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Davis Ditterich: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TTW Textamania II!

Dingo Patterson: Hey.

Davis: It's going to be a great show. All three titles will be defended and we've got our first ever Money in the Bank ladder match!

Dingo: That'll definitely be a fun one to watch, as will our main event tonight for the World Championship match. And I can tell the challenger, Blizzard Mask 20XX means business, because – tell him about it, Davis.

Davis: We got a letter sent to us. I have it here and as you can see it's of the champion Juan Carlos. The sender has taken a promotional photo of him and crudely photoshopped him in the middle of a winter scene, drawn a big red cross on him, drawn some blue stuff on his face, and written “New champion” in the corner. Now we take you backstage to a discussion between former Tag Team Champions Munch B. Cool & Rob I. Jarig.

Rob I. Jarig: Hey, Munch. I know your big ladder hardcore match that I would love to be in is coming up next, and I want to talk to you about something.

Munch B. Cool: What's up, buttercup?

Rob: I don't think you need me anymore. You see, we've always been a team. We won the titles together, lost the titles together, fought for the titles together, and got drunk over losing every match together. But now, you have a new friend, Won Car Loss. And you work much better with him, or alone. And now I think it's time we finally split up the wrestlegroup of Munch & Rob and moved on to new projects.

Munch: Hey Rob, we had good run. We were the first, and I wished we were the last. All good things must come to an end, and I'm glad you're chilled about it. If I do win that magical briefcase, it's going to be alright on the night. 

Rob: Here, let us celebrate our continued friendship with these cans of non-alcoholic beer that do not violate TTW policies.

Munch: I hear that. You may join me on the throne of greatness once I get there. I'm cool with that.

Rob and Munch drink the beers, but Rob suddenly punches Munch in the face, sending non-alcoholic beer spray everywhere.

Rob: YOU SELFISH PRICK! I gave everything for this team! I have taken finishers from everyone on the roster! Whitewater Drivers! A KO Punch! A Going Green DDT! A Permanent Holiday! Excaliburs! Misted! A Rat Tail Kick into a White Horizon! A superkick! A Psychedelic Experience from someone who wasn't even paying attention! A Codebreaker! I have been humiliated week after week and you are such an asshole that you take all of my pain and team up with a champion who wins the match for you! I missed Breakpoint 2011 for you! You make me sick. Fuckings to you.

Rob drops his can and walks away.

Rob: You don't even know the difference between Farbrausch and Fairlight you clueless n00b! Go fist your eyes.

Munch staggers up, using a bar stool for leverage

Munch: ... stares at a bartender It's... it's his time of the month... falls down onto the ground, clutching where he was punched.

Davis: We've just got word that Stunning Steven Bowie has arrived.

Dingo: Good thing too, his match is right up next.

The camera cuts to a limo with the sound of heavy bass vibrating the windows. The door opens and the signature "Stunning" shoes step out as woman hands reach out after Bowie. He is on a phone

Stunning Steven Bowie: Oh yeah, I'll be there. I know how much you need me and I know I like the weight of my wallet when I work with you, so yeah - I just need to get that briefcase they made for me and then I can ditch this disgusting hick-town and party it up in Hollywood with you. Yeah-yep-uhuh. Catch ya later, cutie."

he hangs up and looks at the camera

Bowie: Really? Already? I just got here and you're already bugging me? Well, I can't say I blame you. I'm the only guy anyone in the real world cares about. And I'm looking forward to my...extended weekend, so I'm in a good mood. So I'll tell you what, I'll give you some of my time just so this isn't a total waste of time. This money in the bank thing? This is just something written into the script to make it even more obvious how truly Stunning I am. I mean just think about it - money? success? main event, top dog? That just screams Stunning Steven Bowie! Look at me, look at my suit, look at my hair! Even my hair is worth more than any of the meth-lab on wheels the people here come from! The other makes air quotes "men" in the match tonight are nothing more than hill-billy heroes here to give these inbred...creatures hope to compensate for their lack of teeth and IQs in the triple digits. I'm here to show them reality. I know I've already proved to at least one of them in person just how hashtag Stunning I am. When I was the American Champion of America before it was robbed from me I embarked on a noble and pure hearted quest to beautify this country. I tried to work within the system but the system is corrupt and before the credits roll on my TTW run, I will have to change the system. Once I have followed through with the formality that is this match, I'll have the key to the gates of power, of control. Pay attention ladies and gentlemen - this face is the face that will be in history books and everyone - EVERYONE will know the definition of Stunning!

