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“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to...”

“It is now time for our main event of the evening...”

“Bow down, peasants...”

“Crossed the road...”

“My son, Panther Kojo...”


“The Pack...”

“Steel KFC bucket...”

“Chinese proverb...”

“Broadcast journalism...”

“Bet on it...”


“Chill on THAT...”

“The whole board is reading!”

Davis Ditterich: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to TTW Scrambled Belts!

Dingo Patterson: This should be a great show. Let's get straight into it.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW American Championship of America! Introducing first, weighing in at 225 lbs, Thegostofjon! And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Father Kojo, representing The Pack, from New York, NY, weighing in at 210 lbs, Panther Kojo!

Davis: Thegostofjon has really made a resurgence as of late. Do you think he can unseat Kojo?

Dingo: I reckon he can. Gost is a really mean guy. He'll beat you up and not even think about it later. That's the attitude you need to be champ.

Davis: Anyway, ref calls for the bell and we're off. Gost moves in first and quickly forces Kojo back into the ropes with some strong punches. Whips him out of the ropes and Kojo rebounds – swinging neckbreaker off the rebound! Kojo has taken control and Gost is down. He's back up again but a hurricanrana from Kojo sends him back down again. Kojo goes to climb the turnbuckle.

Dingo: He's about to pay for it though – Gost's back up and coming straight for him.

Davis: Kojo's spotted him though and turned to face him on the middle turnbuckle. He's using the elevation to fight Gost off – tornado DDT! Kojo hits him with a tornado DDT! And now he's climbing the turnbuckle again – Truth & Soul! Kojo hits Gost with the Truth & Soul and he goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout!

Dingo: Impressive. That man may be down but he is not out. 

Davis: Gost is still down though. Kojo's consulting with his father now, presumably on what would be the best course of action. He goes back over to Gost now to pick him up – wait! Gost just thrust his hand out and he's got Kojo by the throat! Gost's back on his feet now as he maintains the choke hold.

Dingo: Definitely not out. And now that he's got Kojo's throat, he's got all the power he needs. 

Davis: He's still got that chokehold on – and now he's slammed Kojo back-first into the corner! Hold's still applied even though Kojo left the ground on the way there. Gost definitely is the physically stronger man in this match. He's choking off Kojo in the corner as the ref tries to break it up. He's warning Gost that he's about to disqualify him – Gost breaks the hold. Now he's put it right back on!

Dingo: I like this Gost. He's completely ruthless and that's what it takes to be champ. No mercy.

Davis: There might be a Gost inside him that wants to say he's sorry. That doesn't mean he's sorry.

Dingo: Are you referencing indie music again Davis? I've warned you about this.

Davis: Anyway, Gost has brought Kojo out of the corner now, still with the choke hold on. Looks like he's going for – chokeslam! Gost hits Kojo with a chokeslam! And now a big stomp to the face from Gost. He goes to Kojo's legs now – reverse Boston crab! He's got a reverse Boston crab locked in!

Dingo: Kojo's gotta tap to this.

Davis: Kojo's really struggling. He's trying to reach the ropes. He's nearly there and Father Kojo's encouraging him – he's made it! He's made it to the ropes! Gost has to break the hold.

Dingo: Doesn't look like he's going to.

Davis: Ref's telling him to break the hold – Gost just pulled Kojo off the ropes! They're back in the middle of the ring now and the hold's still applied!

Dingo: Kojo's definitely got to tap out now. There's no way he can hold on this long.

Davis: It looks like he's managing to fight back though. I think he might – he's broken free! Kojo has broken free! Both men to their feet now and Kojo's back on the offensive with repeated kicks to the midsection. He whips Gost into the ropes now – pele kick off the rebound! Gost looks like he's about to get up so Kojo keeps him down with a standing senton bomb. Kojo goes to climb the turnbuckles once more.

Dingo: If he hits this one it'll be over for Gost.

Davis: Wait, Gost is getting up. He sees Kojo and runs the ropes – the impact's knocked Kojo down and crotched him on the top rope! He's still propped there. Wait, Gost's getting into position for something – superkick! Gost hits a superkick to Kojo! Kojo flops into the ring and Gost covers him – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall and new TTW American Champion of America, Thegostofjon!

