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Davis Ditterich: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TTW In Your Browser: Red Snow!

Dingo Patterson: It's gonna be a great night of great fights. High Society defend their three belts against Pack members, and Wolf Hawkfield will fight Blizzard Mask 20XX for his belt in a First Blood Match. 

Davis: Should be a great night. I'm sure that –

A loud burst of static can be heard throughout the arena, then suddenly, Blizzard appears on the Tron. He looks to be in an alley behind the arena, a lone cameraman filming his speech. There is barking in the distance

Blizzard Mask 20XX: Hello TTW fans. I know you've all got TONS of questions concerning this- raises the TTW World ChampionshipWorld Title, but I've got other fish to fry right now.

Blizzard starts walking down the alley, and comes to a sick-looking dog, chained up and barking at him. He scoffs at it and keeps talking.

Blizzard: After last week's show, I came out here to clear my head, and I found this little guy, chained up and violent with nowhere to go. I thought to myself, 'If that chain breaks, I die. This dog takes out my throat and I can't do anything to stop him.' So I waited here with him all night, soaking in all the impotent rage, but nobody came to let him loose... and when the sun came up, I had an epiphany.

He sits down next to the dog, just out of reach of its frothing jaws.

Blizzard: This dog is just like the boys and girls in that locker room. I thought they were weak, but that simply isn't true. That can't be true. What they are is chained up. Chained up by morality, by rules, by their own misguided sense of humanity and community... and if I really want to create this New Valhalla, I have to free them of these chains.

He looks over at the dog for a minute, then plops the championship up onto his shoulder.

Blizzard: Wolf, you got me in a First Blood Match. You might think I'm scared, but I'm not. I'm happy. You're one of the few people I actually respect in this shithole of a wrestling promotion, and this match suits you perfectly. This match will serve as a lens to focus all the brutality I see hidden inside you, and bring out your true potential, and oh Brian Kendrick Wolf I've been waiting for you to get to that place. Christ, I'm almost shaking with excitement at the thought of it. But Wolf, I don't want you to be the only one who gets to have fun, I want everybody else to experience it too. I want everybody to reach that mountain top, because otherwise my domination means nothing. And so, my announcement is this-

He stands up, and gets right in the camera's face.

Blizzard: From this moment on, anybody who challenges for my TTW World Championship gets to pick any stipulation they want. First Blood, Cage Match, Hell In The Cell, TLC... anything. It's time to wake up the predators sleeping inside you. And after I've broken everyone on the roster at the pinnacle of their strength, this arena will become an ocean of blood, and I will bathe in it, and I will be christened anew... the Best... Wrestler... In The World.

Blizzard laughs.

Blizzard: Chill on THAT.

Dingo: Talk about fighting words.

Davis: Definitely. I'm sure the three possible #1 Contenders – Cole Show, The Heckler and Marky DeVine – will all have something to say about that. In the meantime, however, here's a recording of something that happened earlier tonight.

The scene opens as the trio of Panther Kojo, El Trippy Del Faggot, and ElBeardy (dubbed the Pack by Father Kojo) are congratulating each other on their big victory over High Society at >Implications.

Father Kojo enters the scene.

Father Kojo: You guys were really something out there. Really something special. Beating High Society with all that momentum and gold on their side was not an easy thing to do!

ElBeardy: We took it to them, all right!

Father Kojo: How would you like to feel this good a little more often?

El Trippy Del Faggot: What are you talking about?

Father Kojo: We make this Pack a little more permanent. Y'see Trippy and Beardy, you guys were the perfect pair to bring in with me and my boy Panther. We've all had our issues with High Society, and we know that High Society isn't going to stop their crap anytime soon. And who knows who that psycho Blizzard Mask is going to target next. As long as those clowns are running amok in TTW, we all have to have each others backs at all times. 

Trippy: I could get down with that. 

Beardy: It does make sense. 