He smiles, spits his gum at the camera, and goes to his dressing room. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is the Money in the Bank ladder match! The winner will receive a contract allowing them to challenge the TTW World Champion for a title match at any point in time! Introducing first, from Norway, weighing in at 178 lbs, Lotus Dragon! Introducing second, from Santa Monica, California, weighing in at 177 lbs, Mike Kuzuna! Introducing third, from Iceland, weighing in at 192 lbs, Munch B. Cool! Introducing fourth, weighing in at 225 lbs, Thegostofjon! And finally, from the USA, weighing in at a stunning 250 lbs, Stunning Steven Bowie! 

Davis: Now a ladder match means that there's no disqualifications. Do you think that Rob I. Jarig will take advantage of that to run in and harm Munch B. Cool?

Dingo: No. He should be getting ready for his match. I rang him just a few minutes ago to let him know he's got a match later against Jez Stone.

Davis: Well in that case we should be guaranteed a fair fight. Ref calling for the bell now and we're off. Thegostofjon's heading for Lotus right off the bat and is really laying into him with some strong punches. Kuzuna goes after Bowie but Bowie pushes him back into Munch who hits him with a German suplex. And Bowie's left the ring now to grab a ladder.

Dingo: Getting them in early? I like that.

Davis: Munch goes into the corner to break up Gost & Lotus. He grabs Gost from behind and traps him while Lotus lays into him with some very fast kicks indeed followed by a German suplex from Munch. Munch gets back up but Lotus is waiting and thanks him for his help with a side suplex. And now Mike Kuzuna's back up and he locks up with Lotus.

Dingo: Hold on, Bowie's getting back in now and he's got a ladder with him.

Davis: He certainly does and he slams it into both of them, knocking them right down. And now he's set it up and he's starting to climb it. Will Bowie make it to the top and grab the briefcase? Wait, Munch is back to his feet now and climbing the other side of the ladder. He's nearly reached the top – he has! And it looks like Munch is going for a suplex – he's going to suplex Bowie off the ladder!

Dingo: If Munch hits this I think it could take both of them out of the match.

Davis: Bowie's fighting it off though. I don't think Munch is going to be able to... Gost is up now! Gost is up off the ground and he's going over to the ladder – I think he's going to push it over – he has! He's pushed it over and Munch and Bowie go flying to the outside!

Dingo: That could easily take both of them out too.

Davis: Gost is looking pleased with his work. He's getting the ladder back up but Lotus is back to his feet now too. He spins Gost around – The Pretentious Lotus Move! Lotus hits Gost with The Pretentious Lotus Move and Gost is down! Now it's Lotus with the ladder and he's setting it up. It's done and now he's climbing it. Will Lotus Dragon be our first Mr. Money in the Bank? Mike Kuzuna's back up now and he's climbing the ladder very fast too. He's at the top now and trading punches with Lotus. Lotus seems to have the edge though – he's knocked down Kuzuna!

Dingo: It looks like Lotus has got this one.

Davis: Maybe not, Munch is back up and getting in the ring. Bowie seems to be up too but he's holding back. Munch is climbing the ladder now . Lotus is trying to grab the case but he's run out of time and has to stop to fend off Munch. Now it's Munch and Lotus trading punches at the top.