Davis: Thegostofjon is back. The man behind the mask is definitely back.

Dingo: And now a message from High Society. These guys are great.

Sir Dan Danielson the Third: So, we have been on a losing streak as a team as of late. But do not worry, peasants, for an army is made of many units. Those many units comprise the strength of a force. Tonight you will see our dominance in singles victories over this so-called "Pack". The only thing these cretins are are a pack of rats. I have no worries going into tonight. We have trained and have learned new ways to defeat these lower class beings. I personally shall
askew this pathetic creature "Jez Stone" with my Excalibur, drag his sorry corpse to the middle of the ring and pin him, showing my utter superiority. Such is the nature of the battlefield.

Cody Jester: Hey cameraman come here. Little closer. Cody grabs the camera PANTHER! I KNOW YOUR WATCHING! JUST LIKE MY MATES WILL GET THEIR GOLD BACK SO...WILL...I! I WILL BE COMING VERY, VERY, SOON. deep breathing Oh and Lotus, I haven't forgot about you. I heard what you said in your AES exclusive. Truth be told it turned me on a little, ha ha. But let me give you a little warning. deep breathing We, the High Society, are all knights and what do knights do? They slay dragons. Just like I will slay you at Scrambled Belts and and move on to claim my, MY AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP OF AMERICA!! Ha ha and that's the joke.Cody shoves the cameraman over

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing High Society, from California, weighing in at 207 lbs, Cody Jester! And his opponent, from Norway, weighing in at 178 lbs, Lotus Dragon!

Davis: This is the first of High Society's three singles matches.

Dingo: Sure is. They're up against some pretty tough guys but I reckon that they can do this. I'm tipping 3 for 3.

Davis: I think you might be being overly optimistic. Anyway we're off with a lockup in the centre. Cody Jester quickly takes control though and drops it into a snap DDT. Cover – one – kickout!

Dingo: I guess it was worth a try. Maybe he thought that the shock would get him.

Davis: It didn't. Jester lifts Lotus up now and stays in control. Suplex from Jester now but he keeps the hold applied and rolls it over and up – a second suplex! Looks like he's going for a third now – Lotus breaks it! And now Lotus follows it up with a kick, and another kick, and another! Lotus is firmly in control now.

Dingo: Maybe not, if Jester can get an opening – there's one! 

Davis: Quick knee strike from Jester there, quickly followed by an Irish whip into the corner. And now Jester's signalling for the Triple Express! STO backbreaker connects! And now the reverse STO into the turnbuckle! Just one more now – he hits the final STO! Jester goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! Lotus kicks out of the Triple Express! 

Dingo: I was not expecting that.

Davis: Jester looks pretty surprised too. I don't think he knows what to do now.

Dingo: He'd better think of something quick before – nope, Lotus is already up. Don't waste time!

Davis: Jester seems him and goes in swinging with a big clothesline but Lotus ducks underneath it and locks in a cobra clutch! Jester looks like he's about to break out though – Lotus turns it into a cobra clutch legsweep! Both men to the mat now but they're on their way up. Lotus keeps the initiative though with a side suplex that sends them both back down.

Dingo: Dammit Jester, you gotta get back in this. Poke him in the eye if you have to.

Davis: That would be uncalled for. Although I wouldn't put it past any member of High Society to do that. Lotus is lifting Jester up now. Jester goes for a low blow, just like you said! Wait! Lotus must have expected it too because he caught Jester's hand! He turns it into an arm wringer now then breaks the hold and moves in. I think it's time for – yes! Lotus Dragon just hit the Pretentious Lotus Move! And it's held for the cover – one, two.... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall, Lotus Dragon!

Davis: And High Society go 0-1 so far. That's your tip ruined Dingo.

Dingo: I'm changing my tip to 2-1.

Davis: And now we go backstage, where The Pack is meeting with Munch B. Cool and Mike Kuzuna.

Father Kojo: Munch B. Cool, Mike Kuzuna, thank you for coming. I called this meeting because we need to discuss our common threat.

El Trippy Del Faggot: Beardy's hidden evil?

ElBeardy: Yes, that sounds right. Don't you forget that.

Father Kojo: No, I'm talking about Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade. I think it would be for the best if we agreed to eliminate them first. 

