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The show begins with a slow fade to picture – Doctor Hal Gorbachev is in the ring with a microphone. A smallish crowd is cheering on in the arena – It still looks old and decrepit, but has been touched up with a touch of paint and banners have been hung on the wall baring the Wrestle Republic 2421 logo. The ring has been completely rebuilt with a new canvas and ropes bearing the new logo. As Doctor Hal moves the microphone to his lips the cheers simmer down out of respect for the proprietor and General Manager of Wrestle Republic 2421. The Doctor is wearing his best suit – a black tuxedo with, of course, a bow tie. His greying hair is slicked back and he has a huge grin on his face.

Hal: Ladies, Gentlemen, and otherwise – Welcome to the first episode of Wrestle Republic 2421 Uprising! Tonight we shall crown number one contenders for the World, Global Network and Hardcore championships as well as the inaugural Tag Team Champions! There shall also be a ladder match, with a briefcase containing five thousand great American Dollars – A currency worth much in today's economy! And now I give you our first bout of the evening, let me pass you over to our ring announcer Mr David Eaton as I join my colleague Jason East on commentary. Thank you again, it has taken a great amount of work to get to this point and I only ask one thing of you in attendance and those watching via the Global Network – Have fun! You deserve it!

Tag Team Title Match

Eaton: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following bout is an elimination tag team match and is for the Wrestle Republic 2421 Tag Team Championships! The match will be contested under standard rules with a 20 minute time limit. An opponent can be eliminated via pinfall, submission, knockout, countout or disqualification! Let me introduce the first team – From the Junkyard...The Junkyard Bot Atom and Super Destroyman, they are the team of Real Steel! 

East: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Wrestle Republic Uprising! I am your play by play commentator, Jason East, joined here at ringside by the owner of this grand company, Doctor Hal Gorbachev! How's it going Doc?

Hal: It's going great. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this develops.

East: Good stuff. Real Steel are making their way to the ring, taking their time soaking up the, well, inadoration of the fans, if that really is a word. Both men seem to be of mechanic origins, but both have been cleared for fair competition in Wrestle Republic, so do not worry fans!

Eaton: And now introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 360lbs the team of Lotus Dragon and Lotus Dragon XXVII, they are the team of La Familia Lotus!

East: La Familia Lotus makes their way down to the ring, nonchalantly slapping hands and signing autographs on the way. They seem to be getting along with the fans, but not with each other! They don't even look at each other as they get in the ring, and seem to be arguing over who is starting in the match! Our referee for tonight, Mike Strong, seems to be concerned trying to get the match started – The bell finally rings and here starts the first match in Wrestle Republic 2421 history with the tag team championships on the line! Super Destroyman runs straight in for Real Steel and hits Lotus XXVII with a spear, bringing Lotus to the ground as he lays the punches on him! The referee starts the five count, breaking up the competitors. La Familia Lotus not off to a great start! 

Hal: You're right there East. I've seen the two Lotus in training and they certainly seem worlds apart – their styles in fashion and music seem to be very different, but in the ring and in other ways they're very much alike... Maybe that's why they don't get along so well?

East: Referee finally separates Destroyman and Lotus XXVII, but Destroyman stays quick on the offense, bringing Lotus XXVII down with a textbook Belly to Back Suplex, and holds on to his leg as he tags in his partner, the Junkyard Bot, Atom!

Hal: Atom moving with purpose here. His personality core is set to “Angry” tonight. His eyes are lit red with anger! 

East: Atom keeping Lotus XXVII in his corners with hook punches to Lotus' stomach and face, they look like they have to hurt! He's just laying into him mechanically and relentlessly! Atom brings Lotus XXVII back into the center of the ring for a standing clothesline, now a pin! 1, 2...

East: Kickout! Lotus XXVII kicks out and immediately scrambles to his own corner, trying to get his partner from the past in there but to no avail, as Atom catches Lotus XXVII as he turns around with a German suplex! Lotus XXVII is laid out on the mat as Atom tags Super Destroyman back in, who immediately springs off the top rope with a diving headbutt! Oof.

