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“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to...”

“It is now time for our main event of the evening...”

“Bow down, peasants...”

“Crossed the road...”

“My son, Panther Kojo...”


“The Pack...”

“Steel KFC bucket...”

“Chinese proverb...”

“Broadcast journalism...”

“Bet on it...”


“Chill on THAT...”

“The whole board is reading!”

Davis Ditterich: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TTW In Your Browser: The People's Court!

Dingo Patterson: Hey. So why's this night called The People's Court again?

Davis: It's a metaphor Dingo. Tonight's main event will be a Fans Bring the Weapons Match for the TTW World Championship. The challenger Marky DeVine chose that as his stipulation.

Dingo: That's true. For those who haven't been paying attention our current champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX, is letting challengers choose the stipulation for their matches.

Davis: That's right. And since the fans are contributing to the outcome with their weapons, it's like a People's Court. But without the communism.

Dingo: Well anyway, before we get to the fights, we have a promo from a new guy called Miles King. Let's go to him now.

The camera pans across a lavish lounge area, bypassing the fancy portraits of beautiful women and a crackling fireplace to end up gazing upon Miles King, decked out in a crimson robe with a cardboard belt over his shoulder. The belt is emblazoned with the ACES! Logo and adorned with tacked on sequins, poker chips and glitter.

Miles King: Who'd you expect? Hugh Hefner?

Miles grins knowingly as he takes the Vegas Championship from his shoulder and analyzes it.

Miles: For many, many weeks in ACES!, I held this title. Every challenge I was met with, I defeated. Every fatal four-way I was put in, I walked out victorious. Every competitor in that cardboard division would have given anything to be in my position, and none of them even came close. But you know what? Now that ACES! is finally dead, this belt is exactly what it looks like. Just another piece of cardboard...

Miles nonchalantly drops the Vegas Championship into a small wastebasket next to his velvet chair.

Miles: I've decided to let go of the past. Right now I'm looking at a brighter future. A brighter future with a much more prestigious title. Which title, you ask? "Your TTW World Champion Miles King" has a nice ring to it...

Miles' smile slowly fades away as he presses on to more important matters.

Miles: Which brings me to why I'm here. It's obvious this place needs a bit more... class. But the real reason? I'm doing all of you TTW viewers a favor. I'm rewarding you all with exactly what I believe you deserve. Me. My mere presence in this fed alone will do wonders. Just imagine how much better this place will be once I physically, financially and charismatically assert my true dominance. 

Miles grins once more, but a much more vicious and sadistic grin than before.

Miles: A little bird told me that the next show will have a Scramble Match for the World Championship. And with a little extra... convincing on my part, the higher-ups here decided to assign me a nice spot in that scramble. An opportunity, I assured them, I will not waste. Get used to seeing me in the main event, folks; something tells me I'm going to be there for a while.

Miles picks up his scotch and takes a sip before his final words

Miles: Bet on it... 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the #1 Contendership to the TTW American Championship of America! Introducing first, from Norway, weighing in at 178 lbs, Lotus Dragon! And his opponent, weighing in at 225 lbs, Thegostofjon!

Davis: What's your opinion on these two guys Dingo?

Dingo: No idea. Gost's a closed book and I can't even read Lotus'.

Davis: I think this should be a good match though. Gost is a former American Champion of America. Lotus has a lot of potential. And we're off! Lockup in the centre and Gost quickly takes the advantage.

Dingo: Well he does have a near 50 lb advantage.

Davis: Lotus drops low though and counters it into a toe hold that sends Gost down. He moves in and grabs the arm – I think he's going for the Rings of Saturn! Gost fights back out of it before it's locked in though. Gost quickly back to his feet now but Lotus is up too and grabs him in a cobra clutch from behind. Gost's struggling and looks to be about to break out so Lotus turns it into a legsweep. Goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! Lotus pulls Gost up to his feet and stalls him with a kick to the midsection. He whips him into the ropes but Gost catches him with a clothesline on the return and Lotus goes down.

Dingo: You gotta be careful with those Irish whips. You're giving the other guy momentum. Sure it'll hurt him more if you hit him but if he gets you first it'll hurt you more too.

Davis: Well Gost seems to have the definite advantage now as he brings Lotus back up. Lotus is fighting back but Gost cuts him off with a knee strike then whips him into the corner. Pulls him back out and lifts him up onto his shoulder – snake eyes! Lotus' head rebounds off the turnbuckle and he goes staggering backwards.