Mike Kuzuna: I'm for it. Me and Munch will still be winning the belts later.

ElBeardy: Oh really?

Father Kojo: Calm down, both of you. Do we have an agreement?

Munch B. Cool: Now... I'm not one to join in peoples annoyances, but... ghat dangit. Right, okay. I'll do it. I'm persuaded. 

Father Kojo: Excellent.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a triangle tag team elimination match for the TTW Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, representing The Pack, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, ElBeardy and El Trippy Del Faggot! Introducing second, at a combined weight of 369 lbs, Munch B. Cool and Mike Kuzuna! And finally, at a combined weight of 415 lbs, they are the reigning TTW Tag Team Champions, Mr. “Stunning” in the Bank Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade!

Dingo: You know, I don't set much stock by this “alliance” of the Pack and Munch and Mike. They may say that they've teamed up but I bet that as soon as one of them gets the chance to stab the other in the back they'll take it.

Davis: Thankfully I have to say that not everyone thinks like you do Dingo. I think they'll stick to their word and eliminate the reigning champions first. 

Dingo: If they don't think like me then they should.

Davis: Anyway it looks like it will be Spade and Mike Kuzuna starting this match. They're circling each other in the middle of the ring. Who'll make the first move... it's Spade! He goes for a roundhouse kick but Kuzuna ducks underneath it. Goes for a legsweep but Kuzuna jumps over it. Heel kick from Kuzuna but Spade blocks it with his arm and goes for a side chop with his other arm. This one connects and sends Kuzuna back. Side kick from Spade connects now. He goes for a front kick but Kuzuna catches this one and spins him around. Now Kuzuna grabs Spade and jumps up for a monkey flip. He completes it but Spade lands on his feet after the flip and turns around to face him. Kuzuna tags in El Trippy Del Faggot. 

Dingo: Ah-ha! They won't eliminate each other but they'll tag them in so they get eliminated!

Davis: You're reading too much into this. Anyway, now it's Spade facing off against Trippy. Spade moves in and quickly gets in a side kick to Trippy but it doesn't even faze him. He goes for another but it's ineffective too. He takes a few steps back and goes for a running side kick – Trippy catches his foot and throws him backwards! Trippy completely overpowering Spade there. 

Dingo: Spade's gonna have to change his game plan.

Davis: Spade's tagged in Munch B. Cool! I wasn't expecting that. But hang on, Munch isn't going in the ring. He's just laughing at Spade – and now he's tagged him back in! Munch is sticking true to the agreement. 

Dingo: Oh come on Munch, get in the fight.

Davis: Spade turns around to see Trippy charging right at him with a big clothesline. Spade ducks it though and Trippy accidentally clotheslines Munch off the apron! He's looking over the ropes now, checking on him.

Dingo: That's not a smart move with Spade right behind him. If I was him I'd – yep! Rollup!

Davis: Surprise rollup by Spade, can he steal the pin – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, ElBeardy and El Trippy Del Faggot have been eliminated!

Davis: And now Munch gets in the ring. Looks like he'll be facing Spade after all.

Dingo: As he should be. 

Davis: They're circling each other now. Quick kick from Spade but then he quickly backs off again. Another kick from Spade and another retreat. Goes in again – Munch grabs him! T-bone suplex! Spade staggers to his feet but walks into a regalplex! He's up again but this time gets hit by a German suplex! Truly Munch is a suplex machine!

Dingo: I reckon he might have thrown Spade just a little too close to Bowie there. If Bowie can just lean over the ropes enough – yep, he's tagged himself in!

Davis: And now it's Munch against Stunning Steven Bowie. Munch locks up with Bowie and goes for a vertical suplex but Bowie blocks it with his leg. Breaks the lockup and gets Munch in a headlock. Wait, Munch has grabbed Bowie now and I think he's about to turn the headlock into a teardrop suplex – come on! That was clearly a thumb to the eye by Bowie there!

Dingo: Do you hear a DQ Davis? 'Cos I don't. So it mustn't have been a thumb to the eye.

Davis: Come on, it clearly was! And now Bowie has the advantage – Codebreaker! Bowie hits the codebreaker! He goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a pinfall and still TTW Tag Team Champions, Mr. “Stunning” in the Bank Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade!

