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TDW: Kerfuffle! Episode 9

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Welcome to the final step on the road to Super Kerfuffle! 2 - Episode 9. We've watched Kerfuffle!'s stars come to blows and we've seen the rivalries unfold but what will happen next on the roller-coaster ride that is Total Distortion Wrestling?

Well, for starters, we have a clash of two in-form wrestlers - Panther Mask II and Rohan Khanda. Rohan has gotten off to a perfect start in Kerfuffle!, defeating Anthony Canon in his début and the AES Cops alongside Isis J. Spade at Episode 8, but this is sure to be more than a worthy test of his abilities. Panther Mask II has been on a warpath ever since Super Kerfuffle!, even beating the rising star Dorado at Episode 8, and it appears that he still has a massive chip on his shoulder. This match is sure to not disappoint but who will walk out the winner?

Times have been rough for El Mericano. The Masked American has found himself accosted by Wolfie Blair repeatedly, although he has managed to get the better of the hunter on a couple of occasions. However, he must turn his attentions away from his estranged American friend to focus on a veteran who's in a slump, Elias Santo. Santo has failed to win in TDW since his début in 2014 but perhaps he can take advantage of El Mericano's conflict. It will be a battle of two masked individuals but only one will stand victorious. Who will it be?

This match is going to be interesting, I'll tell you that much. Jolene Abbot and Goruden Callahan have been at each other's throats since Episode 5, constantly trying to get one over the other. Their rivalry has truly reached boiling point, as the events of Episode 8 has led to a no-contact clause being issued for the pair, while Jolene also faces the threat of harsher punishments. The two will now be made to set aside their differences as they team up to take on the duo of Gabriel White and Travis Cassidy. These two friends appear to be a little at odds with one another themselves and their recent records in TDW could not be further apart. Gabriel comes into this match off the back of a huge win over The Man Mountain, Richard Fountain, at Episode 8, while Travis has lost his last three matches in TDW. However, one cannot ignore the quality of opponents with Travis, his losses coming to Richard Fountain, Wolfie Blair and J.C. Stone. Which dynamic duo will take home the win and secure a lot of momentum?

One certainly cannot say that Dorado's career so far hasn't been pulsating. Since his début at Super Kerfuffle!, The Golden Boy has found himself inches from securing the Super Smash Championship and on the receiving end of Panther Mask II's ire. Now, Dorado faces his next grand challenge - Isis J. Spade. Isis picked up an impressive tag victory at Episode 8 against the AES Cops and The Gucci Goddess will definitely be hoping to build on that with a win that'd surely launch herself towards the top of Kerfuffle!'s pecking order. Can Isis Spade drop the mic on Dorado or will his party roll on?

The Maestro of Kebabs, Albert Del Tynesyde, has fallen upon rough times in TDW. The Geordie Sensation has yet to win a match here and he faces a stiff challenge this time, in the form of Richard Fountain. While Fountain did lose his last match against Gabriel White, that'll surely only piss the Man Mountain off even more. Can Albert survive the onslaught and bag himself an incredible first win or will it be another lamb carted off to the slaughterhouse for Fountain?

This rivalry between Charis De Campo and Jackson Douglas has been rather bizarre. It all started when Jackson nicked her necklace and the two have been at it ever since. While Charis failed to win her necklace back on Episode 7, she's managed to get herself a rematch here. If Charis wins, the two will square off at Super Kerfuffle! 2 for the necklace but should she lose, Jackson will gain more of Charis's valuables. Will Jackson be walking out with even greater riches or can Charis book the two another grudge match?

And now we move to the main event. Rey Columpio has been after @ZappKanon's TDW Super Smash Championship since he beat Gabriel White on Episode 6 but came up short at World Long Gone. And now, the King of Swing now has a rather unique opportunity to earn himself a rematch for the title at Super Kerfuffle! 2 - provided he and his mentor, the TDW Encore Champion Reggie Sallis. can snatch a victory in this exciting tag match. The ball is in Zapp's park, however, as the champ is allowed to pick his tag team partner. Who will Hashtagging Slasher choose to fight alongside him? Can Reggie and Rey overcome this challenge? Find out all of this and more at Total Distortion Wrestling: Kerfuffle! Episode 9!

Main Event - The Ultimate No. 1 Contender Tag Match
Rey Columpio & Reggie Sallis vs @ZappKanon & ???

Charis Is Really Sticking Her Necklace Out for This One
Charis De Campo vs Jackson Douglas

Fountain Probably Kicked St. James's Arse
Richard Fountain vs Albert Del Tynesyde

I Ain't Saying This Match is a Gold-digger...
Dorado vs Isis J. Spade

Strange Bedfellows And A Joke I Can't Make Walk Into a Bar...
Jolene Abbot & Goruden Callahan vs Gabriel White & Travis Cassidy

Fuck, America's Old
El Mericano vs Elias Santo

I Khanda Want a Kitten Kat
Rohan Khanda vs Panther Mask II

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