Dingo: Hold on, Kuzuna's back up and he's climbing the turnbuckle. What the hell's he doing over there?

Davis: No idea. It looks like Munch is getting the upper hand though. Gost is getting up now. And Munch has just punched Lotus off the ladder and he lands on Gost, sending them both down! Munch is all free to get the case – woah! Kuzuna just came flying off that turnbuckle with a dropkick that kicked Munch clean off the ladder! 

Dingo: That was a hell of an impact.

Davis: Kuzuna's getting slowly back to his feet but wait, Bowie's back in the ring! He's been biding his time and he's nearly fresh – Codebreaker from Bowie to Kuzuna! And now Bowie's climbing that ladder as fast as he can – will he make it? Bowie's at the top. He's nearly got the briefcase – he's got it! Bowie's grabbed the case!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and new Mr. Money in the Bank, Stunning Steven Bowie!

Dingo: That was a stunning turn of events. 

Davis: And now we take you backstage to The Heckler's locker room.

The Heckler: So I'm going to be wrestling Cole Show and Wolf Hawkfield tonight for the #1 Contendership. That's funny. Ha ha ha. I could have sworn Wolf has had plenty of shots at the title. So has Cole Show in fact. Ha ha ha. I'm splitting my sides here. I shouldn't have to go through this match. I should be given the #1 Contendership straight away. But if I have to fight for it, I will. And then, Cole Show and Wolf Hawkfield, the joke will be on you.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, ElBeardy and El Trippy Del Faggot! And now, representing High Society, from England, at a combined weight of 420 lbs, they are the reigning TTW Tag Team Champions, Garth Wrestlegar and Sir Dan Danielson the Third!

Davis: This is Garth & Dan's first defence since announcing the addition of Cody Jester as a new member of High Society. Do you think that will make a difference?

Dingo: It'll certainly be a confidence booster for High Society. They've got every belt but one in this company. They're on a roll.

Davis: Despite that the challengers do have past wins over the champions. They were the champions themselves at one point. They've got a chance too. Well the match has started with Garth and Trippy. Trippy was out from Cold Iron due to a persistent concussion but he tells me he's all fine now. Garth seems not to think so though because he's going right for Trippy's head with some pretty hard punches that do seem to be doing damage.

Dingo: That doesn't mean anything. Getting punched in the head hurts, concussion or no concussion.

Davis: Trippy's fighting back now though. He pushes Garth back and a shoulder block sends him to the mat. Standing splash now from Trippy into a cover – one, two... Kickout! Trippy's lifting Garth back up now and going for a scoop slam. Garth stalls it and cuts him off with a quick headbutt. He's wasting no time now as he starts with his signature knife edge chops, forcing Trippy back to the ropes on the High Society side. Punch from Trippy now as he tries to get back on the offensive but Garth shrugs it off, grabs him and delivers a knee to the face that sends Trippy down to the mat. He tags in Sir Dan.

Dingo: I told you High Society would win this.

Davis: It's bit premature to call it now, don't you think? Anyway, the action's back off the mat now as Sir Dan's got Trippy in an abdominal stretch. Trippy's hurting but he's quite close to the ropes. If he can just get a hand free – he has! He's grabbed the ropes but Sir Dan isn't breaking the hold! It's nearly five now and Trippy's fully on the ropes – wait! Trippy just used the ropes to throw himself backwards on top of Sir Dan! 

Dingo: That must have hurt, especially with Dan still tied up in that hold.

Davis: Trippy's going over to tag in Beardy but Dan's grabbed his foot and pulled him over. Dan's scrambling to his feet now and applies an Indian deathlock to Trippy. That really looks like painful. Breaks the hold now and tags in Garth who climbs the turnbuckle. Trippy's slowly getting to his feet now. That's not a good position to be in when Garth's about to jump – Permanent Holiday! Garth hits the Permanent Holiday on Trippy! Cover – one, two... Kickout! Trippy kicks out of the Permanent Holiday!