Davis: That was not an honourable victory.

Dingo: Oh who cares. They're still champs and that's what matters. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing High Society, from Bolton, England, weighing in at 220 lbs, Sir Dan Danielson the Third! And his opponent, from Texas, weighing in at 200 lbs, Jez Stone!

Dingo: Alright, 1-1, here we come.

Davis: Don't count your eggs just yet. Anyway, ref calls for the bell and we're off. Jez Stone explodes out of the gate, forcing Sir Dan back with punch after punch. He's getting backed into the corner quickly – wait! Drop toe hold from Sir Dan sends Jez's head slamming into the top turnbuckle. 

Dingo: Sir Dan can counter anything.

Davis: Dan's up quickly now to take advantage of the stunned Jez. He moves into position – Excalibur! Sir Dan hits the Excalibur! He goes for the cover – one, two... Three! That was quick.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall, Sir Dan Danielson the Third!

Dingo: What'd I tell you Davis? 1-1 and soon I'll be 2-1.

Davis: And now we go backstage to a Pack meeting.

Wolf is seen talking to members of the Pack, having a good laugh and conversation with all of them. He sees Juan in the corner of his eye walking down the hall. Wolf makes his way over to him quickly and pats his shoulder to get his attention...

Wolf Hawkfield: Juan hold up a sec man. Listen, about last week. I got all caught up in what was going on around me and wasn't paying any mind to Heckler, that cost us and I want to say I'm sorry about that. But hey, there is something I do want to say to you.

Wolf takes a moment as he takes a deep breath...

Wolf: You and I have had our differences in the past, look at us now. Two rivals now turned best friends, and that is why I would like for you to join the Pack. We could really use someone with your skill set and knowledge of the ring to help these new guys along with myself and Father Kojo, what do ya say? 

Juan sighs and pats Wolf on the back

Juan Carlos: Wolf. I appreciate the offer. I really do. However joining a Pack would just be distracting me from what I'm really planning on doing.

Juan takes off his sunglasses to show he is half-blind. 

Juan: Blizzard. Blizzard Mask did this to me and acts like I can recover. This is possibly permanent. I already had to learn how to wrestle with one blind eye. I need to take from him what he views most precious. For him, that's none other than the TTW Title. For me, this is my only shot at getting retribution against him. I know you are a part of The Pack. We're aiming for the same thing tonight. It would be pointless, because I honestly feel you guys don't need the title, as you're always going to get shots in TTW. Me? I will as well, but I only have one shot to take away what Blizzard "needs". 

Wolf nods his head...

Wolf: Fair enough Juan, but you seem to be forgetting something really important. Blizzard has been on a chip on my shoulder since the first day he decided to attack me. You may think the Pack itself doesn't need the title. But Wolf Hawkfield does. It's the same reason that you have, I want to prove to Blizzard that this whole personal Valhalla nonsense is coming to an end. So if you're expecting me to just let you get the pin, you got another thing coming. 

Clapping can be heard off-screen. It grows closer as Blizzard Mask saunters into frame, applauding his opponents with a huge smile on his face. He stops in front of the two men, adjusts the TTW Championship belt on his shoulder, and looks over at Juan.

Blizzard Mask 20XX: So Juan, I hear you took a trip to the doctor recently. Good news about your little vision problem? No? Oh well, you know that old saying, "what doesn't kill you" and all that jazz. And speaking of what doesn't kill you...

He inches closer to Juan, getting right up in his face.

Blizzard: I don't think you fully appreciate the mercy I showed you back at Implications. You think blinding that eye is the worst thing I could have done? You should be thanking your lucky stars you made it out with the other one still in your skull. 

Juan: I should grab that title right now and scoop out your eye for that comment.... 

Wolf steps in between Juan and Blizzard looking at Juan...

Wolf: Woah woah woah, Juan keep yourself calm man. Attacking this lowlife won't do you any good. The three of us aren't the only guys in this match and that means if you injure him someone else will take advantage of it before you even get into the ring. So just keep head, no pun intended and take a breather. You let his mind-games work on you and you're a goner. 