Father Kojo: We gotta make an oath to each other right here and right now: We don't take nothing from nobody lying down. If anybody messes with any of us, they're messing with all of us! 

Wolf Hawkfield enters the room and walks up to the newly formed team...

Wolf: It makes me proud seeing guys like you who respect this business join up like this. A lot of backstabbers and snakes walk around backstage, this is the perfect chance to keep them taking over the place. And I have something that will help all of you: Experience. So, if you guys would like me to join your group, I can give you some insight into the way these guys work to an even deeper level than you may think. What say you?

Father Kojo: Two veterans are certainly better than one.

Trippy: I agree.


Father Kojo looks slightly concerned by his new associate's violent outburst, but tries to move on.

Father Kojo: Uhh, Ok.Then it's settled, glad to have you aboard Wolf, with you teaching these guys, this group will definitely go far.

Wolf: That it will. I plan on making the Pack reach new heights in this company. 

Wolf and Father Kojo shake hands as the scene comes to a close...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW American Championship of America! Introducing first, representing The Pack, being accompanied to the ring by Father Kojo, from New York, NY, weighing in at 210 lbs, Panther Kojo! And his opponent, representing High Society, from California, weighing in at 207 lbs, he is the reigning TTW American Champion of America, Cody Jester!

Davis: High Society are a dominant force, but they are no longer the biggest force in this company.

Dingo: It's not about quantity, Davis, it's about quality. High Society have been working together longer. They've held the Tag Team belts longer than anyone else. Cody Jester is a great cruiserweight. They're a much more unified force.

Davis: But they can't get involved. A DQ in either of the matches tonight will cause them to lose their title as per these special rules.

Dingo: Well, I don't agree with those rules. Stupid shareholders.

Davis: Nevertheless those will be the rules they're wrestling by. There goes the bell and the match starts with a lockup. Kojo takes control and pushes down on Jester but he sweeps the legs and Kojo's down. Jester jumps on Kojo but he reverses it into a monkey flip. Both men back to their feet now and another face-off.

Dingo: They're both gonna have to give it more than that to see an impact.

Davis: Lockup in the centre again but Kojo immediately drops down and sweeps the legs. Jester's down and Kojo runs the ropes. Comes back with a running senton bomb but Jester rolls underneath it and Kojo hits the mat.

Dingo: That's the superior ring awareness of Cody Jester. 

Davis: Kojo's getting back to his feet but Jester sends him back down with a spinning heel kick. Goes to run the ropes now. Kojo's getting back up but Jester leapfrogs him and rebounds. Kojo's up now and Jester jumps up for a hurricanrana – Kojo counters it into a falling powerbomb! Kojo stands up and considers his next move – Jester kicks his legs out though and Kojo's sent crashing down!

Dingo: Hey Kojo, this is a fight, not a chess match! No time for thinking here.

Davis: Cody Jester quickly moves in on top of Jester. He looks like he's locking in a sharpshooter. I think he's going for Canada in California – if he can just look in the chinlock as well – no, Kojo's fought out of it and the lock is broken. Both men to their feet now but Jester gets a quick knee to the gut in and turns it into a STO backbreaker! Lifts him up again into a reverse STO into the turnbuckle! Catches him on the rebound and turns it into a STO.

Dingo: That's the Triple Express combo. Kojo's not getting up from that.

Davis: Pinfall attempt – one, two... Kickout! Panther Kojo kicks out! 

Dingo: Must have been a slow count.

Davis: I don't think so. Jester lifts Kojo up. Irish whip from Jester but Kojo reverses it and sends Jester to the ropes. Kojo jumps up but Jester ducks underneath him, rebounds and sends him down with a running dropkick. Jester goes for the cover but Kojo pushes him back – kip-up frankensteiner!

Dingo: This has gotta be a fluke or something.