Dingo: I gotta hand it to him, that was good.

Davis: Garth looks quite shocked by this. He quickly brings Trippy down again with a few knees then climbs the turnbuckle again. I think he's going for the corkscrew moonsault. He jumps but Trippy rolls out of the way! Nobody home for Garth Wrestlegar as he lands flat on the mat! Trippy's crawling over to his corner, trying to make the tag to Beardy. Garth looks like he's nearly up himself.

Dingo: Come on Garth, you can do it!

Davis: Trippy's nearly there... he's tagged in ElBeardy! ElBeardy comes in and now Garth tags in Sir Dan! Dan's in too but Beardy takes him out with a clothesline. Dan's back up but gets hit with another clothesline. Back up again and this time Beardy lifts him up and out into a Gordbuster. Beardy is on fire!

Dingo: As much as I hate to say it, we could be seeing new champs here... wait, is that Cody Jester coming down the ramp?

Davis: Yes it is. Cody Jester's coming down the ramp and Beardy's seen him. He's threatening Cody to stay away and keep clear of the match. The argument is getting really heated – wait, Dan's getting up behind Beardy as he's still arguing! Roll up! Dan's rolled up Beardy, taking advantage of the distraction! One, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a pinfall and still TTW Tag Team Champions, Garth Wrestlegar and Sir Dan Danielson the Third!

Davis: So it turned out that having a new member did help High Society with their match.

Dingo: Hey, Cody Jester never got physically involved. That was clean.

Davis: It still counts. And now we go backstage to Cole Show.

Cole Show: While I appreciate that TTW has been giving me a chance to use my investigative journalistic talent With The Cole Show Factor, I think it's about time I got back in the ring and worked my way up the ladder, breaking every rung on the way up, meaning I'll be the only one at the top once I defeat Heckler and Wolf tonight, and go on to win back my World Championship from Juan Carlos. However, filming TCSF has reduced my gym time to a minimum so IF The World's Largest Broadcast Journalist loses tonight, then management will experience Ankle Locks and Chokeslams and KO Punches all round for taking away MY time, and so will whoever booked me in this promo! 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the TTW American Championship of America! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Father Kojo, from New York, New York, weighing in at 210 lbs, Panther Kojo! And his opponent, representing High Society, from California, weighing in at 207 lbs, he is the reigning TTW American Champion of America, Cody Jester!

Davis: I wonder if Garth & Sir Dan will be getting involved in this one.

Dingo: Hey, Kojo saw the other match. I don't think he'll be falling for the same trick.

Davis: The match starts and the two competitors move into a lockup in the centre. Panther takes the edge and turns it into an Irish whip. Goes for a clothesline to catch Jester off the rebound but Jester ducks underneath it and keeps running. Second rebound and Jester goes for a clothesline of his own but Panther ducks that. Third rebound and Panther catches Jester with a hurricanrana. 

Dingo: That was some good dodging. These two have scouted each other well. 

Davis: Jester's back on his feet but Kojo's waiting and catches him with a vertical suplex. Standing senton bomb now from Kojo but Jester rolls out of the way and quickly scrambles up to deliver a fast knee to Panther's face. Cover now from Jester – one, two... Kickout! Jester keeping control now as he brings Panther back up and Irish whips him into the ropes. Jester catches him with a standing Frankensteiner off the rebound. Jester now runs the ropes himself as Panther's getting back to his feet – Novacaine! Jester hits that rolling thunder European uppercut and it sends Panther straight back down to the mat.

Dingo: Father Kojo does not look happy at the moment. I wouldn't be happy either if I was him. Panther is not fighting well enough to win that championship.

Davis: I think it's still too early to be writing Panther off.

Dingo: We'll see.

Davis: Jester's picking up Panther. He goes for another Irish whip but Panther reverses it! Now it's Jester running the ropes. Panther goes for a clothesline but Jester ducks underneath it. He rebounds and hits his running single-leg high knee, the Concussion Warning! Panther is down again!