Hal: I'm not sure who that hurt more, but it certainly hurt someone. Super Destroyman doesn't seem to be feeling the effects of it, either way.

East: If he is feeling pain, he's not showing it as he springs up and brings his attention to the fans in attendance tonight, and the other man on the opposing team – Lotus Dragon I! Super Destroyman is really verbally laying into him and the referee has to stop Lotus Dragon I from coming in, and while the ref is distracted, Atom and Destroyman are laying a beatdown on Lotus Dragon XXVII! Come on, this isn't fair!

Hal: It may not be fair, but it's certainly effective. Interesting. These men are working well as a unit.

East: Don't speak too soon! Lotus XXVII seems to be getting up and fighting back against Destroyman and Atom! Spinning heel kick to Atom who rolls out of the ring, and a headscissors takedown to Super Destroyman who goes to the mat also! Both men are down and Lotus Dragon I is on the apron begging his brethren for a tag! Lotus XXVII is crawling across the ring towards his team mate – but can he get there in time? 

Hal: I don't know about that, Atom is on the apron and Super Destroyman tags him in. He looks angry again.

East: Atom walks quickly over to Lotus XXVII with confidence. No running from Atom as he picks up Lotus calmly for a military slam! He has Lotus over his head – and what's this? Lotus XXVII drops down and reverses it into a WONDERFUL tornado DDT! This could be it – Lotus XXVII shoots up and tags in Lotus I who comes steaming in towards Atom – Atom grabs him and goes for some kind of powerbomb and – Lotus I reverses it into a cutter! We've heard many things about this man's cutter variations! He goes into a pin, this could be it! 1... 2... 

East: No! Super Destroyman breaks it up! Super Destroyman runs at Lotus ! And hits him with that wonderful Destroy Kick Shining Wizard! Lotus I is out and Lotus XXVII runs in and the referee can't break up this mass brawl – Lotus XXVII goes to hit Super Destroyman with a Spear, but Atom pushes Destroyman out of the way! Neither are hit with the spear as Lotus XXVII goes into the ring post and rolls out of the ring!

Hal: Those ring posts are solid steel. Only the best we could afford. That ought to have hurt. 

East: And now the illegal man Super Destroyman picks up Lotus I and hits a European Upper cut on him, and Lotus turns around into Atom's stunner! Destroy Trash Heap! Destroy Trash Heap! Atom with the cover – 1.... 2.... 
East: 3! They did it! Lotus I is eliminated! In rolls Lotus XXVII and – Atom hits him with the superkick! Pin, and - 1... 2... 3! Both men are eliminated and Real Steel win the belts!

Hal: Wow, what a match. All the competitors really brought it. Unlucky for La Familia Lotus this time. Maybe they'll get a rematch if they work on their teamwork.

Eaton: Here are your winners, and NEW Wrestle Republic Tag Team Champions, the team of Super Destroyman and Atom... Real Steel! 

Hal: Those are some happy droids. The happiest I've ever seen. 

East: Now we go to footage of Mr Victor Zangief and T. Hawk. They've been granted interview time to promote T. Hawk's match later tonight with Suit Beardy – a ladder match with $5000 on the line!

T.Hawk and Zangief are seen in the ring as T.Hawk is looking up at the briefcase hovering above him. Zangief stands in the background with his arms crossed and a smile on his face...

Zangief: Now is the time comrade.

T.Hawk: I'm not sure if I can do this.

Zangief: Nonsense, you practised many times, you'll do fine.

T.Hawk: If you say so.

T.Hawk takes a deep breath to calm his nerves as he looks on...

T.Hawk: Tonight I face a man...well actually, some kind of creature for a chance to win five thousand dollars. There's no telling how much good that money will do for my cause. I don't believe this Beardy thing has the right motives in mind. I see him spending it in a selfish manner only to make himself happy. As for myself, I intend on using that many for the right cause.

