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Zenith Pro Wrestling Episode 3

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We're over half way to Carpe Diem, with the Elimination Chamber on the horizen, people are wondering just who will take those final three spots in the ZPW World Championship match in the main event of the first pay-per-view. Last episode we saw @ZappKanon shockingly qualify after eliminating Cole Scorpio and Jordan Larsson at the same time. On this episode, we'll be seeing two more qualify in a tag team match in the opening contest of the show. But that's not all we have for you in this action packed episode!


- So far in the Carpe Diem main event for the ZPW World Championship inside the dangerous steel structure known as the elimination chamber, we have had three qualifiers. Derrick Brizen was the first to qualify for the match back on the first episode of ZPW against Le Gentleman Masque thanks to an interference from Conga and Estramir Mastern got a huge win in the first episode against a debuting Richie Stevens to get the second spot. The third spot was claimed by @ZappKanon on the last episode in a battle royal. On this one, we're going to see two teams collide where the winning team will both get into the chamber. Grover Tatum and Dan Brown went head-to-head last episode and Dan Brown managed to get the win, also last episode, Nathaniel Meadows and Tyler Rykren competed in the main event along with Derrick Brizen, where Brizen's chamber spot was up for grabs. Unfortunately for them, Brizen got the win, managing to secure his spot in the match. They all have a chance to get into the steel structure, and it won't be easy!

- As mentioned previously, Le Gentleman Masque had the chance to be in the main event of Carpe Diem back on the first episode of ZPW, and he just may have managed to pull it off, if it hadn't been for an interfering Conga. Conga hasn't really explained why he distracted Le Gentleman Masque, but one thing's for sure, Gentleman wasn't happy with it. On ZPW #2, he challenged Conga to a battle of "fisticuffs", which really is just a duel, or as a normal person would call it, a "match". Conga accepted this challenge, which sets up for this singles match between the two. Will Conga dance circles around Le Gentleman Masque? Or will the Gentleman get his well deserved revenge?

- On the first episode of ZPW, Lord Duister held an open "bodyslam challenge" to anyone in the backstage area willing to accept. The man who accepted was El HNNNNNNGH, who came out and was bodyslammed in immediate defeat. However, in an amusing fashion, Duister didn't stop there, he slammed him over and over to the point people lost count. Baldomero La Estatu wanted a taste of the action, coming out and bodyslamming him several more times - one man had seen enough, Magical Mask Z ran out to the rescue, only to receive the same fate as El HNNNNNNGH. This is what led to Lord Duister to announce he joined forces with Baldomero, sending a challenge out to Magical Mask Z to face the Spanish muscle-man. That's what led to this match, with the sheer strength of Baldomero, can Magical Mask Z even hope to overcome him?

- Chelsea Eckhart made he debut on the last episode of ZPW where she got the win over Tekina after a disqualification. However, that wasn't the last of bad luck for Chelsea as DH Pierce made a shocking debut to ZPW, hopping over the barricade and delivering several knees to the skull of Chelsea and brutally assaulting her with steel chairs. Word has it that Pierce has a few things to say on this episode, but she also has to go head-to-head with Chelsea and her teammates. Thora Vinter has been impressive in the few matches she's had, but hasn't really managed to break through the glass ceiling just yet. As for Tekina, we saw what she was capable of against Chelsea, and her teammates are certainly hoping she doesn't repeat the same mistake. Jinx showed back on ZPW's house show that she was mentally unstable, wielding a chainsaw and putting the people in the arena in danger...but let's not forget, one of the participants of this match is a mystery, and so far every time there's been a mystery opponent, it has been a surprise debut. Could this be yet another surprise debut? We'll just have to wait and find out.

- Miguel Mesias, or "Little Mac" as he was called on the last episode, lost to Amsel Von Kaiser after a cheap distraction from the Von Bouncer at ringside, who done a sexy dance that threw Miguel off while he was laying a beating down on AVK. This time, he's not going to be bringing out the boxing gloves, this time it's serious business as he aims to defeat Amsel. Now that he won't be taking the situation lightly, is there any way Amsel will be able to beat Miguel? Will he use his bouncer as a distraction again? Or will that just not be enough?

- Kwon Sung Young has been extremely impressive since signing with Zenith Pro Wrestling, he put on a match of the year candidate on the first episode of ZPW against Joey Francis, he defeated Jackson Douglas on the ZPW house show and eliminated two people on the last episode in the six-man tag match as a member of "Korean Class Inc." This episode he has a huge opportunity as he goes against the TFIAH World Champion, Richie Stevens and a former several-time world champion, El Beardy. Richie has been as impressive as always since coming to ZPW and he still has a lot of momentum from his last match in ZPW. El Beardy hasn't had the chance to do much since arriving on the scene, however, he did defeat Jordan Larsson at the ZPW showcase back at National E-Wrestling Day and he's certainly not a man you should ever underestimate. These three men have a lot to prove, and all three of them are extremely talented individuals, but which of them will prove to be the better man in this one-fall to a finish match?

- Joey Francis made his return after almost a year of absence on episode 1, where he got a win over Kwon Sung Young in a match that was considered a match of the year candidate. Episode 2 saw him have a run-in with Alex Arellano, who told Joey he should have "stayed gone" and "nobody missed him", Francis responded to him by calling him a rookie and saying he should do something to get his attention before he starts taking his insults seriously. Joey has to keep his mind off of Alex if he wants to stand a chance against Kat$u Yamada, who has shown to be a very skilled competitor. However, like many skilled athletes in ZPW, he hasn't gotten his chance to prove himself yet. Well, this could be it right here. If Kat$u manages to beat the likes of Joey Francis, he could rise up the ranks very quickly. If not, it won't be too damaging to his career as Joey Francis is a fairly established competitor. Whatever way this match goes, it's sure to be an excellent contest.


All that and even more...


Tyler Rykren & Grover Tatum vs. Dan Brown & Nathaniel Meadows


Conga vs. Le Gentleman Masque


Baldomero La Estatu vs. Magical Mask Z


Chelsea Eckhart, Thora Vinter & ??? vs. DH Pierce, Tekina Boryoku & Jinx


Miguel Mesias vs. Amsel Von Kaiser


Richie Stevens vs. El Beardy vs. Kwon Sung Young


Joey Francis vs. Kat$u ¥amada


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