Davis: Cody Jester's getting up but Kojo's running the ropes and comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. Jester makes his way back up but Kojo whips him to the ropes – pele kick on the rebound! And now Kojo's getting on the apron – he's calling for it – Panther Pounce! Kojo hits the Panther Pounce! This has gotta be it – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall and new TTW American Champion of America, Panther Kojo!

Davis: And that's gotta be a demoralising blow to High Society.

Dingo: I still think these rules are unfair.

Davis: Not letting High Society cheat is unfair?

Dingo: Cheating's such a dirty word.

Davis: Uh, ok. And ladies and gentlemen we can tell you that at our next show Lotus Dragon will face off against Thegostofjon to decide the new #1 Contender to the TTW American Championship of America.

Davis: And now we take you backstage to a message from Cole Show.

Cole Show: So I get to pick the match stipulation, Blizzard? Well I've been informed that my first choice – a broadcast journalism competition – wouldn't “fit the TTW product”, whatever that means. I don't speak nerd. Then I considered a TV match, where televisions are legal weapons. But then I realised that there's so many nerds in TTW there'd be a TV shortage already. So what to pick... 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, my decision is...

I'm not going to tell you. You nerds don't deserve to know my master plans. I'll tell you after I win tonight. Or maybe I'll tell you at the start of the next show. Or maybe I'll tell you just before the World Championship match. You don't even deserve to know the timing.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 369 lbs, the team of Munch B. Cool and Mike Kuzuna! And their opponents, at a combined weight of 415 lbs, the team of Mr. Stunning in the Bank Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade!

Dingo: I don't see why we're even having this match. Bowie and Spade beat Munch & Kuzuna last time. They should just have been given the #1 Contendership.

Davis: That's not how things work around here. We don't just add stipulations on after the match takes place.

Dingo: No, that only happens if you're based out of Atlanta.

Davis: Anyway, looks like it'll be Spade and Kuzuna starting this match off. Spade starts off with a standing roundhouse kick but Kuzuna ducks it. Spade goes for a leg sweep but Kuzuna jumps over it and cuts Spade off with a toe kick. He tries to whip Spade to the corner but Spade reverses it. Kuzuna runs up the turnbuckle though and leaps back with a corkscrew moonsault! The Stargazer! It hits Spade and he's down – wait, Spade rolls it through and covers Kuzuna – one, two... Kickout! Kuzuna tries to get back up but Spade quickly drops a knee on Kuzuna's face and tags in Stunning Steven Bowie. Kuzuna's getting back to his feet but Bowie drops him down with a big right hand.

Dingo: That was a stunning punch.

Davis: Bowie picks Kuzuna up off the mat now. He looks to be in total control. He pulls him in for a powerbomb – I don't think I've seen him do one of those before. He's gesturing for it – and then he just hit Kuzuna with a bionic elbow to the back. Tags in Spade.

Dingo: He had you there, didn't he?

Davis: Yes but I don't think that's the point of the match. Spade brings Kuzuna up and whips him into the ropes. Ducks down for a back body drop but Kuzuna sees him, leapfrogs over him and tags in Munch B. Cool! Munch is in now and he looks ready for business! Spade runs at him but gets caught with a toe kick – now a vertical suplex! But Munch holds it and rolls it over – another vertical suplex! He's held it again – a third vertical suplex! That's Cool and the Gang! Munch goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! Munch brings Spade up and he's motioning for the Perplex. If he hits this it'll have to be over – Bowie just tripped him up! Come on ref!

Dingo: Hey, come on. He can't be DQ'd for that. That's a warning at most.

Davis: It's still mean-spirited. The ref's warning him but you're right, that's it. Kuzuna disagrees though and he's trying to get back in the ring. The ref's forcing him back out though but he's not going. Munch is back up now but – oh come on! Bowie's grabbed him from behind and hotshotted him off the ropes! Kuzuna's yelling at the ref to turn around but the ref's just telling him to quieten down and get back on the apron.

Dingo: Mate, this is great. This is tag team wrestling at its finest.