T.Hawk takes a breath for a second as Zangief watches on with a smile on his face...

T.Hawk: I don't care how high I have to climb to get that money, I'll scale the tallest mountain there is. I made a goal to help the less fortunate and restore this land's natural beauty. Nature is a fragile specimen that we all must be aware of. I see hope for this future, I can see the spirits of the land, they're crying because they can't flourish like they did before. With that money I'll find whatever I can to bring nature back.

T.Hawk wears a serious expression across his face...

T.Hawk: Beardy, be ready for a battle tonight. You're facing the pride of the Thunderfoot Tribe. I will not give in until that briefcase is in my hands. 

Zangief applauds T.Hawk as he walks up next to him and puts a hand on his shoulder...

Zangief: Excellent work my friend, now let us go prepare for your match.

T.Hawk nods his head as they exit the ring to prepare for his match... 

Hardcore Championship Contendership Match

Eaton: The following is se-

Music interrupts Eaton's announcing. It is the music of Sir Dan.

East: Wait, what's he doing out here? He doesn't have a match! 

Hal: Sir Dan has been granted time on the microphone tonight, since he was the first man to cross the Time Gate into Wrestle Republic 2421.

East: Yeah, whatever you say. He's making his way down to the ring now and takes the microphone from Eaton. The fans here seem to be giving him a somewhat neutral reception. Maybe that'll change based on what he says?

Sir Dan: Ladies and Gentlemen... I am a changed man. The future has changed me. I am no longer in strong as faith as I once was, no, my faith has been faltered. This barren wasteland that you call Earth is not the real Earth. It is not my Earth. And now they tell me I can't go back? Now they tell me I can't return until we gather enough funds to be able to develop the technology for return trips! This is absolutely ridiculous! I demand retribution for this unsanctimonious act! I demand payback! I demand justice! I dema-

Music now interrupts Sir Dan. It is primaeval music with lots of drums. It is the music of Ugg.

East: Ugg now coming to the ring. He has a bit of a vacant look on his face. Isn't Ugg the pupil of Sir Dan?

Hal: Indeed he is. Sir Dan has been training Ugg in the ways of grappling. What is this all about? Sir Dan looks real angry and is getting in the face of Ugg.

Sir Dan: Listen you, you stupid freak! Don't you come out here and interrupt me! No-one interrupts me! I am the Royalty of Wrestling, and I have taught you everything you know, you mindless Neanderthal! I demand that you bow down and respect me! Bow down and pray to me! You're nothing without me, hear me? Nothing! I - 

East: What's this? Ugg has grabbed the microphone from Sir Dan's hands! Sir Dan looks shocked and apalled!

Ugg: I... Angry. I... Fed up you, Dan. I... beat you. You teach me beat you.

East: Sir Dan looks confused but – Oof! Ugg has pulled out a 2x4 and hits Sir Dan over the head with it! Where did that come from? Looks like he had it hidden under his mighty beard, or his rags there! He's really laying into Sir Dan here! The 2x4 has broken in Ugg's hands, and he lays the punches, kicks and bites into Sir Dan! He's unleashing a whirlwind of fury here that it seems has been build up through training with Sir Dan and – wait, my colleague Doctor Hal and security are stepping into the ring with Ugg to pull him off Dan. Sir Dan is a bloody mess and he's being carried out of the ring by medics here. Ugg has been unleashed! What a monster, and he has a match up next – The contendership for the Hardcore Championship is on the line as the winner faces a mystery opponent at the next show for the title! 

Hardcore Championship Contendership Match

East: Welcome back to Wrestle Republic 2421 Uprising! During the commercial Sir Dan was escorted to the back – He appears to have received multiple head and neck injuries and may be out for a while.

Hal: His big mouth stopped him from being able to even compete in his first match here. I can't say he didn't deserve it, considering the verbal onslaught he was giving Ugg during practice. You should have seen it.

