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New Origin Wrestling 7 Part 1

New Origin Wrestling 7 Part 1 337 Views

Episode Seven

We have a big show planned for this upcoming month! It's NOW vs. AES night, where our rookies will take on selected wrestlers from the rest of AES. This will be an ultimate test for them. Who will pass?

Before we get into the card, we have the results of the trash talking challenge. The winner of this poll will have immunity from the elimination at the show eight. The winner of the poll is...


Congratulations Sergei for winning immunity. Now, let's get to the show itself.

In our opening contest, Sergei Pashutin and Harvey Lotts will take on The United Nations. Gavin Gamble seems to be forming a group in NOW, yet Sergei and Harvey have not had any experience teaming together yet. Their challenge will be to overcome a team that has had a lot of experience teaming together and have a victory in NOW already.

Brand will take on another air guitar enthusiast, Mango Mask. However, their performance will not be judged on how well they can play the air guitar.

Symon Demyan will take on one of the members of The Red Alliance, Makarov as Kremlin watches on from ringside. Symon has had a streak of bad luck lately and will be looking to change that.

Deltron Zero has been on the receiving end of some brutal attacks recently. He is scheduled to face TDW's Harold Remington-Harrington but I am awaiting results from the medical team to see if Deltron Zero can be cleared to compete. I will be keeping a close eye on El Beardy as well as he is responsible for these attacks.

At the last show, Marshall Stax returned to AES and took out Action Jackson. The two go way back and at this upcoming show, Marshall Stax will explain his actions and his return to action.

Stephen Archfield and Lord Duister are two incredible powerhouses and are sure to have one hell of a match. It's hard to say who will come out on top and who is the strongest of the two, but who is more focused? Cipher has made comments on how Stephen Archfield can lose focus and Stephen will be looking to prove that he is more focused than ever.

Shogo Mido has picked up a couple of wins in tag team matches recently, but will need to prove himself in what is his FIRST one-on-one match in NOW. It will be no easy task, as he faces the returning Trent Kekoa. Trent Kekoa had a fair amount of success in CNW, beating some top names. Not seen much since CNW, I'm sure Trent is looking to establish himself again.

As mentioned previously, Adam Atlas and Tyler Rykren has not had much luck. At the last show it seems it was one loss too many as Adam Atlas powerbombed Tyler after the match. Adam has demanded to face his pro to prove himself as the better man. With a new look and outlook, will Adam Atlas prove that he should make it to the finals?

Our main event has had a lot of hype around it. Cipher takes on the SAPW Grand Champion, Ryan Davis. Both are technical and submission specialists so it's bound to be one of our best main events yet. Ryan Davis has expressed he has been impressed by Cipher so far, but both men will be looking to win this match.

Whilst the rest of the pros have the night off from wrestling, I'm sure they'll be watching with interest at these spectacular matches like I will.

- Sam Sampson

Russia and America vs. America and Mexico
Sergei Pashutin (4-3) and Harvey Lotts vs. The United Nations

He's just one Brand
Brand (3-3) vs. Mango Mask

Seeing red
Symon Demyan (2-5) vs. Makarov w/Kremlin

A visit from Hatventures
Deltron Zero (1-4) vs. Harold Remington-Harrington

Interview with Marshall Stax

Powerhouses clash!
Stephen Archfield (4-3) vs. Lord Duister

The latest on the Pepsi mystery

Hopefully Trent Kekoa doesn't have a sister
Shogo Mido (3-3) vs. Trent Kekoa

Rookie and Pro battle it out!
Adam Atlas (3-4) vs. Tyler Rykren

Main Event - Technical showcase!
Cipher (4-3) vs. Ryan Davis

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