Blizzard: Listen to your buddy, Juan. He knows what's good for ya. After all, you two have a lot in common. For example...

He looks back and forth between Wolf and Juan, chuckling softly to himself.

Blizzard: Neither one of you is walking out of this building with my Championship.

Blizzard spits on the floor at their feet.

Blizzard: Chill on THAT.

The TTW World Champion walks away, leaving both challengers to stew in their anger. 

Juan:.....Do you see what I mean, Hawkfield? All this personal Vallhalla and stuff has come to a head. Every. Single. Week. He comes in, he talks about how very few people are even allowed in his presence. He takes no responsibility for his actions, I am still the longest reigning TTW Champion and the man who held the belt longer than anyone. YOU are still the first ever TTW World Champion and the first ever two time TTW Champion. By the end of the night, I will be tied as the longest reigning TTW Champion, but I will one up him, by not only being the man who held the title the longest, but the first ever three time TTW Champion. I'm sorry. I can't let Blizzard get his "personal Vallhalla". It already costed me this. 

Juan points to his eye.

Juan: Get ready for your match. I'm not holding back.

Juan walks outside.

Rob I. Jarig: You! Won! One! Juan! You! Stop! You're the guy who stole my wrestlegroup member, Munch B. Cool! You told him lies and changed him and made him stab me in the back.

Juan: What? I just....but......uh.....Why the hell are you.....Munch? I teamed up with him once and you......are you drunk? I think I smell beer.

Rob I. Jarig: I don't care what you have to say. I want payback. I want you to make me a star like him, so that he will finally respond to my email without me having to sneak into his room at night and type it up myself. Join my wrestlegroup and we can go get my belts back.

Juan: Listen. I'm sure you have.......potential. I mean you're a former tag team champion, right? But you kind of come off as a creeper and I just kind of picked him because we had history together in wWo, not to mention I kind of have bigger issues to worry about. Like Blizzard Mask, who took my title and blinded me in one eye.

Rob I. Jarig: Well Duckings to you! Maybe you should show me who's the real man in the most oldskool and hardcore of all wrestleparty entries, the Scandinavian Demoparty Fight! Two out of three monitors, to make it fair.

[/I]Juan thinks about it for a second, then knocks him out with a punch.[/I]

Juan: Well that was easier than expected. I'm just glad he didn't leave a stain on my singlet. Now, on to Blizzard Mask.... 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing High Society, from England, weighing in at 200 lbs, Garth Wrestlegar! And his opponent, from the USA, weighing in at 205 lbs, Marky DeVine!

Dingo: And I'm ready to go 2-1. 

Davis: Really? Marky DeVine is, no offence meant to Lotus Dragon and Jez Stone, the toughest opponent High Society have fought so far. He's been doing great ever since he arrived here. He's a former #1 Contender to the TTW World Championship.

Dingo: But what titles has he held? None! Garth's a two-time TTW Tag Team Champion and one of those reigns was the longest title reign of any kind in TTW.

Davis: That wasn't in singles competition though.

Dingo: Whatever.

Davis: Anyway, ref calls for the bell and we're off. Garth moves in for a headlock but DeVine spins out of it, flips him over and down to the ground and locks in an armbar! Garth reaches the ropes and DeVine breaks the hold. Both men to their feet now and Garth goes for another headlock. This time DeVine spins around to his back, trips him down to the mat face-first and locks in a rear naked choke! Will Garth tap out? Garth's struggling but I think he's going to reach the ropes – he does.

Dingo: I like rope breaks now.

Davis: Are you High Society's fourth member or something?

Dingo: No, I'm just being unbiased.

Davis: Sure. Anyway both men are on their feet now. DeVine whips Garth into the corner, going for the rebound roundhouse but Garth grabs the ropes before he hits and stalls himself. DeVine moves in to grab him but Garth hits him with a back elbow. He turns around and hits DeVine with a yakuza kick. DeVine is down! He's getting back up to his feet but Garth's waiting for him – Shining Cock! Unorthodox offensive from Garth there.

Dingo: Hey, whatever it takes.

Davis: Garth's on top of DeVine now and really laying into him with some strong punches. Ref's forcing him to get off though and he does. DeVine's getting slowly back to his feet. Garth's grabbed him – oh no! Here it is – whitewater driver! It hits! Garth goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout!