East: Anyway, we must continue onwards! Back up the ring for the introduction of Ugg's opponent.

Eaton: And the opponent for Ugg in this Hardcore Championship contendership match - Weighing in at 170 pounds, Captain Marvelous! 

East: Captain Marvelous getting a tremendous ovation as he makes his way down to the ring! He seems to be a fan favourite here as his extravagant gestures play up to the crowd! Ugg doesn't seem to be having any of it as he is staring in the ring at Captain Marvelous, with Sir Dan's blood still on his hands and clothes. The bell rings and Captain Marvelous extends his hand to Ugg – Ugg looks confused and just continues to stare at the Captain!

Hal: I'm not sure whether this is Ugg playing intimidation tactics or just being plain confused...

East: Anyway, Captain Marvelous starts the match off with a combo of punches and a few stiff knife edge chops to the chest of Ugg, lighting him up! That's the first time we've seen Ugg in pain tonight! Quick armdrag from Captain Marvelous takes Ugg to the mat, quick cover, 1... 2...

East: Kick out! Too early to pin Ugg, even after he exerted himself. Captain Marvelous keeps Ugg on the mat as he transitions into an armbar, working on the left arm of Ugg! 

Hal: Science shows that the left arm is often the weaker arm. Ugg won't be used to club swinging with that arm so it'll hurt more, I'd imagine.

East: Maybe so, Cpt. Marvelous keeps the arm locked as he turns it into a crossface, straining both the arm and face of Ugg! Ugg is in extreme pain, or at least I think so from what I can make out from his massive locks of hair and his beard! I think any normal man would be ready to tap right now.

Hal: But Ugg isn't any normal man, as we've seen. 

East: Ugg manages to get to his feet and pushes Captain Marvelous away from him. Captain Marvelous goes to the top rope and aims a missile dropkick at Ugg, but Ugg moves out of the way! Ugg picks up the Captain and hits him with a powerful Uti Headbutt! Ugg rolls out of the ring and looks underneath it, searching for something... He has a large bat! He calls out to the crowd who seem to be loving this – He's shouting Club! Club! Club! He aims the club at Captain Marvelous and takes a swing – But the Captain catches it and takes it from Ugg! He swings for Ugg and Ugg catches the swing this time! Captain Marvelous holds onto the club with one hand and steps up – Enzuigiri! Enzuigiri! My Brian Kendrick!

Hal: That was very unique and opportunistic! I've never seen anything like that in any tapes or in practice! 

East: Captain opting to not go for the cover and runs to the ropes – Springboard Moonsault! Now the cover, 1... 2...

East: Kickout! Ugg has kicked out! Captain Marvelous must be wondering what it takes to keep this beast down! Captain Marvelous wastes no time and takes to the top rope – He's signalling for it! He's going to go for his patented Dragonrana! Can he hit it on Ugg?

Hal: I've seen him do this in practice. It's very impressive.

East: Captain jumps and – Ugh! Nasty! Ugg catches him in mid-air with a clubbing blow with that giant bat of his! Ugg is laying into Captain Marvelous with those shots, leaving Captain Marvelous crumpled on the mat. The referee has to stop this!

Hal: The referee can't stop it – It's a no disqualification junkyard match!

East: Ugg seems to be finally stopping and picks up Captain Marvelous – The Unga Bunga David Otunga Spinebuster! This has to be it! Cover – 1... 2...

East: No! Kickout! Stay down, Captain! Stay down! You're only going to get it worse!

Hal: The Captain really has that traditional Japanese fighting spirit we have heard of in legends! 

East: Captain Marvelous is feeding off the energy of the crowd as he comes up to his feet, he's bleeding underneath his mask! Ugg looks angry and is probably disrespected his prey didn't stay down! Captain Marvelous starts laying the kicks into Ugg, but Ugg is having none of it! Ugg pushes the Captain away, but the Captain uses the distance to roll up Ugg into a hurricanrana pin! 1...2...

