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NOW Elite Episode 1

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The preparations to find Pros and Rookies for Trials is still ongoing, but NOW Elite is making a lot of progress. Enough progress to the point where its debut is sooner than you think! This show is for the most popular names in AES, giving us a chance to see feuds get their deserved conclusion, to see dream matches and to see who out of today's talent can take it up to the next level. So, here we are!

This first show has a bit of a WFL Throwback feel to it in places. First up we have a WFL rematch with Sterling Pierce taking on Reggie Sallis in a Tables match, this time with the TDW Encore Championship on the line. In the original match, Sterling actually went on to defeat Reggie and ever since Reggie has not won a tables match, including losing to NOW Season 1 winner Sergei Pashutin in one. However back then Reggie was a different man and was known as Fatty McYardtard. 2015 has been a year of change and Reggie has really been upping his game. Can he overcome the Tables match losing streak? Sterling Pierce is an angry and violet man, so giving him the chance to use weapons makes him a big threat in this match.

There will be an announcement regarding the NOW Legends Trophy on this show. That's all that's being said on that topic for the time being, tune into NOW Elite to know more.

We have our first Prosperity Championship Qualification match on this show, an elimination four way match between J.C. Stone, Walter Zenon, Trent Kekoa and Dr. Main Event. This match will give us a taste of the great things that we can expect from this new championship division. This show will also reveal how the champion will be crowned and reveal other participants in future qualification matches.

At Night 2 of Journey Through Time the original plan was to have Travis Cassidy vs. John Doe vs. Johnny Nighttime Jr. face off in a Triple Threat match in a CFPW vs. TDW vs. BAW showcase, but after Travis left CFPW, the match was changed to a tag match with Doe and JNJ taking on Cassidy and Benjamin Bender. Doe and JNJ were victorious after John Doe's amazing feat of strength. After the match, Johnny clearly had the original Triple Threat match in mind and attempted to attack John Doe to ensure he was the last man standing. This attack failed and John Doe came out as the last man standing. A few months later, we have Doe and JNJ facing each other one on one to see who comes out on top in a fair fight.

Interviews are a staple of AES, with most shows having at least one. However, an idea crossed my mind to change up how some interviews are done. Something more casual and relaxed, a new way to showcase the thoughts of AES stars. In the first of our experimental sit down interviews, we talk to Callum Wiltshire, who I can reveal will be in the Prosperity Championship qualifier on Episode Two of NOW Elite. We'll be talking about that and some other things relating to his career.

In our main event, we have another WFL Throwback. The first ever WFL World Champion Derrick Brizen will go one on one with the last ever WFL World Champion Osakan Destroyer, in what some will consider a dream match up. Both men have had an outstanding 2015. Derrick Brizen has had some great moments, victorious in A Journey Through Time's Night 2 Battle Royal, joining The Brethren, winning the PW:AS World Championship AND winning the New ACES! Championship. Osakan Destroyer started the year coming very close to winning Over The Top, lasting until the very end from being the first entrant in the 40 man match. From there, he beat Amber Ember's team to win control of SAPW in the company's most iconic tag team match. Most recently in November, he won the AES Legends Trophy after outlasting Richie Stevens, Ryan Davis and Sir Dan Danielson The Third. Not only that, but he thwarted an attack from Blackout!

What a 2015 from both men and what a match this will be! Osakan Destroyer isn't done proving himself and Derrick Brizen will want to get some revenge on behalf of Brethren leader Sir Dan Danielson.

NOW Elite will feature those non-rookie feuds and matches that you saw from Season One, and thanks to this show it will continue to be a success. This is NOW's most ambitious idea yet, I hope you join me on this new journey. Keep your eyes peeled, I might not be coming alone...

- Sam Sampson

WFL Rematch, TDW Encore Championship!
Tables Match: TDW Encore Champion Reggie Sallis vs. Sterling Pierce

A NOW Legends Trophy Announcement
Can you guess what Sam Sampson has in mind?

Prosperity Championship Qualifier A
Elimination Four Way Match: J.C. Stone vs. Walter Zenon vs. Trent Kekoa vs. Dr. Main Event

A Journey Through Time Left Us With Unfinished Business!
Johnny Nighttime Jr. vs. John Doe

A New Type Of Interview!
A sit down interview with Callum Wiltshire

WFL Throwback, The First Champion vs. The Last Champion
Derrick Brizen vs. Osakan Destroyer

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