers.

For the bandaged up bandito who had heads spinning, Ammon Gahiji has the honor of going up against a wrestler who, for all the people he's pissed off, has also charmed the hearts of many fans in Uncharted Oceans Wrestling...just not UOW General Manager, Hank Arlington. I'm ONLY talking about the man who's theme loudly proclaims that he is THE BEST...FUSHIN!

Of course that just leaves the man who picked up the win for his team on Episode One, "The Glass Cannon", aaaaand...

The Time For Redemption is At Hand:
Royce Aul's got a semi-rematch from Episode One. Our HPW original (who won training by being highest bidder on Kickstarter) shocked many when he managed to beat the big man of The Pillars of Destruction, Rafael Garza. Although Rafael, as well as his partner, Rashid, managed to bounce back with a win over Tyler Rykren and Kamara Moore on Episode two, their potentially tainted victory still left some unimpressed with their win. No better way of figuring out whether or not they're right or wrong than a singles match against the man who pinned him episode one, after all. So hey, the two are gonna face off in a singles match.

Speaking of redemption for episode one, Miranda Wright certainly wants to do that. After a not so successful career in CFPW, High Point Wrestling seemed like it would have been a new start for her, especially after being given police training by The AES Cops, but while she didn't get pinned, she still ended up on the losing end of her tag match to determine who would join Number One Contendership. Lucky for her, she has a chance to make up for it in her first singles match against another women's wrestler hailing from Brooklyn, New York, not to mention a boxer, by the name of Little Mackenzie. She's tiny, but she's got a mean Hawaiian punch. Will Little Mackenzie hit Miranda with the KO blow, or will Queen be victorious (see what I did there?) in her shot at redemption?

But wait! We have even more unfinished business from episode one, and this one is a doozy. Between winning the shot at the World Championship match at New Heights, and getting challenged for it by Lottie D, Grover Tatum was attacked by Mister Wonderful World of Badassery himself, Jonathan Winchester, after Grover pinned him and his elbow busted him open bleeding. Some blame Winchester's attack as the reason for Grover's loss, but I'm sure Winchester didn't exactly mind. Now, with no title on the line, and not in a triple threat, these two brawlers will get to resolve their differences in a match entirely about settling their differences. Man, things are gonna get stiff.

But wait, before I get to the main event, there's one more match that needed to happen. As you all saw, last week, Alex Auburn was robbed of his debut match in High Point Wrestling by the man known as Imp Montague, who had it out for Alex after turning down his offer on Episode One. Before the match started, a hit men for hire team that used to go by the name of Murdock Protection Agency back in AES, who currently use the business name Dirty Deeds, Clayton Murdock, and Salem Murdock. They made their debut by attacking Alex prior to the match, while their new employer, Imp Montague walked off. I'm really mad, too, because in spite of all that's happened, that name is awesome and I love AC/DC, but that's besides the point. Alex unfortunately had to be carried out, but he turned out fine, so I thought 'hey, let's see if we can't both give Alex the match he should have gotten, as well as some possible revenge'. His new debut match will be against the team of Dirty Deeds, in a tag team match.

Who's his tag team partner? I'm not sure right now, so I'm going to leave it up to whoever in the locker room is willing to stand by Auburn's side to take on the the two. I'm sure at least somebody is as annoyed as I am about it.

And on the off chance...Let me just say in advance if it becomes a handicap match, I am...sorry....? But I'd like to think more positive than that. I'm rooting for you, Auburn!

The History of Harem Talent Agencies:
Since I'm sure that so many joined since Harem Talent Agencies was last seen in AES, I figure that we go ahead and talk a little history with the stable, as well as the feud with Lakeem.

Annie Mu or Annabella Anderson, sister of ROSE Interviewer Morgan Anderson, got her start as a manager for ProWres' King Rasta Mon. Despite an incredibly impressive run for KRM with Annie as his manager, that saw him winning Number One Contendership at Kingdom Come to face then Cardboard Champion, the now AES Hall of Famer BILLY MAYS, he failed to capture the Cardboard Championship. Even after earning a second shot, BILLY MAYS beat him both times. After his second failure, Annie Mu dropped him as a client, and replaced him with a bizarre masked behemoth who called himself Mud.

Mud beat BILLY MAYS for the Cardboard Championship. It was around this time that Annie Mu expanded her role as manager, in a similar role to Miles King by choosing to form her own talent agency, Harem Talent Agencies, that is. Unfortunately, his run was short lived, as he later went on to drop the title to Mary McFly. Regardless, Annabella was willing to let go his loss of the title, but the straw that broke the camel's back for Annie Mu, was a loss to the debuting Lakeem.

The loss to Lakeem made Annie Mu so upset, she fired Mud on the spot. From there, Annabella's next plan of action was to find someone who could challenge Lakeem. She heard rumors backstage of someone who was said to be someone who was not only great at wrestling , art, and rap, but the best, someone who went by the artist name of "Arctic Blue". Naturally, she was curious, and after enduring several weeks of trying to find him, she eventually managed to track him down, a man by the name of Eli McSweeney. The two were set to fight in ProWres, but it's shut down lead to the two splitting up, with Annabella berating Eli McSweeney for leaving off to join Total Distortion Wrestling without her.

Finally, on the last episode of High Point Wrestling, she has finally returned to a managerial role once more, and we saw as she announced to the world that she found a client to take on Lakeem, the man who beat Jacob McDonald in his debut, pinned Joey Lin on our first episode, and nearly broke Canadian Dragon's neck with his win on our last episode. That is of course "The Prodigy" Ryland Patrick, and he wants to replace Lakeem in his match at New Heights. What happens next, you'll only be able to find out at Episode 3: Paradox Meltdown



Lakeem vs Ryland Patrick



Joseph James vs Charlie Proxy



Dirty Deeds (Clayton Murdock & Salem Murdock) vs Alex Auburn & ...anyone willing to step in the ring with Dirty Deeds



Grover Tatum vs Jonathan Winchester



Royce Aul vs Rafael Garza



"Queen B."Miranda Wright vs Little Mackenzie



Tekina & Arabella Grimsbane vs Anya Reyes & Molly Prizm



Ammon Gahiji vs FUSHIN



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