East: Kickout again! What the hell! Neither man will stay down. Ugg rolls out of the cover, and wait – Cat Pounce! Ugg spears Captain Marvelous out of his boots! This has to be it! 1.... 2....

East: 3! It's finally over! Ugg wins!

Eaton: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match: Ugg!

Hal: Another great, great match from both competitors, especially Captain Marvelous, who would just NOT stay down. That man has a great, great future ahead of him in Wrestle Republic. A shame he didn't win, but I don't think there are many men on this planet, today or any day who could stop the primordial strength and brutality of Ugg. Two men learned that tonight, and maybe more will learn it later on in our battle royal.

East: That's right, Hal. Every member of the roster will be present! The third and fourth man remaining will go head to head next week for the Global Network Championship, and the last two remaining will go head to head for the World Heavyweight Championship but the winner will choose the stipulation for that match! That is quite a hefty prize!

Hal: Indeed so. And now I believe it is time for our mystery appearance of the night. Excuse me a second.

<Hal makes his way up into the ring.>

Hal: Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you're enjoying the show so far tonight, and now it is time for our mystery appearance! I hope your all excited for the arrival of this superstar in Wrestle Republic 2421! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you... Autumn Meszaros!

East: Autumn Meszaros in Wrestle Republic? Wow! She looks great!

Hal: Ladies and gentlemen, Autumn Meszaros is the young daughter of the well known Laura Brennan and Lance Meszaros and – Wait.

East: As Autumn is joining Doctor Hal in the ring there appears to be another young woman on the ramp and, yes, I believe that's Hyper Blizzard! She's pointing at Autumn Meszaros – and she's got an ice block... and she throws it to the floor and shatters it, then begins to stamp on the remains! I think that's a direct message for this young lady which I don't think she'll appreciate in the slightest! No words are being said at all between the two but you can just feel the intensity between them both! 

Hal: Ladies, calm down please! You'll both be taking part in the battle royal later tonight! Now please clear the ring so we can prepare for the next match – the $5000 ladder match challenge!

Ladder Match Challenge

East: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you again for joining us at Wrestle Republic 2421! If you wish to be in the audience tonight or to sign up for training on our roster, please visit our domain, or travel to the co-ordinates being displayed on your screen right now! But it's now time for our ladder match of the evening!

Eaton: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a $5000 Ladder Match Challenge! The winner will be the competitor to climb a ladder and retrieve the briefcase hanging above the ring containing $5000! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by the Red Cyclone Zangief, from Native America, weighing in at 360lbs he is Thunder Hawk!

East: The fans seem to like the monster man that is T. Hawk! He seems very friendly, but a little reluctant to get in the ring.

Hal: T. Hawk's people were apparently known for being peaceful. I think T. Hawk is still getting used to his new life in the future. It also helps he's getting assistance from the wrestling legend Zangief.

East: Indeed so. And here comes his opponent.

Eaton: And his opponent – From parts unknown, weighing in at 140lbs and standing over 7'9 feet tall, he is the Evil Suit Wearing Mastermind... Suit Beardy!

East: Wow, Suit Beardy certainly is a specimen. Is that thing even human?

Hal: I doubt it. The fans are certainly scared of the Suit, and they have every right to be. I've seen many things in my time as a Doctor and Treasure Hunter – But Suit Beardy certainly takes the cake, as it were.

East: Referee rings for the bell and starts off this no disqualification ladder match bout. Both men would both like that money – but for different reasons, as we heard from T. Hawk earlier tonight. Suit Beardy starts off with a slap right to the face of T. Hawk. Ooh. I don't think that was such a great idea, Hal.

Hal: I don't think any man would do that without a good reason. Perhaps Suit Beardy has a reason.

