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Zenith Pro Wrestling Episode 4

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Here it is, folks! The final episode of Zenith Pro Wrestling before the first ever pay-per-view: Carpe Diem! We’ve only got one more participant of the ZPW World Championship elimination chamber left to be revealed, and they were apparently chosen before anyone else in it as per stipulation of their contract. Whoever this final entrant may be, we WILL find out just who they are on this episode! We’ll also be seeing the other potential matches for Carpe Diem revealed as well as the long awaited debut of Joshua Pine! As this is the go-home show for the pay-per-view, it’s definitely not one you want to miss!


- In the opening match, we’ll be seeing Joey Francis take on Jackson Douglas, these two young stars have very bright futures ahead of them no doubt, but Joey will have other things on his mind. On the last episode of ZPW, Alex Arellano distracted Joey Francis, costing him his match against Kat$u Yamada, then attacking him with a steel chair after the match. It’s obvious that Alex has serious issues with Joey Francis being back in the wrestling business, so Joey has to watch his back. As for Jackson Douglas, we haven’t seen much of him yet, but from what we’ve seen, he’s a talented superstar and apparently loves the idea of a “five finger discount”, can Jackson “steal” the win with Joey distracted? Or will Joey Francis have his head in the game this time ‘round?

- ZPW management asked the “ZPW Universe” what they would like to see happen between Miguel Mesias and Amsel Von Kaiser on this episode. The two first encountered back on the first episode of Zenith Pro Wrestling, where Miguel mistook him for a character from the Punch-Out video game. The next show, he came out dressed as Little Mac and gave Amsel a pretty brutal beating, but due to a distraction from the Von Bouncer, Amsel came out on top. On the last episode of ZPW, Miguel got his win back after the Bouncer was banned from ringside. The ZPW Universe have sealed the fate of these two men, as their set to compete in a rap battle. Rumor has it that Miguel knows his way around the microphone when it comes to this kind of thing…but what about Amsel? Just like the stipulation was chosen, the winner will be chosen by the fans! Who will come out on top with some sick rhymes?

- The last time that El HNNNNNGH and Lord Duister met in the ring was when El HNNNNGH stepped up to accept Lord Duister’s bodyslam challenge, where he was both defeated and humiliated. Baldomero La Estatu wanted a taste of the action too, as he assisted in the repeated bodyslamming of El HNNNGH. Magical Mask Z attempted to come to the rescue, only to fall victim to the same fate. The next episode, Lord Duister announced that he and Baldomero had joined forces, challenging Magical Mask Z to compete against Baldomero. Being the brave hero he is, Magical Mask Z accepted the challenge and managed to come out on top. Lord Duister, being displeased with this, has decided to take things into his own hands to dispose of El HNNNNNNGH. Can HNNNNGH surprise the world just like Z did and come out on top? Or will Lord Duister conquer the match and be victorious?

- On the first episode of ZPW, Jade Andersen defeated three other female competitors in a fatal four-way match, one of those three just so happened to be Betty Goddard. Little did Jade expect, Betty was very upset about that, and the next show, she claimed that Jade was a terrorist who planted a bomb within the arena, also going out of her way to cost Jade a match against Puakoa. On the last episode of ZPW, she said she would be keeping a close eye on Jade and would derail any further attempts of bombing ZPW – it seems as though the owner didn’t agree with that, as they have put the two in a match against each other on this episode. This is Jade’s opportunity to get her own back for the accusations and interference – but it’s also Betty’s chance to deal with the problems she has with Jade herself. Will Jade get her retribution? Or will Betty defeat Jade and use it to aid her claims?

- Holt Haven was the first to ever compete in a ZPW “match”, however he was embarrassed in front of the entire world when he was rolled up for a 3 count by Sharknado Boy when he was in the middle of speaking into the microphone. Holt has constantly expressed his distaste towards Sharknado Boy for the whole thing, and has even gone out of his way to attack him after a match with Chris O’Derick. Despite Holt’s anger towards Sharknado Boy, he wants to prove he has what it takes to go to the top of ZPW, and is issuing a challenge to anyone in Armbar Error Society. This means anyone is fair game…will someone that’s not signed to ZPW accept this challenge? Or will someone in ZPW surprise Holt and shut him up once and for all?

