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NOW A Journey Through Time Night 2 Part 1

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Sergei Pashutin (10-9) vs. King Mido (7-10) vs. Stephen Archfield (9-9)

Here we are the final three. Sergei, Mido and Stephen once again open the main show in this triple threat match which will be one fall to a finish. No eliminations, just one fall to score. Who will claim it? Sergei has the most momentum, winning the main event on Night One. Once again he is back on top with his win/loss record. The heart he showed in that match was his key to victory and will be here provided he doesn't get distracted.

Even if King Mido wins twice tonight, he will still end the season with a negative record, however this late surge with the emergence of King Mido is what could turn the tides in this competition. A win in the Night One opener and taking multiple finishing moves, King Mido is going to be the toughest person to put away.

Stephen Archfield has the distinct advantage of beating the other two in one on one matches, but after two losses on Night One, he cannot afford to get a negative win/loss record. It's been said before that if anyone can bounce back from setbacks, it's Stephen Archfield. Let's see if that streak continues.

Derrick Brizen vs. Kamara Moore vs. Mick Spade vs. Lord Duister vs. Trent Kekoa vs. Tyler Rykren

It's another reunion with the "Best of the Guests" battle royal. Six major names in AES who have also made impacts through this season. Derrick Brizen, the PW:AS World Champion teamed with El Beardy on Episode Six to take on El Trippy and the retired Deltron Zero. The combined effort of Derrick and Beardy in this match probably contributed to Deltron Zero's injuries. Whilst these actions should not be condoned, Derrick Brizen's appearance was one of the biggest surprise appearances in NOW, and it's hard to imagine AES without him. Brizen is another world champion that will look to prove to be a fighting champion and prove why he is in The Brethren. If not then we could have a new number one contender on our hands.

Kamara Moore appeared on Episode Four taking on Juan Cortes Jr. Whilst impressive he lost out in the end. However his match was impressive enough to earn him a spot in this match. Many speak highly of Kamara Moore and he is on the cusp of breaking out and making it big in AES. A win in this match would cross him over that line and Kamara would join the higher ranks of AES.

Claude*Dreiz has pulled out of this match due to "other commitments" and will be replaced by Amber Empire team mate, Mick Spade who appeared at Episode Eleven, defeating El Beardy by count out. People do not approve of what Mick Spade has done this past year, but it has attracted a lot of attention and surely that is what being a main eventer in AES is all about. Mick Spade was the most decorated champion in ACW history and he's still very young meaning that he could repeat that success all over again. It could very well start with this match.

Lord Duister is an intimidating presence in this match, his sheer size being a huge advantage. He made himself known during Episode Seven during NOW vs. AES night defeating Stephen Archfield. Whilst not flanked by Baldomero La Estatua or Amsel Von Kaiser, it can be argued that their presence will not be required as Lord Duister has the ability to mow down all other five men in this match. When it comes down to one on one, perhaps no one can knock down Lord Duister.

Trent Kekoa made a few appearances during the middle of the season, initially taking on Shogo Mido during NOW vs. AES. However when Juan Cortes Jr. screwed him out of the win, their CNW feud was re-ignited. Ultimately, Juan Cortes Jr. won but in the process Trent proved that he is championship material, having some of the best matches of the season. Trent has picked up shocking wins before in his rise up the ranks, he seems perfectly capable of one more.

Whilst not a guest, Tyler Rykren has been a presence throughout the season as one of the pros and should not be left out of the final show of the season. 2014 was not a good year for Tyler after losing out to his rookie Adam Atlas. But win or lose, he is determined to bring back to old Tyler Rykren that brought him success in his debut year.

This is a star filled match and no one will want to settle for less than a win.

Carlyle Connor vs. “Big” Tex Johnson

Big Tex Johnson made a big mistake in getting scammer Carlyle Connor to park his truck. It went missing for some months and whilst he managed to get it back there was still bad blood between the two. They were due to face at CNW Hollywood but when CNW folded, they went their own separate ways. However when Big Tex visited NOW, Carlyle took the opportunity to steal Tex's truck once again. However Tex found an opportunity to take Carlyle's prized possession as payback - his hat. With this stalemate there's only one way to resolve this problem: HAT VS. TRUCK.

Travis Cassidy and Ben Bender vs. John Doe and Johnny Nighttime Jr.

CFPW, TDW and BAW have broken out this past year and proved to be excellent opportunities for new wrestlers. This match will be showcasing some of the people that have impressed over the past year, all approved by the General Managers. Travis Cassidy, John Doe, Ben Bender and Johnny Nighttime Jr. will all represent their company and perhaps show why the winning rookie should join their prime federation in this tag team contest.

Gavin Gamble vs. Lakeem

Gavin Gamble has been pushing Lakeem's buttons for quite some time, making fun of Lakeem's desires to make it to the top of AES. Lakeem has reached breaking point and is desperate to teach Gamble a lesson as well as overcome his recent fear of heights. Whilst Lakeem could be capable of winning without going to the top rope, perhaps his training with Laura Brennan will make all the difference. Gamble has said on many occasions that Lakeem can try all he wants, but it won't make a difference. Gavin Gamble sees himself at the top of the ladder and as the one who has won a major AES championship, it's hard to argue that when you compare him to Lakeem.

Who has finished in 3rd place?

As we move closer and closer to finding out the winner, one more must go.


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