Dingo: That's fighting smart. You've got a whole ring to legally use so use it.

Davis: Gost rushes up to Lotus and catches him before he falls over – Angle Slam! Gost hits the Angle Slam! Cover – one, two... Kickout! Lotus kicks out of the Angle Slam! 

Dingo: That was unexpected.

Davis: Gost brings Lotus up but Lotus is fighting back! Kick to the midsection cuts off Gost, followed by two more! Lotus whips Gost into the ropes and this time he's ahead as he brings Gost down off the rebound with a roundhouse kick! Gost pulls himself back up though but Lotus is waiting and whips him into the corner. Gost's trapped in there now and Lotus is unloading on him with repeated kicks – just one after another after another after another!

Dingo: This really is a phenomenal number of kicks. Ouch, big roundhouse kick to finish it off!

Davis: Lotus goes for the cover – one, two... Gost rolls it through! One, two... kickout!

Dingo: Woah, that was close there.

Davis: Both men quickly to their feet, this is make or break time – super kick from Gost! I swear that came out of nowhere! Massive super kick and Lotus is down! Gost covers him – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall and new #1 Contender to the TTW American Championship of America, Thegostofjon!

Davis: And now we go backstage where Cole Show & The Heckler would like to make a statement to their opponents Juan Carlos & Wolf Hawkfield.

Cole Show: After quite some time of not checking my Inbox for emails regarding my promo times, I'm back, back to talk to the TTW crowds that have never respected me, or Heckler for that matter, I'm pleased to have him as my partner, but... I'm too disgusted by all of you ugly people to continue talking, Heckler, take it from here!

The Heckler: TTW, I am no laughing stock. And if I am, well this must be the great depression cause stocks are down, so your laughter has no worth! It's as worthless as Jose Carol and Dog Birdnest. I am the breast wrestler in TTW, because I'm fun to look at. No one will stop the laughter, unless it's at me. Get ready, fready. 

Cole Show: That's right. Get used to seeing us with the best places in the next show's scramble.

Heckler: Heckler: Juan Carlos, Wolf Hawkfield, you two better be ready for a beating, because I'm winning the World Championship next show, and that means we're beating you tonight! 

Cole Show: Wait what? You're gonna win the championship, no, no, no, no, NO! I'm winning the title.

Davis: Well, there seems to be some dissension in the ranks there.

Dingo: It only matters if it stops them fighting well later.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a triangle elimination tag team match for the TTW Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, weighing in at 415 lbs, “Mr. Stunning in the Bank” Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade! Introducing second, representing High Society, from England, at a combined weight of 420 lbs, Garth Wrestlegar and Sir Dan Danielson the Third! And finally, representing The Pack, weighing in at 545 lbs, ElBeardy and El Trippy Del Faggot!

Dingo: This is the first fight we're going to see tonight between guys from The Pack and High Society. Jester and Kojo will be fighting later over the American Championship of America. 

Davis: Although this one does have the distinction of having Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade involved.

Dingo: That's true. You can't forget about them. They've proven before that they're dangerous together or by themselves.

Davis: Ref calls for the bell and we're off, with Garth and Trippy starting. Remember that they can tag in anyone. And Garth slaps Trippy in the face! There's certainly no love lost between these two but I still wasn't expecting that. Garth's giving Trippy some trash talk now and now another slap in the face! Garth pulls back for a third but Trippy blocks his arm and drops him with a headbutt!

Dingo: I don't think that was very smart of Garth. 

Davis: Garth manages to get right back up but Trippy's waiting for him. Whips him into the ropes. Garth goes for a jumping attack of some kind on the way back but Trippy catches him and throws him up! Wow!

Dingo: Garth must have flown at least 7 feet in the air just then!

Davis: Garth comes crashing down to the mat and Trippy goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! Trippy lifts Garth up again for another bodyslam but wait – Garth's wrapped his legs around Trippy's neck and he rolls him forward and over into a cover – one – kickout! But Garth uses the momentum to move out and tag in Sir Dan.

Dingo: Smart counter.

Davis: Sir Dan's in now and quickly stalls Trippy with a series of stiff chops to the chest that force him back into the ropes. Dan holds him there and tags in Garth. Both men in the ring now as they pull Trippy out of the ropes – double team vertical suplex! Now Sir Dan moves down to the legs and delivers a spinning Indian deathlock just as Garth delivers a jumping knee to Trippy's face.