Davis: This is cheating at its finest. And now Bowie's clapped his hands together and gotten in the ring. He's rolling Spade out onto the apron with his foot and then quickly stomps Munch in the groin! 

Dingo: Critical hit! I heard some kids say that.

Davis: The ref's turned back around now and he seems to think that a tag was made. Bowie lifts Munch up – Code Breaker! Goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a pinfall and new #1 Contenders to the TTW Tag Team Championship, Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade!

Davis: And now we take you backstage to Marky DeVine.

DeVine is in the locker room, taping his wrists up for his upcoming match when the camera comes in to show him.

Marky DeVine: Yeah, Yeah, Blizzard. We ALL heard what you said. You EXPECT to defeat Wolf. Well, I can make a prediction too, buddy. I predict I'm winning this match. Cole Show and The Heckler... you two have teamed up SO MUCH against each other, and now you two have to fight each other. Isn't that cute? Me? I'm not tied at the umbilical cord to anyone. Oh look, you two were in a number one contendership match a couple of shows ago and lost. I wonder if it's because you two are together? I'm the Savior of wrestling, you two are... jokes. But Blizzard, when I win this match... first off, I'm a fan of the classics... the good... and the bad classics. If I win VS those two, I want YOU...In a gun on a pole match! No, just kidding. I want you in a Fans Bring the Weapons match. It's the climax to anything and everything. I intend to win both matches, and I WILL win both matches. Somebody be sure to bring a couple of tables, a ladder, and possibly a real frying pan for good measure, okay? DeVine, out. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, representing The Pack, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, ElBeardy and El Trippy Del Faggot! And their opponents, representing High Society, from England, at a combined weight of 420 lbs, they are the reigning TTW Tag Team Champions, Garth Wrestlegar and Sir Dan Danielson the Third!

Davis: This is a crucial match. High Society really don't want to lose both championships in one night and the Pack would really like to pick up another title

Dingo: Yeah. I reckon High Society can do this. They still hold the record for the longest Tag Team title reign in the company. They've got the experience to win this.

Davis: Ref calls for the bell and it's Trippy and Garth starting this match. Lockup in the centre and Trippy quickly overpowers Garth, pushing him and sending him rolling backwards. Garth gets back up again and goes for another lockup but it ends the same way. Back up again and goes for a third lockup. Trippy goes to push him back again but this time Garth gets a quick knee strike in and follows it with a rising knee to the face. Trippy goes staggering back and Garth runs to the ropes – running dropkick to Trippy and he hits the mat. Garth goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! Garth tags in Sir Dan who applies an armbar to Trippy.

Dingo: What'd I tell you Davis? High Society are totally in control of this fight. There's no way they can lose.

Davis: Armbar's still locked in – wait, it looks like Cody Jester's coming down the ramp. This can't be good.

Dingo: Hey, he's just watching.

Davis: Trippy breaks the armbar and forces himself up. Dan catches him with a stiff chop though and he's not going anywhere for the moment. Dan's alternating between hooks and chops and Trippy appears to be battered into silence. Dan runs the ropes and comes back for a bulldog – Trippy ducks it! Trippy ducks it and Dan goes flying – Trippy tags in Beardy! In comes Beardy. Dan goes for a clothesline but Beardy ducks underneath it – German suplex to Sir Dan!

Dingo: Um... damn.

Davis: In comes Garth though and he knocks Beardy down with a cheap shot to the back of the head. Trippy gets back in though and he stalls Garth with a punch. Garth replies back and they're trading punches now. Beardy's back up though and they're taking the two-on-one advantage – double vertical suplex to Garth! Wait, now Jester's come in. He's arguing with the ref, saying that the Pack have cheated. The ref's not having any of it though and he's ordering Jester to leave! 

Dingo: This isn't fair. And now Beardy's taunting him too.