Dingo: What? That must have been a slow count.

Davis: No, it definitely wasn't. The whitewater driver just wasn't enough to put away DeVine. Garth goes right back on the offensive though, repeatedly slamming his knee into DeVine's face. Once again the ref forces him to back off and he does so. He picks up DeVine again. He's signalling for another Whitewater Driver! He lifts him up – wait, DeVine lifts himself up even further and now he's on Garth's shoulders! He's got some kind of facelock applied. Garth's struggling but he can't stay vertical and he falls backwards! It's a cover – one, two... kickout!

Dingo: Damn that was close! 

Davis: DeVine's got a dragon sleeper applied on Garth now. Garth's managing to get up but that may not be the best idea as DeVine usually follows this with a reverse suplex. Sure enough he goes for it – Garth blocks it! He spins out now and goes into a side headlock on DeVine but DeVine spins out of that too and goes into a rear waistlock – German suplex from DeVine! Garth's on the ground now and DeVine puts a rear naked choke on him! He's completed the DeVine Special! Will Garth tap out? Garth's really struggling.

Dingo: Come on High Society, get down here!

Davis: There's no sign of them – Garth's tapped! He's tapped!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a submission, Marky DeVine!

Davis: And your tip was wrong. Again.

Dingo: Where the hell were High Society?

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is your main event of the evening! It is a Championship Scramble match set for 30 minutes! Two competitors – one of whom will be the defending TTW World Champion Blizzard Mask 20XX – will start the match. The other competitors will enter at regular intervals. As they won the tag team match at TTW In Your Browser: The People's Court then Cole Show and The Heckler will be the last two entrants. Whenever a competitor scores a pinfall or submission, they will become the interim TTW World Champion. When the time limit expires, the interim champion will become the proper TTW World Champion. Blizzard Mask 20XX will start as interim champion.

Dingo: That's a lot of rules.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from the blinding whiteness of the tundra, weighing in at 160 lbs, he is the reigning TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX! And introducing his first opponent... representing the Pack, from the forests of Canada, weighing in at 222 lbs, Wolf Hawkfield!

Davis: It's Wolf Hawkfield starting off against the champ! This should be good.

Dingo: Definitely.

Davis: And we're off. Lockup in the centre but Blizzard breaks out of it. He slides underneath Wolf and Wolf turns around – slap in the face from Blizzard! Another lockup and the whole thing happens again!

Dingo: I like this. Blizzard's really showing his superiority here. 

Davis: Wolf goes in for a lockup again – no wait! He was feinting! He turned it into a shoulder block and Blizzard's been knocked to the mat! Wolf falls on him but can't stop Blizzard from getting back up. He's still in control though and he bodyslams Blizzard! And now he's moving down – cross armbreaker! He's got a cross armbreaker locked in! Will Blizzard tap out? Blizzard's looking for an opening. He's managing to get some strikes in on Wolf but Wolf just won't break the hold. I think Blizzard's found the ropes though – he has! Wolf's forced to break the hold. And now it's time for another entrant.


Davis: It's Miles King! Miles King is making his in-ring debut right now!

Dingo: This should be good. And hey, Blizzard just rolled out of the ring, so we'll get to see Miles and Wolf go one-on-one.

Davis: Miles is in the ring now and taunting Wolf. Wolf charges at him but Miles counters it into a spinebuster and follows it up with a jumping elbow drop. 

Dingo: And now he's taunting to the crowd. That's great. He's showing them that their opinion doesn't matter: he's still great.

Davis: Well I don't think it's smart. What if Wolf gets up and he doesn't see it – like what's happening right now. Wolf's up and getting ready for something – wait, Miles turns around and seems him. Miles hits Wolf with a spinning backfist – the King of Clubs! Wolf is down and Miles goes for the cover – one, two... Blizzard breaks it up! I didn't even see him get back in the ring.


Davis: It's Juan Carlos! Juan Carlos is here and he's running down to the ring at full speed! 

Dingo: This could turn ugly quickly.

Davis: He's in the ring. Miles King swings at him with a lariat but Juan ducks underneath it. Miles turns around – Going Green DDT! Miles King is down! Wolf's getting to his feet now after that King of Clubs – Going Green DDT to him too!