Dingo: Wow, these guys have really been practising. This is great tag team strategy.

Davis: Sir Dan leaves the ring now, following the ref's instructions, but Garth promptly tags him back in and leaves the ring himself. Sir Dan comes in and he's locked in a ground abdominal stretch on Trippy. I'm not sure if he's been able to lock it in fully though because Trippy still seems somewhat mobile – he's reached the ropes! Sir Dan's forced to break the hold. Ref backs him off while Trippy gets to his feet. Dan comes in with a rear waistlock, looking for a German suplex, but Trippy spins around and slams him to the mat. Now Trippy tags in ElBeardy! He comes in as Sir Dan's getting up – German suplex to Sir Dan from Beardy! Dan gets back up but gets hit with another German suplex! He's up again – kick to the gut from Beardy – pedigree! Beardy hits the pedigree! He goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, High Society have been eliminated!

Dingo: And I thought they were going so well. Oh well, here comes Spade into the ring.

Davis: Beardy takes the momentum though and whips Spade into the ropes. Goes for a clothesline but Spade ducks underneath it and hits Beardy with a strong back elbow to the head. Beardy staggers back and Spade follows it up with a palm strike then a spinning roundhouse kick that knocks Beardy down to the mat.

Dingo: Spade's definitely proving to be a match for ElBeardy.

Davis: Spade bends down to pick up Beardy but Beardy knocks him back with a kick to the head! Beardy's up now and knocking Spade back with a few more punches. Spade goes for a kick but Beardy catches the leg. He rolls it through in a dragon screw but Spade turns his body partway through and kicks Beardy in the head on the way down!

Dingo: Spade's just looking better and better. 

Davis: Spade picks up Beardy and whips him into the corner with so much force that Beardy's turned inside out! He's stuck in the tree of woe! What's Spade doing now? He's climbing a different turnbuckle. What's he –

Dingo: Wow...

Davis: Spade just ran down the top rope to Beardy's turnbuckle and came off in to a double stomp to Beardy's face!

Dingo: I've heard him refer to that as the Director's Cut but I just thought he was pulling my leg.

Davis: And now Spade tags in Stunning Steven Bowie. Spade runs over to Trippy and knocks him off the apron with a running dropkick as Bowie covers Beardy – one, two.... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners and new TTW Tag Team Champions, “Mr. Stunning in the Bank” Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade!

Dingo: The dark horse has come through. 

Davis: What's this? Stunning Steven Bowie is picking up ElBeardy – he hits him with a codebreaker! Spade's going outside now and he rolls Trippy back in the ring. Bowie picks him and hits him with a codebreaker too! Come on!

Dingo: Bowie's showing that he's not to be messed with.

Davis: But they've already won! Wait, here comes Munch B. Cool and Mike Kuzuna! They both hit the ring. Spade goes for a roundhouse kick to Munch but Munch ducks it and hits him with the Perplex! Meanwhile Kuzuna has hit Bowie with a dropkick that sent him into the corner but Bowie's fighting back out of there. Munch is there now though and he forces Bowie back and hits him with a Perplex too!

Dingo: That was just uncalled for.

Davis: Thanks for that, black pot. It seems that, by your logic, Munch and Mike have sent a strong message to Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW American Championship of America! Introducing first, representing High Society, from California, weighing in at 207 lbs, Cody Jester! And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Father Kojo, representing The Pack, from New York, NY, weighing in at 210 lbs, he is the reigning TTW American Champion of America, Panther Kojo!

Dingo: These guys have been rivals for quite a while now. This should be a great fight.

Davis: Definitely. I thought earlier that there could be a moral advantage from one side if their team won the earlier Tag Team Championship match but it didn't turn out that way.

Dingo: No it didn't, but I'm sure that'll just make both of them more determined to win.

Davis: Ref calls for the bell and we're off. Lockup in the centre but Jester quickly turns it into a snap DDT and follows it up with a Fujiwara armbar. Kojo breaks out of it though and fights his way back to his feet. Jester gets right back on the offensive though with a standing dropkick that sends Kojo straight over the ropes and out of the ring! Jester climbs out of the ring to follow him.

Dingo: Father Kojo's trying to get Cody Jester to back off. Stay out of it.