Davis: So he is. And now Beardy's throwing shadow punches at Jester. They're really starting to annoy him – Jester just punched Beardy in the face! In full view of the ref too! The ref has no choice but to DQ High Society.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a disqualification and due to overwritten rules new TTW Tag Team Champions, ElBeardy and El Trippy Del Faggot!

Dingo: Is that really a moral victory?

Davis: Hey, normally I say that. And given that High Society cheat all the time, yes. And now a message from The Heckler.

The Heckler: You know, at first I thought it was kind of presumptuous of Blizzard Mask 20XX to just assume that he would beat Wolf Hawkfield tonight. But then I realised that I was thinking like Wolf wants people to think. Wolf's overrated. Sure, he may have beaten me a few times but that was a long time ago. Since then he's been coasting on the support of Juan Carlos, a far better wrestler who's now, sadly, on the wrong side of the road. And if Juan couldn't beat Wolf...

So which stipulation will I pick? I pick New York comedy club rules. Don't know them? That's just too bad.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the #1 Contendership to the TTW World Championship! Introducing first, from Amenia, NY, weighing in at 330 lbs, Cole Show! Introducing second, weighing in at 205 lbs, Marky DeVine! And finally, weighing in at 215 lbs, The Heckler!

Davis: Dingo, in your opinion, is it really a good thing to become #1 Contender? Blizzard's such a violent man. He's already injured Juan Carlos – we'll hear from him later tonight – and, given that his match tonight with Wolf is a First Blood Match, he could injure him too.

Dingo: Of course it's worth it. Juan'll say it was worth it. Wolf'll say it's worth it. Becoming World Champion means you're the best there is. If you dick around and never go after it, you'll never be the best. People will put everything on the line to become World Champion and stay World Champion.

Davis: Hmm. Well, anyway, the match has started now. Heckler and Show immediately go for the double team on DeVine, pummelling him back into the ropes. Cole Show goes for the KO Punch but DeVine's still aware enough to dodge it. Big boot from Heckler sends DeVine over the ropes though. Cole Show's telling Heckler to go up onto the turnbuckle. He does so. Heckler's looking to fly – Show crotches him!

Dingo: How many times? Don't trust Cole Show.

Davis: Show goes for the cover on the stunned Heckler – one, two... Kickout! Marky's getting up now. Cole Show's up too and he's managed to keep Heckler down. And now Show's got the ankle lock locked in on Heckler!

Dingo: Damn that was quick. This could be over already. 

Davis: Not so fast, DeVine's on the apron – springboard roundhouse to Cole Show! Show's down and the lock is broken! DeVine moves in quickly and he's got a rear naked choke locked in on Cole Show! Show's managing to move though and he's trying to drag himself to the ropes.

Dingo: Come on Show, you can hold out just a bit longer.

Davis: He's almost there – he's made it! Cole Show has reached the ropes and DeVine has to break the hold. He gets up but Heckler's up behind him and DeVine doesn't know – Punchline! Heckler hits the Punchline on DeVine! Goes for the cover – one, two... Show breaks it up! 

Dingo: Phew, that was close. 

Davis: Show lifts DeVine off Heckler and lifts him up further in a military press – military press slam!

Dingo: Ouch.

Davis: And now Show's bringing Heckler up. He's getting some strong headbutts into Heckler but Heckler cuts him off with a knee strike. Heckler spins around him in a rear waistlock. He tries to convert into a Punchline but Show breaks it and spins around into a rear waistlock of his own. Heckler breaks out and turns around but he walks right into a KO Punch from Show!

Dingo: And that's lights out for Heckler. Show's just gotta cover him now.

Davis: He does so, but DeVine's getting up... One – DeVine pulls him off! German suplex from DeVine! And another!

Dingo: Two? I didn't even think he could do one.

Davis: And now a third German suplex! DeVine goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall and new #1 Contender to the TTW World Championship, Marky DeVine! 

Davis: And now a message from Juan Carlos, discussing his match at TTW >Implications.