Dingo: Can we write him off now?

Davis: One, two... Kickout! Panther is still in this match!

Dingo: Woah. Okay, now he's stepping up his game.

Davis: It looks like Cody Jester is disputing the ref's call. The argument is buying Panther the time he needs to get back to his feet – he's back up! He starts running the ropes – legdrop bulldog from behind and Jester is down! Panther picks him back up though and pulls him in close – an over the shoulder belly-to-back piledriver! Jester's being hit with everything!

Dingo: Maybe Panther still has a chance. Hold on, Garth and Sir Dan are coming down the ramp.

Davis: Not this again... They're heckling Panther but you're right, he's not falling for the distraction. He's getting onto the apron opposite from them. I think it's going to be – it's the Panther Pounce! Panther Kojo hits the Panther Pounce! One, two... What? Garth has just pulled Panther off Jester and out of the ring! And now he's clotheslined him to the ground! Ref's calling for the bell and this is extremely poor sportsmanship from High Society.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match as the result of a disqualification, Panther Kojo! However, the TTW American Champion of America is still Cody Jester. Davis: Garth's thrown Panther back into the ring now and Cody lifts him up onto his shoulders – EKO! Cody hits the EKO and now High Society leave the ring like the cowards that they are.

Dingo: Smart cowards though, exploiting the rule that titles can't change hands on a DQ.

Davis: It's a sad day for our sport if everyone starts bending the rules like that though. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Texas, weighing in at 200 lbs, Jez Stone! And his opponent, from the Netherlands, weighing in at 280 lbs, Rob I. Jarig!

Davis: This is a crucial match for Rob. His whole breakup with Munch was based on his feeling that the losing streak wasn't his fault. If he can win this match he'll be vindicated.

Dingo: I agree with Rob. The fact that he was taking all those finishers means that he was the one doing all the work. If anything it was Munch holding them back. Rob will win this.

Davis: We'll see now as the match starts. Rob has in fact managed to take control straight away with repeated punches to Jez and now a scoop slam. Jez is straight back up but Rob hits him with another scoop slam.

Dingo: I told you! Rob's on fire now that he's got rid of Munch. 

Davis: Rob's picking Jez up again. He's taunting with his hands, I think it's – Lobster Attack! Rob moves in with that devastating clawhold and Jez could be gone. Will he tap out? Jez is fading fast but he's still got movement – he's made it to the ropes. Rob breaks the hold but quickly comes back and pulls Jez in to powerbomb position. He lifts him up but Jez punches him at the top and knocks him down! The powerbomb is broken and Jez is still in top – one, two... kickout!

Dingo: That two-count was just surprise. Rob's still going to win.

Davis: Jez is still in control though as he picks up Rob and Irish whips him but Rob counters it! Jez goes into the ropes now but Rob underestimates his speed and gets caught with a clothesline. He's back up again but now it's a big lariat from Jez that turns Rob inside out.

Dingo: No, this isn't how it was meant to happen.

Davis: Jez is climbing the turnbuckle now. Here it comes – Senton Bomb! Jez covers him – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall, Jez Stone! 

Davis: What does that say about your theory?

Dingo: That was just a fluke. Rob's still better.

Davis: Rob just blindsided Jez! He looks absolutely furious! The ref's trying to hold him back but he's letting it all out on Jez! Picks him up – Memory Dump! Rob has hit the Memory Dump on Jez and now he's screaming what I guess are Dutch obscenities at him while leaving the ring.

Dingo: Sometimes flukes just make you angry. I'm sure we've all been there.

Davis: Anyway, we now take you backstage for a message from our World Champion Juan Carlos.