Davis: Well that seems to also be a polite way of saying what Jester's saying to Father Kojo himself. Anyway, Jester's got Kojo – he throws him into the steel stairs! Kojo looks pretty battered now. Jester picks him up again and slides him back into the ring. He gets in himself and makes the cover – one, two... Kickout! Jester picks up Kojo but Kojo's fighting back! I don't know where he's getting this from! He's getting a few strong punches in – jumps to the ropes and comes back off with a Fury Swipe – Jester grabs him in midair though and counters it into another Fujiwara armbar!

Dingo: Kojo's arm must be really hurting him now. 

Davis: Kojo's really struggling – he's made it to the ropes though and Jester's forced to break the hold. Kojo's getting back to his feet as Jester runs the ropes. He comes back into a roll – I think he's going for Novacaine, that rolling thunder European uppercut – he pops up but he was too slow, Kojo's backed away! He was ready in time! Jester's left himself open and now here comes Panther Kojo with repeated forearm strikes that are really forcing Jester back.

Dingo: Jester'll counter this, just you watch. 

Davis: Kojo whips Jester into the ropes. He rebounds – pele kick from Kojo and Jester's down. Kojo gets on to the apron. The fans know what's coming and he's signalling for it – Panther Pounce! Kojo hits the Panther Pounce! Cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a pinfall and still TTW American Champion of America, Panther Kojo! 

Davis: That was certainly a hard-fought victory. Wait, Thegostofjon is coming down to the ring! He's holding a steel chair! What the hell is he doing here?

Dingo: Well I don't think he's here to shake Kojo's hand.

Davis: Gost hits the ring. Kojo tries to fight him off but Gost's too much as he slams him in the head with the chair. Kojo collapses to his knees and takes another shot in his back, sending him all the way down to the mat.

Dingo: That, Davis, is what you call a statement. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, Cole Show and The Heckler! And their opponents, at a combined weight of 402 lbs, Juan Carlos and Wolf Hawkfield!

Dingo: This is gonna be one hell of a fight.

Davis: Definitely. These two teams hate each other, especially Juan and Heckler. There's no way any of these guys are going to get away with an easy win. 

Dingo: I couldn't agree more. 

Davis: Well it looks like it will in fact be Heckler and Juan starting this match. 

Dingo: Great.

Davis: Lockup in the centre. Fairly usual start – wait, Heckler's choking Juan! Ref's telling him to break it but he keeps it on. Juan manages to break it himself though with a knee lift. Big elbow strike from Juan now sends Heckler reeling. Juan quickly follows it up with repeated chops, forcing Heckler back into the ropes. Heckler's on the ropes now and Juan moves back a bit – Cactus clothesline! Both men are over and out!

Dingo: Looks like I was right.

Davis: Both men are recovering on the outside but it looks like Cole Show is going to take the opportunity to get involved. He's off the apron and heading right towards Heckler and Juan. Wolf climbs off the apron too and goes to intercept him. 

Dingo: Looks like Cole Show's saying something to Wolf. Can't quite hear it though.

Davis: Probably something rude. Wait, Cole Show just went for the KO Punch on Wolf but he ducked it, grabbed him and threw him into the barricade! And Cole Show's mass actually sends that section of the barricade to the ground! Security's holding the crowd back from Cole Show.

Dingo: Heckler and Juan had better be careful. They're about to be counted out.

Davis: That's true. Luckily they seem to be getting back to their feet. Wolf's helping Juan up but Juan pushes him back a bit.

Juan Carlos: I don't need it! I have this!

Davis: Wait, Juan's picking up the Heckler too. He pushes him back in the ring then gets in himself. I guess he wants to win this cleanly.

Dingo: Stupid. Just take the win.

Davis: Juan drags Heckler to the middle of the ring and locks in a guillotine choke. 

Dingo: Should be effective – wait, look on the outside of the ring! 

Davis: You're right! Wolf's back on the apron keeping his eye on the match. He hasn't seen Cole Show getting up behind him! But Cole Show's not doing anything. He's just standing there...

Dingo: He must have something planned.

Davis: Meanwhile back in the ring Heckler seems to be fighting out of the guillotine choke. He's reached the ropes and Juan has to break the hold. He does so and Heckler repays him with a chest rake! 

Dingo: Well no-one said this would be clean.

Davis: I suppose. Heckler gets some strong punches in now that force Juan back. Juan seems to have overcome his earlier reluctance and tags in Wolf. Wolf's coming in now – wait! Cole Show's moved and grabbed Wolf's leg and pulled him down, slamming his head into the apron! Followed by what I think was a low blow but I can't be sure – and now Cole Show's thrown Wolf back into the ring! Juan's still standing there shocked but the ref forces him to get out, saying he made the tag. He goes to tag himself back in but the Heckler pulls Wolf away and covers him – one, two... Kickout! Wolf is still in this! 

