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DAB Episode 23 - Vaccine Dreams

DAB Episode 23 - Vaccine Dreams 60 Views

After a long break to give our talent some much needed recovery time, DAB returns with a celebration of life.

Family Man vs Dr. Coomer
Violent Vaccination - A ring of syringes filled with every vaccine in existence awaits Family Man and Dr. Coomer. Will the man with a family emerge immune to all forms of illness, or will DAB's non-medical doctor unlock the Forbidden Science?

Trash Johnson vs Immortal Bobby Southside
Tijuana Knife Fight - A legend and an immortal clash once again, this time inside a steel cage with a ring filled with knives.

Alice X© vs Doyale Mackenzie
Deathmatch Battel - Our King of the Deathmatch returns to take on Doyale Mackenzie, taking his second shot at the titel. Will Doyale be more successful this time than against Melon Mask, or will Alice X hold her throne

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