East: Nevertheless, T. Hawk doesn't take too kindly to it and chops Beardy right across his giant alien-esque head! That had to hurt like hell! Hawk picks up Beardy and Irish whips him into the corner, delivering chops upon chops onto the chest and throat of Suit Beardy! This doesn't look good for him right now! Suit Beardy hits the floor and T. Hawk takes to the skies – Condor Dive! Condor Dive this early on!

Hal: I've seen that move finish men in practice! T. Hawk really isn't messing around here! 

East: T. Hawk to the outside and he picks up a gigantic ladder, throwing it into the ring, which Suit Beardy manages to roll out of the way of. T. Hawk rolls in and picks up the ladder, but Suit Beardy runs and big boots the ladder onto T. Hawk! Speedy Trial! Straight metal on body contact there as T. Hawk felt the full force of that! Suit Beardy sets up the ladder and starts to quickly climb up it! Both men have used signatures manoeuvres early on in this match, but will that Speedy Trial big boot into the ladder from Beardy be enough to keep T. Hawk down as Beardy has his hands on the briefcase - 

East: Beardy can't seem to get it unlatched and T. Hawk yanks Suit Beardy off the ladder, delivering a big time full nelson slam from behind! T. Hawk picks up Beardy again and this time delivers a belly to belly suplex, keeping Beardy grounded. T. Hawk goes to ground and pound Beardy but Beardy uses his long fingers to poke T-Hawk in his eyes as he comes down! How cheap!

Hal: Like I said before, anything goes in these no disqualification matches. It's smart, and perfectly legal. Beardy is just playing it safe and sticking to what he knows here.

East: Beardy now pushes the ladder out of the way as he gets up and T. Hawk starts to run at him, but Suit Beardy uses his guile and catches T. Hawk with a clothesline. Beardy this time with the ground and pound and starts delivering the elbows in close to T. Hawk, who seems to be fading away! Zangief is shouting something at T. Hawk that seems to be invigorating him... What is happening here? T. Hawk is getting up and... Grabs El Beardy by the throat! Chokeslam! Big time chokeslam from T. Hawk but both men are down! The ladder falls to the mat with the force of the Chokeslam and the first up is T. Hawk, who sets it up again, climbing up the ladder, and he's got his hands on the briefcase! Will he do it?

East: Beardy now getting up and climbing up the opposite end of the ladder! The two men are just straight up punching each other in the face here, which would be illegal in a normal match! T. Hawk seems to have the upper hand here and – What's this? What's he thinking here? He's got hold of Beardy in a gutwrench position at the top of the ladder and – Oh my Lord!

Hal: What in the name of – No way!

East: T. Hawk giving Suit Beard the Raging Typhoon, that Gutwrench Powerbomb from the top of the ladder! We've only ever seen him do that from the top rope in practice! This is crazy! T. Hawk reaches for the briefcase and - 

East: Yes! He gets it! The match is over!

Eaton: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the $5000 briefcase – T. Hawk! Zangief comes into the ring to celebrate with T. Hawk! Massive smiles across the faces of both men as the crowd goes nuts! Suit Beardy is lying in a crumpled heap in the corner of the ring and – Could we get that medic out here again? He's certainly earning his paycheck tonight!

Hal: T. Hawk certainly earned that $5000 and let's hope he spends it in a good way like only he can. 

East: Don't go away, we'll be right back with our main event battle royal!

World Heavyweight Championship Contender Battle Royal

Eaton: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is an over the top battle royal, where the competitors in first and second place will face each other next week for the Wrestle Republic World Heavyweight Championship! The winner will get to choose the stipulation of that match. The competitors who place third and fourth will also face each other at an upcoming event for the Global Network Championship! Now, introducing the competitors of this match, the Wrestle Republic 2421 roster!

Hal: The only person not in the battle royal tonight is Sir Dan, as he received what appears to be a concussion at the hands of Ugg earlier on tonight.