Dingo: Heckler's keeping on the pressure though. 

Davis: I have to agree with you there. Wolf's managed to get to his knees but he's kept there in a strong headlock. Heckler's adding some trapping punches to it as well. Wait! Despite all that, Wolf's managing to get back up! He's on both feet now – and he breaks the headlock! And now a belly to belly suplex from Wolf sends Heckler down to the mat! Wolf turns around to tag Juan back in – Heckler's still got Wolf's leg!

Dingo: Haha! You're not getting away so easily Wolf!

Davis: And Heckler's managed to trip Wolf up! Wolf comes down and Heckler gets up. Wolf's trying to get back up but Heckler keeps him down with some very well placed stomps.

Dingo: Mate those are great stomps. Especially those ones to Wolf's hands.

Davis: Heckler's climbing the turnbuckle now. I think I know what he's going for – the Digger! Heckler lands the Digger to Wolf! He goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a pinfall, Cole Show and the Heckler!

Davis: And they're both leaving the ring now, taunting Juan as they go. Juan's getting in the ring and lifting up Wolf.

Juan Carlos: What the hell was that Wolf? Why weren't you watching your back? You know how much this means to me! I need to beat Blizzard! I need to!

Davis: And now Juan's leaving the ring, leaving Wolf there. I'm not sure about Juan's single-mindedness. He's not going to keep his friends if he keeps up like this.

Dingo: Well, speaking of Blizzard, we have a message from him now, recorded from earlier today before the show started.

Before the event begins, the arena is empty, and Blizzard stands next to the ring, leaning against the barricade. He sees the cameraman testing his camera, and beckons him over.

Blizzard Mask 20XX: Hey, you there with the box, come over here for a minute. I got somethin' I want to say to the people.

The cameraman comes closer, and Blizzard turns towards the empty stands, gazing out as if across a vast desert.

Blizzard: You see all these seats? In just a few hours, a mob of TTW fans is gonna descend upon this arena. As the night goes on, they're gonna chant, they're gonna cheer, they're gonna boo, hell, a couple of 'em might even cry. And when the music hits, and the main event starts, every single one of these people will be on their feet, clapping and screaming their hearts out... but it won't be for me.

Blizz starts to walk around the ring, never taking his eyes off the surrounding arena.

Blizzard: I've never had fans. I've had supporters, and I've DAMN sure had believers, but I've never had fans - people who wanna wear my t-shirts in public, people who chant my name during a gruelling match, and I don't know of a single person who wants me to retain my TTW World Championship against Marky DeVine tonight. Which isn't to say I don't get it; I've done my fair share of bad-guy stuff, and I'm not about to stop now that it's finally working for me.

Marky, on the other hand, is what you might call a 'fan favorite'. He's the guy everybody looks up to, the guy everybody wants to get an autograph from after the show. Me and him are gonna get in that ring, and this entire arena's gonna be chanting his name, hoping and praying with all their little hearts that he can overcome the odds and take my Championship away from me, that he can be the one to calm the storm clouds I've conjured up over this company.

I suppose this is just a roundabout way of saying that I'm glad DeVine chose the match he did. 'Fans Bring The Weapons'. I mean, it's almost poetic - the guy is literally going to use his massive fanbase to try and take me down. Absolute... fucking... genius.

Blizzard turn around to face the camera, and leans back on the barricade.

Blizzard: Marky, I hope you're ready. I've talked enough about my New Valhalla... tonight I'm takin' you on a guided tour. Fans or not, I can't promise you're gonna make it out of this building alive.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is your main event of the evening! It is a Fans Bring the Weapons Match scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW World Championship! In this match, there are no disqualifications are countouts. The TTW fans have been instructed to bring weapons, and using them is not only encouraged – it's allowed. The match will only end with a pinfall or submission. Introducing first, from the blinding whiteness of the tundra, weighing in at 160 lbs, he is the reigning TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX!

Blizzard: I have one more thing to say. Seems like everybody wants to know what I think about the Championship Scramble match scheduled to take place next week. To be completely honest... I think it's pathetic. I mean Christ, just look at my competition! Cole Show and The Heckler are nobodies, even if they did win their match, Miles King doesn't belong in this company, and after tonight, I'll have beaten everybody else in the match at the top of their game. Wolf wants another shot? I damn-near salivate over the opportunity to show him up again. Juan Carlos wants revenge for his busted eye? Let him try and take it, I'll bust his other eye and put him out of this business for good. And as for the last guy, well... I'm about to show all you people exactly what I think of Marky DeVine, and you can Chill On THAT." 