Dingo: Juan was serious when he said he'd do whatever it takes.

Davis: But wait, Blizzard's grabbed Juan from behind. He's setting up for the violent Russian legsweep – Juan blocks it! He breaks out of the hold – Going Green DDT to Blizzard Mask 20XX! But Blizzard rolls out of the ring with the impact. Juan looks at sees Miles still on the mat. He climbs to the top turnbuckle – moonsault to Miles King! One, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Juan Carlos is the interim TTW World Champion!


Dingo: Here comes Cole Show! The world's largest broadcast journalist is about to make a dent in Juan Carlos.

Davis: Cole Show hits the ring and goes for a spear but Juan jumps out of the way. Cole Show picks himself up and comes back swinging with a big KO Punch but Juan dodges that too. Standing missile dropkick from Juan forces Cole Show back and then a big European uppercut knocks him into the ropes. Juan charges at Cole Show but Show ducks and pulls the ropes, sending Juan over and out onto the floor!

Dingo: Now that's fighting smart.

Davis: Wolf's getting back up though behind Cole Show. Blizzard and Miles look like they're stirring too. Cole Show turns around and gets a kick to the gut from Wolf. And Wolf picks him up – The Howling! Wolf hits The Howling! Cover – one, two... Miles King breaks it up! Wolf gets up to fend him off but Miles is too quick – double knee gutbuster! The High Roller! Miles has hit Wolf with the High Roller! Wait, Blizzard's behind Miles! He spins him around – White Horizon! Miles is down! And now Blizzard goes for the cover...


Davis: And The Heckler's here but Blizzard's still got the pin on – one, two... Juan breaks it up! I didn't even see him get back in I was so preoccupied.

Dingo: Me neither. This is getting out of control. It's great.

Davis: Blizzard's up and trading punches with Juan Carlos. Juan's taking control... White Horizon out of nowhere! Juan's down. But Wolf's up and he gets Blizzard with a kick to the gut – The Howling! Wolf hits the Howling on Blizzard! Wolf goes for the cover but Heckler pulls him off – thumb to the eye from the Heckler! Come on! Everyone's cheating tonight.

Dingo: They sure are. It's great. I'm loving it.

Davis: Wolf's stunned and Heckler covers Blizzard! He's trying to steal Wolf's work – one, two... Kickout! Wolf kicks out! Heckler covers Juan – one – kickout! And now the two of them are staring down The Heckler. 

Dingo: I hate to say it but this is not going to end well for The Heckler. 

Davis: And here they go! They're both unloading with punch after punch on the Heckler, forcing him back into the ropes. He's really on the defensive.

Dingo: Watch out, here comes Cole Show! 

Davis: That's right. Cole Show's here and he's fighting Juan and Wolf back with some big open handed chops. Heckler's back off the ropes now and they're working together to fight Juan and Wolf. But wait, Juan and Wolf seem to be getting the momentum back and it's even now.

Dingo: Miles is back up.

Davis: So he is! And he's behind Wolf now – schoolboy to Wolf! One – kickout! Miles gets back up and walks into a KO Punch from Cole Show! Miles is down! Going Green DDT from Juan to Cole Show! Cole Show's down! And Wolf's back up now and he turns on the Heckler. He grabs him but Heckler spins around and hits the Punchline! Wolf's down! Heckler goes for the cover but Juan pulls him up – Going Green DDT! Heckler's down! Watch out though, Blizzard's right behind you! Juan turns around – White Horizon! Juan's down!

Dingo: Don't know for how long.

Davis: Blizzard covers Heckler! He's not covering Juan! One, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Blizzard Mask 20XX is the interim TTW World Champion!

Davis: Juan's up though and he's ripping into Blizzard with some of the hardest chops I've ever seen. Blizzard's on the defensive and I don't think that he can –


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the 30 minutes are up! Your TTW World Champion is still Blizzard Mask 20XX!

Davis: And he was so close too. 

Dingo: Nearly there isn't there.

Davis: And Blizzard's leaving the ring! He's not staying in there with Juan Carlos.

Dingo: It doesn't matter. He's still the champ.

Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, we'll see you next time. Goodnight.