East: And here comes the cavalry! Everyone on the roster is in this battle royal tonight, so that's everyone we've already seen tonight plus some other entries - Derrick Izendorf, a young British fellow who's looking pretty dapper, Dumpy von Dumpenpuffler, another young talent from Germany!

Hal: I hear this kid is the youngest wrestler on the roster. He's also the dumpiest! 

East: Hence the name, I think. The last man who has not yet been introduced tonight is a fellow by the name of Duke Nukem! Apparently a well known fighter back in the day, Duke Nukem makes his claim in Wrestle Republic, and he's not even took his shades off as he goes straight for Beardy before the bell even rings!

Hal: Maybe Duke thinks Beardy is ugly or something? I think most people including the fans in attendance certainly do!

East: Duke Nukem laying Beardy out straight away with a spinning backfist as the rest of the roster looks on in awe! The bell rings and Beardy is already on the mat but – oof! Derrick Izendorf lays elbows into Duke Nukem, hey, it looks like he's giving him an invitation to the Elbow Party! The Lotus family seem to be dueling it out with Real Steel in the background in the left corner of the ring whilst Hyper Blizzard and Autumn Meszaros are delivering punches and kicks to each other on the right! The fans are lapping this up!

Hal: It seems so. Whoever wins this match, the fans win.

East: First elimination of the match as T. Hawk manages to throw Dumpy over the top rope – T. Hawk with an impressive showing earlier on in his ladder match with Suit Beardy and he still looks like he's got more in the tank to show in this match! Suit Beardy is back for vengeance and runs in with his Big Boot, wait – He steps down onto T. Hawk's head! That must be the Capital Punishment manoeuvre! Duke Nukem runs at Beardy as he turns around and – Spear! Ugg runs straight at Duke Nukem in the foreground and Duke responds with a bicycle kick – that has to be THE MIGHTY FOOT! Duke picks up Ugg and sends him over the ropes with a vicious clothesline – The Shotgun Blast! Two competitors have been eliminated so far! But Beardy, lucky for him is laid out on the floor!

Hal: I think Ugg had good chances of winning this match, but he's just worn out from the two beatings he gave out earlier. He won't stay down for long.

East: Captain Marvelous now helping Autumn Meszaros with Hyper Blizzard – Double Suplex! What's happening in the background and – Double dropkick from the Lotus Familia sends Atom to the outside and they stop for a moment to celebrate but – Not a good idea! Super Destroyman clothesline sends them both over the top rope! Looking across the ring and Suit Beardy is still down! Duke Nukem and T. Hawk are trading blows in the corner, both big men with a lot of power behind them. 

Hal: I'd probably give the edge to T. Hawk usually, but he's obviously tired from his ladder match.

East: Super Destroyman runs at T. Hawk and Duke Nukem who both turn around and – Double back body drop sends Super Destroyman over the top! Not a moment lost as both continue to wail on each other while Destroyman is feeling the pain up his artificial back on the outside! Hyper Blizzard now grabbing Derrick Izendorf from behind – German Suplex! Derrick staggers and turns around into Autumn and Captain Marvelous – Double superkick! They both pick up Derrick and throw him over the top rope! 

Hal: Lots of double team manoeuvres going on here. I wonder if any of these alliances will stick?

East: T. Hawk. Duke Nukem. Captain Marvelous. Autumn Meszaros. Hyper Blizzard. Suit Beardy! These are the warriors left in the ring! T. Hawk and Duke Nukem are STILL going at it and neither is budging an inch – T. Hawk goes for a Bearhug and manages to hold Duke Nukem in there – But a submission would not be a win here! Captain Marvelous goes to grab Hyper Blizzard and – Blue mist! Blue poison mist! Marvelous is blinding and Hyper Blizzard boots the poor Captain out of the ring!

Hal: I'm surprised he lasted so long, considering his brutal match with Ugg earlier on tonight. Yet again, he's showing tremendous fighting spirit.

East: 5 wrestlers left. Suit Beardy is getting up slowly and tries to interrupt the bearhug that T. Hawk had on Duke – Was that such a good idea? 

