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High Point Wrestling Episode 1: Turning Point

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Ozzie here. Wassup?

The stage is set. We got the wrestlers, we got the arena, we got the wrestlers, we got all the equipment, I'm happy to announce that some time in either March or Early April, High Point is gonna open at Armstrong Hall in Surprise, Arizona. We'll be opening doors with tickets starting at fifteen dollars, although I can't promise you that you won't get the cheap seats.

So, I've never really booked a show before, as you can imagine, but most people try and decide who's gonna be the champs around this time. There's only one slight problem and that's that we only have one person who's listed as a former World Champion, Sicario Suarez. So, I did what seemed like the most fair and logical thing to do: remained COMPLETELY unbiased, wrote everyone on the male roster's name down, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand picked them from a hat. Pretty good selection, too, if I do say so myself.

Now then, get your iPods, get your Francis Ugondus shoes on, get yourself situated with the matches (match descriptions under the cut), and get ready to kick it. Let's blaze a trail, everyone.

Our (Mostly) Exclusive (Mostly) Newcomers:

Well, they're all certainly newer talent to AES, if we want to be specific. Only Ryland Patrick has made his debut as of me writing up this card, so hey, I'm sticking by this.

Normally in Mixed Martial Arts, you have a specific striking and grappling technique...but not "The Prodigy" Ryland Patrick. Ryland's pops may have been a boxer, but he's got an unstoppable combination of NUMEROUS different fighting styles that earned Ryland a win over Jacob McDonald in his first match. According to him, it's because he is 'The Perfect Hybrid Athlete'. But, we're want to put him to the test, by putting him up against a rookie with a lot of heart, and an amazing trainer. That's right, he's going up against a student of The Lab, Laura Brennan's big name training school. He calls himself Joey Lin, and he may be have the height, weight and experience disadvantage when going up against Ryland, but you better believe he has the energy and heart to make sure that Ryland's first match back will be a fight.

But hey, there's so much more new talent to give some limelight to. So, we let six of the newcomers take center stage in what could very well be their first matches in AES. On one side, you have our recently signed indie free agent, Egypt's very own Ammon Gahiji, the man who strangely looks, acts and even claims to be the main character of the classic arcade fighting game Proxy™, Charlie Proxy, and finally, the backer who claimed the HIGHEST incentive on our Kickstarter, free training and a spot on the roster, "Glass Cannon" Royce Aul. They're like a bunch of little fighting game characters. So cool. But they'll have stiff competition as they're taking on two men personally picked by Alex Arellano to represent his new business, the aptly named Pillars of Destruction, Rashid El-Amin and Rafael Garza, who will be teaming up with Mack Daddy Brett Paradise. What will be the winning competiton? What do these newcomers have in store for us? Tune in and find out!

Familiar Faces:

But it's not just new stars who are getting their own tag match for episode one! Any fans of PrimeTime, ZPW, CFPW, and ProWres are SURE to have heard of at least one of the people in this match. We have a student of both Laura Brennan and Shaymin, who pinned Lottie D in her first ever match, Mew, as she teams up with another PrimeTime frequent in The Viking Metal Princess, Thora Vinter. The two of them will be teaming to take on AES Cop Miranda Wright, formerly known as CFPW's Queen B, and the former ProWres wrestler and manager of Harem Talent Agencies, Annie Mu. Annie would like to make the announcement that she is watching High Point's roster for any potential new members of HTA, so if you're looking to impress someone who has managed former Cardboard Champions in AES, be sure to show your stuff!

But we got at least one more match unrelated to the World Title Match in store for ya. Two of the most glaring omissions to the triple threat qualifications are the mutliple time champions in AES, the returning Sicario Suarez, a former World Champ, Intercontinental Champ, Tag Champ, you name it, and Lottie D, the controversial big name rapper megastar who was a former WFL Intercontinental Champion, as well as a Former ACES! Tag Team Champion. While it's unfortunate they didn't get their name picked, we let the two of them face off against one another. A win could mean good things for them in the future. What will happen when two of HPW's Megastars clash?

The Randomly Selected Nine:
Yes, as stated in my write up, all nine wrestlers were picked out of a hat. Instead of going by each match individually, I'd like to run by you the nine competitors, because at least one of them will be your future World Champion.

@ZappKanon: Don't let his strange twitter obsessed behavior and 80's hair metal look fool you. This man is a current Super Smash Champion in TDW, and main evented ZPW's Carpe Diem, where at one point the final members of The Chamber were him, Osakan Destroyer, and ZPW World Champion Estramir Mastern. Although he lost that match, he nonetheless gained a massive reputation over time.

