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AES PrimeTime 12

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Original Airdate: 12/7/15

Yonkers, NY

An official memo from the desk of Max Karzai:

What a show!

I seem to say that a lot, but let me tell you, I couldn't be prouder of the talent that chooses to take this tour. People are singing the praises of that last episode to the heavens, especially the match between Altus and Gunn. Let's give them a hand! But if you think we at PrimeTime are just going to coast on our laurels, you have another thing coming!

Last week's grudge match was pretty big, but how about this week we have ourselves a title match! Artemis Gerard got in contact with us and we agree it'd be good for everyone if we had ourselves a UWOT Cardboard Championship match on the show! That's right, that plucky kid Prince Franklin is going to put his belt on the line against a man who made his huge return, Dustin Delta!

Speaking of returns, Trent Cannon hasn't has much luck since his days in SDW, but The Duck is back and ready to bring the fight to the mixed martial artist who made his debut last show. Orville Wolfe might be the Alpha Male, but Cannon has a new lease on life and is ready to prove himself. Will he be able to survive the Wolfe's Den?

We also have a big match between Drake Howard and Jackson Douglas. Howard has been proving that he still has it ever since his victory in the Submission Smokehouse Battle Royal, but now he claims that Jackson Douglas has stolen his prized meal ticket away from him. Douglas, however, still says he didn't take anything. What will happen when these two meet face-to-face?

And that's not all! We have a fatal four way featuring talent young and old looking to prove themselves, the debut of the skating sensation Baya Hazzard as she takes on the hard-working mother EmRy, and we have two young stars looking to make their mark against the #TAN man and a brand new partner in touch with his feline side!

The Empire State won't know what hit it when the PrimeTime Tour rolls on!

Let's rock!

Odd Couple Tag Team Match!
Alan Emmerich Stevenson & Travis Cassidy vs. Eugene Saint & Leon Purr

The Mother of All In-Rink Debuts!
Baya Hazzard vs. EmRy

Fatal Four-Way!
Dan Brown vs. Jordan Larsson vs. Vendrix Valor vs. Lance Murdock

Robbers And Roast!
Drake Howard vs. Jackson Douglas

Wolfe's Den Match: The Wolf vs. The Duck!
Orville Wolfe (1-0) vs. Trent Cannon

UWOT Cardboard Championship Match!
Prince Franklin © vs. Dustin Delta

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