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Zenith Pro Wrestling presents Carpe Diem

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Carpe Diem: Seize the Day. To live in the moment because every day might be your last. It's a phrase that has survived for over thousands of years. At Zenith Pro Wrestling presents Carpe Diem, many will follow this phrase and seize their dreams. For some, it's for a Championship. For others, it's a victory over a longterm rival. All of them have one thing common. They WILL Seize the Day.


-To start off the show, we have a match that has been in the making since the very beginning. To be specific, the very first match in Zenith Pro Wrestling history. It all started when Holt Haven ran his mouth instead of focusing on his match. Sharknado Boy surprised his opponent with a roll up and picked up the victory. Since then, Holt Haven has been making life hell for the boy with the fury of several sharks caught up in a tornado. At Carpe Diem, the two will finally have their long awaited rematch.

The underdog has picked up the victory over Holt Haven before. However, Holt has become a lot more determined and ready to give it his all in this rematch. Will Holt Haven be succesful in his rematch and finally have his revenge? Or will Sharknado Boy once again pick up the win over the reborn Holt Haven?

-Out of all rivalries in Zenith Pro Wrestling, none can quite match the bizzare factor of Miguel Mesias and Amsel Von Kaiser. After running into eachother on the first episode of Zenith Pro Wrestling, Miguel mistook him for Von Kaiser from Punch Out, and immediately challenged him two a match at the next show. While AVK won that match with a distraction in the form of a sexy dance from a Von Bouncer, but like Sam I am, Ciber kept coming back to challenge Von Kaiser time and time again. The two have already traded wins, but it will all come to a head at Carpe Diem when Miguel Mesias and Amsel Von Kaiser have round 3.

These two are none to be scoffed at. Despite appearences, these two are among the best and brightest that Zenith Pro Wrestling has to offer. There's no easy way to tell what will happen when these two step in the ring. After all, these two men could easily be main eventing the show. The fact they aren't goes to show just how big of a night we have in store.

-Making his debut on the first show in the middle of a match, Conga (not to mention his lovely assistant, Autumn Breeze) hasn't exactly been ZPW's most modest talent. In fact, he's already made an enemy in ZPW's own Le Gentleman Masque, and his sidekick, Lexxy Moore. These two teams will finally square off in a mixed tag team match.

Both of these teams have worked well on their own. However it's time to put their teamwork skills to the test. Each team is looking for a victory and a chance to push them closer and closer to bigger and brighter things. Will the combination of LGM and Lexxy manage to outsmart the dancing duo, or will the superfriends once again find themselves danced on by the team of Conga and Autumn Breeze?

-Last show Skyler Altus gave some shocking news to the world of Zenith Pro Wrestling: what once was a match between Cole Scorpio and Jordan Larsson was cancelled after the release of the Detroit Dragon. However, Skyler offered to give him a match at Carpe Diem. Jordan accepted the match and Carpe Diem, it will be the clash of two wrestlers who have been here since the beginning. The dream match of Jordan "Goldeneye" Larsson and the former "Extremist" Skyler Altus will become a reality.

These two have had almost equal experience in federations, and both look to make the climb to becoming the face of Zenith Pro Wrestling. Carpe Diem might just be a step in the right direction to make that dream come true. Will "Boston Bettah" Skyler Altus be able to pick up the victory over his fellow long term wrestler, or will Jordan "Goldeneye" Larsson get the upper hand?

-Terrorists. Is Jade Andersen one? Who knows, but it's something Betty Goddard is convinced of. So much so, that Betty has made it her personal duty to stop Jade Andersen and expose her for being one. Finally, after having to put up week in and week out with Betty causing her trouble, Jade Andersen and Betty Goddard will get to fight eachother at Carpe Diem.

This will no doubt be a hard fought match between two brawlers. The question is, who will pick up the victory? These two women are both new to AES, and so there is a sense of unpredictability about what to expect. Which of these two women will walk away with the victory at Zenith Pro Wrestling's first major Pay-Per-View event?

-Of all the new talent in Zenith Pro Wrestling, it's clear that one has really stood out since his debut. Kwon Sung Young, the K-Pop Sensation, has been on a roll since his debut with wins over big name AES stars. El Beardy, Richie Stevens and SAPW's Perseus Watson just to name a few. However, his triple threat victory against El Beardy and Richie Stevens has been not without controversy. His pinfall victory over Richie Stevens came after Beardy had hit him with the Beardy cutter, only for KSY to throw him out of the ring and pick up the victory.

However, at Carpe Diem, KSY will be given a chance to silence his "haters" when he has his rematch against The Iron Man of Professional Wrestling. There's nowhere to run for Kwon Sung Young. Will he be able to pin Richie Stevens like last time, or will Richie get his revenge on "KSY"?

-Tomas Ramirez versus Andrew Adonis. Two standout AES stars with mixed martial arts backgrounds. It was only inevitable that the two would run into each other eventually. Combined with their contrasting personalities, this match has been in the making since the beginning.

Now, at Carpe Diem, watch as these two clash in a special Mixed Martial Arts match. All Pride rules applies. On card, these two may be even, but who will be the one to pick up the win?

-After disappearing from the wrestling world for over a year, Chelsea Eckhart made her big return. Unfortunately, her return was interrupted by the debut of one DH Pierce, who came down to the ring to beat Chelsea up. DH Pierce had made it her goal to end Chelsea Eckhart's fun loving ways.

At Carpe Diem, their match has been made official and these two will finally meet in the ring. It's the ROSE dream match that never happened, now made a reality. Will Chelsea Eckhart stop DH in her tracks, or will DH Pierce make Chelsea the first victim in her wrath of destruction?

