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DAB Episode 24 - Oceanic Inferno

DAB Episode 24 - Oceanic Inferno 130 Views

They set the ocean on fire. To commemorate this event, all DAB matches will be inside blue steel cages with Hot Wire ropes.

"JankOps" Crispin Janker vs Actual Cannibal Shia LeBouf
Tables & Chairs - Crispin Janker makes his DAB debut against the one and only Shia LeBouf. Can the newcomer pull out a win in his debut, or will Shia turn him into soup?

??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???
Quadsplosion - Four randomly-selected combatants enter a ring filled with explosives and other hazards. Only one will emerge victorious.

Alice X© vs Dr. Coomer
Deathmatch Battel - With his victory over Family Man, Dr. Coomer has earned a shot at Alice X and her King of the Deathmatch titel. Will Alice X hold out against the Forbidden Science?

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