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TDW: Super Kerfuffle! 2

TDW: Super Kerfuffle! 2 345 Views

Main Event - TDW Super Smash Championship!
@ZappKanon © vs Rey Columpio

Getting Real Catty About These Golden Opportunities
No. 1 Contendership Match!
Dorado vs Panther Mask II

If I Misspelled Goruden, This Match Would Literally Be Death
Jolene Abbot vs Goruden Callahan

This Isn't the Type of Fountain Gabriel Likes...
First to KO
Gabriel White vs Richard Fountain

Everybody, Let's (Northern) Rock
If Travis & Albert lose, they will go to jail!
Travis Cassidy & Albert Del Tynesyde vs The AES Cops (Officer Johnny Slick & Officer Freesicks)

This is Over a Fucking Necklace, Everyone
Falls Count Anywhere
Jackson Douglas vs Charis De Campo

Red, White and God, This Blue Up Fast
El Mericano vs Wolfie Blair

The Traditional Super Kerfuffle! Battle Royal!
Isis J. Spade vs Rohan Khanda vs "Hollywood" Canadian Dragon vs ???

A mysterious figure from the past returns!

An update on the status of Total Distortion Wrestling!

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