Hal: The next person to be eliminated will walk away with nothing. After that, we're moving onto title opportunities!

East: You're right there, Doc. This is serious business now. Suit Beardy laying on the punches and elbows into the back of T. Hawk who is NOT letting go of Duke! He has that locked in tight! Hyper Blizzard is dragging Autumn over to the turnbuckle – What's she planning here? She's putting Autumn on the top rope, maybe she's going for that top rope Russian legsweep, that Rend the Sky? Maybe so but? What the hell? Autumn grabs an arm of Hyper Blizzard and locks it in tight on the top rope! An Armbar there and Blizzard is fading – Autumn knees Blizzard in her face and she falls over the top rope! Four wrestlers left now! Suit Beardy, Duke Nukem, T. Hawk and Autumn Meszaros! 
Hal: The next two eliminated have a chance at the Global Network Championship now. The last two get a world title shot and the winner gets to decide the stipulation - this is really going crazy.

East: T. Hawk finally letting go of Duke Nukem who collapses to the floor, turning his attention to Suit Beardy and – What? Suit Beardy ignores T. Hawk and dives off the top rope onto the back of Duke Nukem – Sentenced to Death! Duke Nukem and Suit Beardy are both on the floor from that move, the only ones still standing are Autumn Meszaros and T. Hawk – Autumn walks over to T. Hawk and extends her hand – T. Hawk takes it and shakes it! Great respect being show here as there's a collar and elbow tie up going on – It's like we're back at the beginning again!

Hal: I think Autumn definitely has the edge in speed and freshness here though. Maybe she can out-grapple T. Hawk. 

East: Autumn opting to go for a kick – T. Hawk catches the leg! Autumn jumping up with the other leg and going for an Ezuigiri but T. Hawk ducks! T. Hawk throws Autumn off of himself as she does a backflip from the momentum – But here comes Suit Beardy! Come on! Suit Beardy with the big boot eliminating Autumn Meszaros from out of nowhere! That's not fair!

Hal: It's OK. Autumn has a guaranteed Global Network title shot. She's got to be happy with that.

East: Three men left now, Duke, T. Hawk and Suit Beardy. Duke is still recovering from that Bearhug and big splash that T. Hawk and Beardy gave him earlier, respectively. Duke Nukem now giving fists in the face to Beardy – Who's pinballed into T. Hawk's chop! Beardy is out on the floor once again! T. Hawk goes to pick up Beardy but – Shotgun blast from Duke sends T. Hawk over the ropes but he holds on! T. Hawk on the outside grabs Duke and pulls him over the ropes! Both men are stood on the Apron and are laying punches, chops and kicks into each other! Nasty chop from T. Hawk sends Duke holding on with one arm but as T. Hawk moves in, Duke goes for his Mighty Foot again – But T. Hawk catches it! Both men now in a precarious position but – No!

Hal: No way!

East: Beardy runs and knocks both men off the apron, eliminating them both! This is madness! But who was eliminated first, let's check the footage and consult the referee - And – We're just receiving word – T. Hawk and Duke Nukem were both eliminated at the same time! What happens now, Hal?

Hal: If you'll excuse me, I think I know the solution to this.

East: Doctor Hal Gorbachev now making his way up to the ring with a microphone. He's got something to say to the winner, Suit Beardy!

Hal: Since there has been no clear number 2 and 3 eliminatee of tonight's battle royal, there is no number two contender to the World Heavyweight Championship – Which leaves me with only one choice. Ladies and gentlemen, the only contender must be declared the champion, therefore your winner, and new World Heavyweight Champion of Wrestle Republic 2421 – Suit Beardy!

East: WHAT? You can't be serious! Hal hands the belt to Suit Beardy who raises it high above his head! The fans are going ballistic and rightly so! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is madness! Please, tune in next week to find out how we can resolve this controversy! Thank you for watching!