Juan Carlos: Four White Horizons. It took four White Horizons, A mafia kick and getting my face struck against the steel steps to put me down but I'm still standing and today, I want to make an important announcement.

I've been a two-time TTW Champion. I've been the longest reigning TTW Champion and I've held that belt more days than anyone else. I've been broken down, I've been hurt before in the past, but the match with Blizzard was the most damaging to my career than any other match that I have ever had. 

Juan takes off his sunglasses.

I lost an eye after Blizzard hit me a bit closer than he should have with that Mafia kick. I'm now every day going to have to wrestle all my matches blind in one eye. I've been working really hard with my original and entirely blind trainer, Greg. I should be able to wrestle next week. For now, I'm supposed to be nursing my injury.

Blizzard, on one hand I respect you. You fought with everything you had and won the TTW Title. On the other hand, you took away half of my vision. But keep in mind. I'll still be wrestling at one hundred percent, and when I return, I will make it a personal goal to get another match with you.

You keep talking about your Valhalla. Yet Valhalla is the hall of the Gods and a Brian Kendrick you are not. It seems beating me twice and being the only champion of wWo gave you a bit of an inflated ego. Make no mistake, you can be taken down. I have beaten the top talent in TTW and, as the Chinese say, "You must persevere to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks" and that's exactly what I'm going to do. One way or another I am going to face you again and beat you. Whether or not you still have the TTW Title in your hands, I'm coming after you and I can assure you, when I'm done with you, Four White Horizons will seem like nothing.

and Blizzard, heh, I guess you can.....Chill on that. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is your main event of the evening! It is a First Blood Match and it is for the TTW World Championship! The first competitor to bleed will lose the match. Introducing first, representing the Pack, from the forests of Canada, weighing in at 222 lbs, Wolf Hawkfield!

Davis: And here's a pre-recorded message from Wolf, taped earlier tonight.

Wolf Hawkfield is seen in the halls, his hand holding onto what seems to be a leash. A wolf is at the end of that leash, it growls as Wolf looks at the camera...

Wolf: You see this creature here? It's a magnificent beast. Though I'm not going to go into details seeing as how I've done that before. I brought him here with me to show Blizzard something.

Wolf ties the leash to a post as he exits for a moment. He returns with what looks like a raw steak in his hands...

Wolf: You see this? It's a piece of meat that's filled with blood. We as people cook this to make it suitable for a meal. But these beasts, it doesn't matter to them. 

Hawkfield tosses the raw meat to the ground as the wolf tears at it with great force growling loudly...

Wolf: That's called instincts, it sees the prey it wants, and attacks it head on. Blizzard tonight I'm going to unleash my animal instincts and tear you apart and let the blood spill out of you. You want me to give my best. Tonight, my best is going up a level. You'll be facing a ravenous beast hellbent on making you bleed your own blood. 

Wolf gives a small smirk as he walks over to the animal an kneels beside it patting it on the head...

Wolf: As my friend demonstrated, it's not that difficult to rip into flesh. Like everyone else Blizzard, you're only human. And that precious Valhalla of yours? Well consider me to be your personal Ragnarok, but this time I will rewrite history and tear it down. That title will be mine, I'll shatter every glacier you throw at me. I will burn down your reign and watch it melt before your own eyes. Blizzard, the Wolf is unchained and on the hunt, and it's eyes are set on you, and that TTW title. I will be the champion. I will make you bleed, and I'm going to enjoy every damn second of it. For when you hear the wolf's howl, your end is near.

Wolf just laughs as a malicious smile crawls across his face bringing the scene to a close... 

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from the blinding whiteness of the tundra, weighing in at 160 lbs, he is the reigning TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX!

Dingo: That message from Wolf was very similar to the one from Blizzard. I wonder if they're closer than they reckon they are.

Davis: Dingo, do you think Blizzard has an unfair advantage in this match? With a mask on, how do we know when he's bleeding?

