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Golden Triad Tournament (2013) Night 1

Golden Triad Tournament (2013) Night 1 307 Views


Meet The Trios!

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Ladies and gentlemen I proudly bring you the Golden Triad Tournament, the three-night event where warriors from all across the AES landscape will join together in trios and compete in six-man tag team action!

Sixteen trios will compete in this tournament, making for a total of forty-eight competitors. Who will advance and become the our first Golden Triad winners?

Here are your round 1 match-ups!

The Young & The Hatless(Tyler Rykren, Richie Stevens, & Lance Murdock) vs Team IBW(Deus, Dieter Haus & Blackout)

Tall Dapper Sales(Estramir Mastern, Billy Mays & 50-Foot Blake) Vs Saffron(Jiro Kurotsu, Erin Toyota & Tommy Hayakawa)

TUFU!(Osakan Destroyer, Mick Spade & Ciber Mesias) Vs Team CNW(Great Gamblini, Sego Khan & Trent Kekoa)

WalkHome To Detroit(Cole Scorpio, Lewis Walker & Clark Walker) Vs Team ROSE(Shaymin, Caid Murdock & Amber Oh)

The DropKliq(Lotus Dragon, El Beardy & El Trippy) Vs The Lineage(Juan Cortes, Derrick Brizen & Vic Vandal)

Team /w/wf(Lance Meszaros, Laura Brennan & El Santo) Vs Team ...Soon?(?????,????? & ??????)

Anal 'Splosion Squad(Walter Zenon, Nicholas Night & Anal Dragon) Vs Super Smash Boppers(Sparky Foxworthy, Seth & Bob Sagat)

Class Inc.(Miles King, Action Jackson & Super Plexington) Vs D.D Gym(Sir Dan Danielson, Jan Netty & Chelsea Eckhart)

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