Baldomero La Estatua: Although he has no titles under his name, one look at Baldomero La Estatua and one thing is obvious, he has the strength and the physique of an Olympian God. Although best known for teaming with Lord Duister in ZPW and shows like Over The Top, Baldomero could easily dominate a division on his own, which makes him definitely not a name to take lightly in the triple threat.

Gervasio Capello: Although this will be his debut in AES, Gervasio has been wrestling for twelve years. Ever since he was thirteen, this Sicilian superstar has been tearing up the wrestling world, even managing to own a promotion of his own at one point. He will be presented with a massive oppurtunity in his debut to show what he's got, when he's put up against two others in a qualifying match. And if all things goes accordingly, Gervasio could very well be the fastest rising star in AES history.

Grover Tatum: Long time veteran of ths business, Grover Tatum's position in AES prior to its reboot in 2011 could be compare to the same level that a wrestler like Osakan Destroyer or Richie Stevens is today. He once one of the greatest young main event talents, who was seen as a massive star in spite of never having won a Championship. Due to personal reasons, he disappeared from wrestling, only to return to AES in 2012. He even earned a shot at the ZPW World Champonship at the Carpe Diem Elimination Chamber. To this day, he has never won a World Title despite having wrestled longer than anyone else on the nine. Could this be his time?

J.C. Stone: Never mess with J.C. Stone. Although relatively new to AES, he's traveled from federation to fedration and been a menace everywhere he's gone. Although arguably, his biggest claim to fame has been in TDW, where he's challenged for the tag team titles twice alongside his partner, Eli McSweeney, as a part of the Posse Protection Agency. At World Long Gone, the team split up with J.C. attacking his partner to set a path on his own. Thankfully for him, he has a major oppurtunity to do just that. If he wins his qualification match for the triple threat World Title match at Episode 6.

Jonathan Winchester: The ulta-violent, ultra-charismatic, and ultra-despicable tv personality. If you see this man comng from a mile away, run sam hill in the other direction, because he's more than likely to bust your skull in, while his crew films it and you get no such royalties, I'm afraid. His punchable face has choked out Jacob McDonald in UWOT and earned himself a shot at UWOT's Great British Championship at Dark Hour. Unfortunately for him, he was unsuccesful in winning that tile, but another oppurtunity presents itself again. This time, however, his catch is a little greater than just Great Britain. It's Great Britain, and every other great country if he manages to become successful in his match.

Lakeem: Who doesn't love Lakeem? To many, Lakeem is AES' most beloved of underdogs. Coming off of one of his biggest wins ever against Gavin Gamble, Lakeem has not gone completely undecorated in the World of AES, but an oppurtunity like this could be the greatest one in his career to date. The lovable Ugandan giant could come off a successful year with yet another big oppurtunity if he can manage to rise to the level of World Champion in HPW.

Tyler Rykren: Tyler Rykren was one of the biggest stars in PHOENIX at one point. After a legendary series of matches with Viktor Zangief, as well as a big feud with Super Plexington, however, Tyler inarguably fell off the radar in the World of AES. Although he qualified for the ZPW World Title Elimination Chamber in 2014, for the most part, his time in AES since has been in the shadow of the people around him. But it doesn't have to be that way. A chance to step up has presented himself once again, should he qualify. Will he make up or lost time and finally win a World Title in AES?

Walter Zenon: With a major win at the second ever Golen Triad Tournament, Walter's career has seemingly only gone up since that fateful day in 2014. He's even managed to earn himself a shot at the CNW World Heavyweight Championship. But, he's got another shot coming for him in High Point Wrestling. Should The Bombastic Brawler qualify, he will surely be in a good position to claim that sought after World Title he had been itching for in 2015.

Which of these nine wrestlers will claim what could potentially be their first ever World Title in AES? Find out on High Point Wrestling 1: Turning Point




Jonathan Winchester vs Grover Tatum vs Gervasio Capello

J.C. Stone vs Lakeem vs Baldomero La Estatua

Walter Zenon vs @ZappKanon vs Tyler Rykren


Brett Paradise & The Pillars of Destruction (Rashid El-Amin and Rafael Garza) vs Ammon Gahiji, Charlie Proxy & Royce Aul



Sicario Suarez vs Lottie D



Thora Vinter & Mew vs "Queen B" Miranda Wright & Annie Mu



Ryland Patrick vs Joey Lin




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