Ring Announcer: Introducing second, from the USA, weighing in at 205 lbs, Marky DeVine!

Davis: What do you think of this match Dingo?

Dingo: I think this is gonna be just as much of a fight, if not more, than the previous match. Looking out there I can see some pretty crazy weapons.

Davis: Ref's calling for the bell and we're off! Marky immediately runs at Blizzard and catches him with a Thesz press, following it with some mounted punches. He goes to apply a keylock but Blizzard fights him off before it's all the way on. Blizzard moves quickly to his feet but DeVine's quicker and Irish whips him clean out of the ring!

Dingo: I think it's going to be time for the weapons now. 

Davis: I think so too. DeVine picks up Blizzard and throws him over the barricade into the crowd. He climbs the barricade himself and starts looking around. He's seen something – it's a piece of sheet metal! 

Dingo: Simple but effective.

Davis: DeVine gets the metal from the fan and moves back to Blizzard, laying the sheet metal on Blizzard's chest. DeVine climbs the barricade and jumps off for a moonsault – Blizzard puts the metal up! DeVine goes through it anyway but the impact was nearly all transferred to DeVine!

Dingo: The thing about weapons is that you've gotta be sure that the timing's right.

Davis: True. Blizzard's in control now. Now he's looking for something – I think he's seen it. It's an original Xbox! Someone has to stop him – he could crush DeVine's skull with something that big and heavy!

Dingo: Hey, it was DeVine that asked for these rules. It's completely fair.

Davis: DeVine's getting to his feet now but Blizzard's waiting for him – he brings the Xbox down right on DeVine's head! DeVine could be unconscious!

Dingo: Wow, the fans are really booing Blizzard hard after that shot.

Davis: I think it might start to get dangerous for Blizzard to stay in that crowd.

Dingo: Blizzard could take them.

Davis: Ideally it won't come to that. Blizzard's picking up Marky now and laying him across the barricade, head pointing towards the ring. He climbs over the barricade and drops a bionic elbow to the back of Marky's head, flipping him off the barricade and towards the ring. He picks him up again and rolls him into the ring.

Dingo: Smart move. This isn't Falls Count Anywhere.

Davis: Wait, Blizzard's going back into the crowd. He's taken someone's water bottle. What's he going to do with that?

Dingo: No idea. There's no way you could hurt someone with a water bottle.

Davis: Blizzard's in the ring now – he's pouring the water on to DeVine's face! 

Dingo: I think he's trying to get DeVine to wake up and start fighting again. Why doesn't anyone here just take the win?

Davis: Blizzard is getting DeVine back to his feet and propping him in the corner.

Blizzard: Hit me! Come on, I'm here! Hit me!

Davis: Ok... well DeVine does seem to be getting more aware. And he gets a punch in on Blizzard! And now another one, and another one!

Dingo: So much for that Xbox killing him.

Davis: Blizzard seems to have had enough of his game as he blocks DeVine's next punch. But DeVine gets him with a kick instead! And now DeVine's really back in this as he fights his way out of the corner! Blizzard's totally on the back foot: he can't seem to get anything back in reply. And now he jumps back onto the second rope and jumps off forward with a roundhouse kick! Blizzard's down!

Dingo: Wow, I didn't expect that. Not for long though, he's getting back up again.

Davis: Yes but DeVine's already outside and he's grabbed a baseball bat from a fan. He's back in the ring now and he gets Blizzard with a very strong shot to the stomach. Blizzard's doubled over now. DeVine whips him into the corner. Blizzard's head rebounds off the turnbuckle and he goes staggering backwards. DeVine's ready for a reverse roundhouse – Blizzard's too close though off the rebound and he catches DeVine with a modified stunner!

Dingo: The tables have turned again! 

Davis: DeVine's back up but Blizzard's grabbed the baseball bat. Now he's grabbed DeVine too from behind. He's putting the baseball bat to DeVine's neck – snapping Russian legsweep with the baseball bat!

Dingo: Ouch...

Davis: Blizzard goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall and still TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX!

Dingo: And he's done it again.

Davis: But will he able to come out on top of six other men in the scramble? We'll see you at our next event to find out.