-The first title crowning of the night will be between Adeline Prideux and Aurora Rivers for the Zenith Pro Wrestling Women's Championship. Over the course of the past few years, these two have become two of the biggest female stars in Armbar Error Society to have never won a championship. However, that all ends at Carpe Diem.

At Carpe Diem, one of these two will pick up their first championship, as well as be known as the first ever Women's Champion in Zenith Pro Wrestling history. Their wait has finally come to an end. Will it be Aurora Rivers or Adeline Prideux who walks out of Carpe Diem as the new Women's Champion of ZPW?

-Lord Duister and Baldomero have made their intentions clear since the second they stepped into ZPW. It is their goal to destroy everything and everyone, and establish themselves as the most dominant force in AES. It all started on the first episode, where the two titans made waste of EL HNNNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH. While they began to beat him up after the match, one person has gotten in their way and aligned himself with EL HNNNNNGHHHHHH. He is none other than Magical Mask Z, and he wants to take down the foreign fiends.

These two alliances have been at each other's throats since the very beginning. They both want nothing more than to see that their opponent lose as brutally as possible. The question is, who will be able to do it? Which of these teams will be the one who goes the extra mile and pull out the victory?

-Finally, the match that will be the star attraction of the night. At Carpe Diem, our first World Champion will be crowned in an Elimination Chamber match. We have six wrestlers, 4 chambers, and one title for the man who manages to survive it. Our six competitors are as follows:

From the earlier days of AES, to its modern day incarnation, he is Grover Tatum. At one point, Grover was seen as one of the biggest stars in the world of wrestling before his leave. Grover held a reputation to him as one of the top performers of AES to have never held a World Championship. Now, at Carpe Diem, he will have his first shot since he has returned to the world of wrestling to seize the Zenith Pro Wrestling World Championship.

In his big debut in 2012, Tyler Rykren made a name for himself by beating Viktor Zangief in his last match ever. Since then, Tyler has gone fed to fed always finding a place near the top of the mountain. At one point, he was speculated to become the biggest star in AES. Despite that, however, Tyler has never once held a World Championship in AES. Tyler's chance for redemption will be in the main event of Carpe Diem. Should he beat the six other wrestlers, he will finally make his biggest impact in Armbar Error Society since his victory over Viktor Zangief.

There is no doubting the credibility of Derrick Brizen. Having been in wrestling since MWAT and with several world championships in his name, Derrick Brizen is, on paper, the most decorated challenger of the six. Time and time again, Derrick Brizen has proven that you should never count him out. At Carpe Diem, should he have the right game plan, could very well manage to walk out with yet another accomplishment to his name as the first ever World Champion of ZPW.

There is no man in AES that is quite like Estramir Mastern, no matter how hard they might try. Although his last world championship was as old as MWAT, he was at one point one of the biggest stars in AES with an unstoppable title reign in SCW, not to mention the first person to beat Munch for his world championship. It has been far too long since he has held a title. At Carpe Diem, he will get his first chance in years to face off for the World Championship. Should he play his cards right, after three long years, a world championship could very well be in Estramir's grasps again.

To think that a newcomer to AES would make it into the chamber was shocking enough, however not many were able to predict that @ZappKanon could be the one to step into the chamber. The #verified villain shocked the world of AES when he managed to step into the chamber, however there is no way to doubt @ZappKanon's credibility, having beaten five other wrestlers to earn his spot in the chamber. @ZappKanon had shocked the world to make it into the chamber, and should the stars align, @ZappKanon could very well shock the world again and be the one to become the first ever Zenith Pro Wrestling World Champion.

Lastly, having been revealed on the final show, Osakan Destroyer has already managed to make waves in the ZPW World. Arguably AES' current top star, he has been around since the reboot of AES in 2011, and a top name ever since. It was only at Renaissance last year, however, did Osakan Destroyer become known as one of Armbar Error Society's main event talents, when he defeated Groudon to become the last ever World Freestyle League World Heavyweight Champion. Now, at Zenith Pro Wrestling's Carpe Diem, the fan favorite has his eyes set on becoming ZPW World Champion. Many see him as the favorite to win at Carpe Diem, and with his record, it's hard to argue otherwise. Everyone knows he has what it takes to become ZPW World Champion, but the question is, will he do it?

Which of these six competitors will be the one to walk away as the first ever World Championship in Zenith Pro Wrestling? Tune in and find out.

-Plus, "Interviewer and Acting General Manager Assistant" Elliot C confirmed at the last show that the pay-per-view will feature the debut of the mysteriou ZPW General Manager. Who has been the one pulling the strings this whole time? Will it be Sterling Pierce all along?

...Nah. He's in jail. It will definitely be somebody else.



??? vs. ???


Holt Haven vs. Sharknado Boy


Amsel Von Kaiser (w/ Von Bouncer) vs. Miguel Mesias


Le Gentleman Masque & Lexxy Moore vs. Conga & Autumn Breeze

SPORTS BATTLE OF THE CENTURY (and then altus and larsson had a match)

Skyler Altus vs. Jordan Larsson


Betty Goddard vs. Jade Anderson


Lord Duister & Baldomero La Estatu vs. El HNNNNNNGH & Magical Mask Z


Andrew Adonis vs. Tomas Ramirez


Chelsea Eckhart vs. DH Pierce


Adeline Prideux vs. Aurora Rivers


Richie Stevens vs. Kwon Sung Young


Derrick Brizen vs. Estramir Mastern vs. @ZappKanon vs. Tyler Rykren vs. Grover Tatum vs. Osakan Destroyer

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