- On the pilot episode of ZPW, Le Gentleman Masque had a chance to get into the elimination chamber at Carpe Diem in a match against Derrick Brizen, just as it looked like LGM might have took the spot, Conga’s theme hit and he came dancing out before distracting Masque, attacking him after the match. Nobody other than Conga seems to have any idea why he went after LGM of all people, but he poked the bear and made LGM angry. Unfortunately, Conga managed to pick up the win over Masque on the last episode of ZPW…and now their companions are going toe-to-toe, where Lexxy Moore has the chance to even things out and get a little bit of payback. Autumn Breeze will be making her debut appearance in ZPW for this match, so there’s a lot of pressure on her to impress. Who will come out on top?

- It was on ZPW #2 that we found out the first of the two women’s championship contenders, where Adeline Prideux made her ZPW debut and defeated Thora Vinter, Arceus and Nastalie Tarr to get her shot in a very questionable fashion, as she showed up at the end to “pick up the scraps” per-se. Aria Rothenburg, someone who has read every single page of the ZPW rulebook thoroughly and memorized it to the letter took exception to Adeline’s way of winning the match, and requested she be removed from the match. However, the owner refused to remove Adeline. Aria then took it upon herself to request to be the opponent of Adeline at Carpe Diem – the owner agreed to this so long as she can defeat Aurora Rivers this episode. All we’ve seen of Aurora in ZPW so far is her victory over Li Akira in the first episode, but she’s shown to be impressive in companies such as ROSE and SAPW, definitely one to look out for. Will Aria get her requested match at Carpe Diem? Or will Aurora finally get the chance to break through the glass ceiling?

- Two men who have a bit of history in AES are Andrew Adonis and Wayne K. Hayes – Hayes managed to knock out Adonis some time ago in GSB, and Adonis didn’t exactly manage to get his revenge before Hayes retired from professional wrestling. However, Adonis didn’t let that slide, he didn’t forget about what happened back in their fight – so he took it upon himself to torment the protégé of Hayes in Tomas Ramirez. He called him out, he attacked him after his match and now he has the chance to really cause Tomas some real problems as he gets to choose his opponent on ZPW #4. Who could Adonis possibly have up his sleeve for the protégé of Wayne K. Hayes?

- We’ll also be seeing the long awaited and highly anticipated debut of Joshua Pine, who we’ve seen several promo packages hyping up on each episode of ZPW. Whoever his opponent for this episode is really needs to give it their all, otherwise they could have some serious problems due to the fact nobody really knows anything about Joshua Pine, meaning they’re unable to do much research on him.

- In our main event, four of the six elimination chamber participants will clash in a two-on-two tag team match. Estramir Mastern will team with the psychotic Derrick Brizen to take on the team of Tyler Rykren and Grover Tatum, two men who have actually started to get a bit of experience as a team here in ZPW. It’s clear that Tyler and Grover have the teamwork advantage in this one due to the fact they’ve won all their matches as a team so far, even both qualifying for the chamber in a tag match against Dan Brown and Nathaniel Meadows. Estramir defeated Richie Stevens in the first episode to get into the match, but hasn’t wrestled in ZPW since, it’s doubtful he has any ring rust, so that likely won’t be much of an issue for him. As for Brizen, he’s insane, unpredictable and is always looking for a fight. These four men are all people you should never overlook or underestimate. And with @ZappKanon not in the match, it won’t surprise anyone if he tries to pull something on this episode to get into the picture…let’s not forget, the sixth chamber entrant WILL be revealed on this episode, and they just may make their presence known during this match. There’s a lot of things to look forward to in this go-home episode of ZPW, so don’t miss it!


All that and even more...


Joey Francis vs. Jackson Douglas


Amsel Von Kaiser vs. Miguel Mesias


El HNNNNNNGH vs. Lord Duister


Betty Goddard vs. Jade Anderson



Autumn Breeze vs. Lexxy Moore


Aria Rothenburg vs. Aurora Rivers


Tomas Ramirez vs. Opponent selected by Andrew Adonis




Estramir Mastern & Derrick Brizen vs. Tyler Rykren & Grover Tatum


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