Dingo: Nope. You gotta be smart about this Davis. There's no rule saying you have to be bleeding out of your face. You can be cut anywhere. That's what makes this match so high-stakes. You have to be careful all the time.

Davis: Ref calls for the bell but Wolf's already running and he takes down Blizzard with a shoulder block. Blizzard's back up but another shoulder block takes him down. Back up again but a hard Irish whip sends him over the ropes and out of the ring! 

Dingo: I reckon this isn't gonna look much like a wrestling match.

Davis: You're probably right. Wolf leaves the ring and picks up Blizzard but Blizzard cuts him off with an extremely obvious low blow.

Dingo: Hey, if there's no rules...

Davis: I suppose so. Blizzard's looking for something under the ring. He's found a kendo stick! Hard shot now to Wolf's abdomen that doubles him over and another hard shot to his back sends him down to the ground. And – ooh, hard shot to the back of the head and the stick is starting to break.

Dingo: There's no way that shot to the head would be anything less than really, really painful.

Davis: Yes. Blizzard picks up Wolf now but Wolf fights back with a gut punch. He follows it with another gut punch. Flapjack now from Wolf that sends Blizzard's midsection crashing into the barricade. Wolf clambers to the top of the barricade – guillotine leg drop!

Dingo: That move really sent Blizzard down hard there. I think Wolf was mainly running on adrenaline there because he doesn't seem to be getting up very fast at all now.

Davis: He does seem to be up now though and he's crossing the barricade, moving back in towards the ring. Now Wolf's looking underneath the ring and he comes back out with a steel chair. 

Dingo: He'd better watch out though, Blizzard's been getting up behind him. Now he's on the barricade himself.

Davis: Wolf turns around but Blizzard comes flying off with a dropkick that kicks the chair into Wolf's face! The ref checks on him but he's still not bleeding. Blizzard picks Wolf up and pushes him into the ring. He puts the chair in to then comes in himself. He goes over to Wolf but Wolf trips him up! Wolf is somehow still in this and trips him up and Blizzard's face hits the chair!

Dingo: Is he bleeding? Ref's checking... he says no.

Davis: Wolf's crawling over to the corner now. He's using it as support to pull himself back up. Looks like he's taking the covers off the top turnbuckle. He makes his way back over to Blizzard and picks him up. Whips him into the corner but Blizzard reverses it and Wolf gets whipped into the corner!

Dingo: Still doesn't bust him open though.

Davis: Blizzard comes over – roundhouse kick from Blizzard! Wolf's still not bleeding though.

Dingo: Blizzard looks like he's stretching his wrists now. It's important to be warmed up but I don't think this is the right time.

Davis: And now Blizzard's laughing – he's got a blade! Blizzard had been concealing a blade in his wrist tape the whole time and now he's got it out! He swipes at Wolf but Wolf ducks! Somehow Wolf is still able to dodge it!

Dingo: Even I'm impressed by this. 

Davis: Wolf kicks Blizzard's hand and he drops the blade! Kick to the gut now from Wolf and he lifts Blizzard up in a powerbomb position – this could be it! Blizzard breaks it! Repeated punches to Wolf's head cause him to fall back and Blizzard's on top. He quickly reaches out for the blade and lifts it up – Wolf grabs his arm! Blizzard can't bring his arm down!

Dingo: Whoever gives now gives up the whole match!

Davis: Wolf's strength is still too much for Blizzard! I don't think he can break the grip – he thumbs Wolf in the eye! And instinctively Wolf relaxes his hold! Blizzard brings the blade down and cuts Wolf's forehead! It's over.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX!

Dingo: And that's another notch for Blizzard Mask 20XX.

Davis: He was right though. Wolf really did give it his best there.

Dingo: He still couldn't beat Blizzard.

Davis: I guess the question on everyone's mind is “Can Marky DeVine do any better?” We'll find out next time. Until then, goodnight.