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Everyone's favorite federation of 2011 is back! We thought it was the end after ProWres' send off to the fed with ACES! All In. Now, CNW is proud to bring back the iconic fed as Casino Nights Wrestling's developmental facility. Blueberry Surprise has prepared a unsurprisingly packed first episode. Get ready for a new experience, with the debut of New ACES!

 -In the beginning match up of New ACES history, the rookie from the waves, DJ Wavebird, takes on the Boss Ass Bitch of Business, Kittie Katz. DJ Wavebird is looking to start her wrestling career in a wavy way, as a win here can put her on track to becoming a successful women's wrestler and perhaps get some certain people to take interest in her. On the flip side is Kittie Katz, one half of Cool Katz Cafe comes to New ACES! on her own to carve her own legacy. Kittie Katz looks to start off on the right foot and pave a new way in the big business city of Las Vegas. This match will be all about proving oneself, but only one can get the victory, will it be the rookie, or the money maker?

-Phillip Kane and Colt Chimera, two brand spanking new wrestlers to AES, brought to you by New ACES! Phillip Kane is a Philadelphia resident with an unstable side to him. He will face off against "The Lion King" of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Colt Chimera. The two have very different goals in mind for their first match. For Colt, his mind is set on proving himself as the 'Biggest Predator' of New ACES!, while Phillip Kane looks to grab the cash prize at the end of his match. Two very different motivations for these two, however, it comes down to who wants it more. Will Chimera prove himself to be King of the Jungle, as he so proudly proclaims, or will Phillip Kane's unstable behavior and money lust lead to him picking up a victory on 'The Lion King'?

-In a candid interview, TDW Encore Champion Reggie Sallis announced that he will defend his Encore Championship in any federation, such as TDW's Developmental Brand, Kerfuffle!, Red Fed, Fuck It; Let's Rassle, and now, even New ACES!. Reggie said he would appear to defend his championship against anyone who wants to take it from him, and he's coming over to New ACES! to live up to his word. But the question remains, who will challenge Reggie for the TDW Encore Championship?

-Continuing on with our showcase of newer talent, New ACES! has two more brand new wrestlers to showcase in a match against one another. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Benton, Iowa, we have Cory Galloway and Abraham Reed, respectfully. Cory Galloway is a violent vigilante of justice, looking to avenge the unjustly prosecuted and punish the wrongdoers of the world. At the first episode of New ACES!, he will be put the test when he faces off against Abraham Reed, a hard working american man who is all business without the need for flash. These two are among the most anticipated wrestlers of New ACES! Neither of these two should have their in-ring abilities put into question or be counted out as an easy victory for the other. Which of these two rookies seemingly bound for success will make the biggest impact on episode 1, and which of these two will walk away as the victor?

-Wildcard and Anya Reyes. Two women with heavy potential to become AES' rookie of 2015. Wildcard needs no introduction. She has made quite the impact on AES with her showing at A Journey Through Time, as well as a pinfall victory over Oseiko at Dark Tournament Night 3. She is undoubtedly on her way to becoming a big star in the world of AES. Her opponent will be the first female graduate of Laura Brennan's wrestling school, The Laboratory. Anya Reyes, model, blogger of beauty and fashion, and of course, a professional wrestler. Anya Reyes was hand trained by Laura Brennan herself, and is seen as her possible successor one day. These two women both have a lot to gain in recognition by a victory over one another. Will Wildcard continue her path to dominance in AES, or will Anya Reyes get the win in her debut?

-New ACES! General Manager, Blueberry Surprise has stated that on this show, a New ACES! Earthlings Champion will be crowned by the end of the night! The question is who will it be? How will it be decided? Will it be a surprise? All these questions will be answered by the end of the night!

DJ Wavebird vs Kittie Katz

Colt Chimera vs Phillip Kane 


Abraham Reed vs Cory Galloway 

Wildcard vs Anya Reyes 


With Special Appearances by Lord Duister, JC Stone, Officers Jenny T & Penny P, Walter Zenon, AND MORE!

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