Juan Carlos: If you would have ever told me when I signed up for TTW that I would main eventing on the grandest stage TTW has ever had, I would have thought you were lying. Now look at me. I am the longest reigning TTW Champion of all time and the man who has held it longer than anyone else. It's amazing what time has done to every party. My friends like Panther Kojo, the man who beat me at the first ever Textmania had a shot at grabbing the American Title once again. He was robbed but I think he'll get it again eventually. Wolf Hawkfield, a former rival and now best friend could end up winning a shot to get at my TTW Title. But if we go back a little farther in time, my old Trios partner in wWo in its short time on top, Munch B. Cool is now free of Rob I. Jarig and on the way up. Garth, although we've had a bit of a falling out, he and his partner Sir Dan are the TTW Tag Team Champions.

Why am I bringing up wWo all of a sudden? It's because tonight is when TTW and wWo collide. The longest reigning TTW Champion versus the longest reigning and only wWo Champion, a man who got everyone to join his promotion far and wide, a man who gave himself the wWo Title, then canceled it when he had to defend it. By doing so he says it officially puts him in the rulebooks as above those men. Well tonight let's prove that. Former wWo employee and one time wWo Trios Champion and CURRENT TTW Champion, Juan Carlos. Unlike you, I've earned my World Title by taking on the Wolf Hawkfields, The Hecklers and The Cole Shows in TTW to win and retain my title. Are you really sure of yourself, Blizzard? What if you come to the same realization you had when Red Machine D almost took your title? What will you do, then?

And once you're put away by the Going Green DDT and a Moonsault, all your work to make yourself seem like you're above all will have melted away like your momentum.

And you can CHILL ON THAT. 

Dingo: That was pretty nostalgic for me. I was actually in Juan's trio when we held the wWo Trios belts. Of course, I still don't like Juan's new direction. Anyway, I'm hearing something's happening backstage, so let's go there.

A cameraman is testing his equipment backstage, when Blizzard comes walking down the hall at him. The cameraman starts to back away, but Blizzard calls out to him.

Blizzard Mask 20XX: Hey! You with the camera! Wait right there for a minute.

Blizzard catches up to him, and pats him on the shoulder.

Blizzard: What, did you think I was gonna hurt you? No no no... I got bigger things on my mind tonight. Do you know what tonight is?

The cameraman doesn't answer.

Blizzard: What's the matter, don't you know? It's Textamania! The biggest night of the year! And do you know what's happening tonight?

The cameraman doesn't answer.

Blizzard: Man, you're pretty stupid, huh? Allow me to educate you. Tonight is the Event Horizon for TTW. Juan Carlos and Blizzard Mask battle it out for the TTW World Championship, but that's not all. No no no no no, we're not just fighting for a shiny gold belt, we're fighting to decide the Future of the main event scene, we're fighting to decide the Future of TTW, we're fighting to decide the Future of this entire INDUSTRY.

Blizzard starts walking, and signals towards the cameraman to follow him. The cameraman does what he's told, and Blizzard talks as he walks slowly, passing framed posters for previous TTW events hanging in the hallway.

Blizzard: For what it's worth, I'm not trying to destroy this company. Not like I destroyed RAPE, WWA, or wWo... no, TTW is my home now, and I don't want to see it go down in flames like all the rest. Hell, I want it to FLOURISH. The problem is, in order to do that, I have to take out Juan Carlos, one of their biggest stars, the guy everybody pays to see.

He stops in front of a poster for Cold Iron.

Blizzard: People think of a storm as destructive, but that's not true. Nothing can be destroyed in this world, only changed, and a storm is the ultimate agent of that change... and I am the apex of the storm that has enveloped TTW. I'm not sorry for what I'm going to do to Juan Carlos tonight, because the Future can't be stopped. And like Leonard Cohen said: I've seen the Future brother, and it's murder.

Blizzard walks off screen and into the darkness of the arena. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it to decide the #1 Contender to the TTW World Championship! Introducing first, from Amenia, New York, weighing in at 330 lbs, Cole Show! Introducing second, weighing in at 215 lbs, The Heckler! And finally, from the forests of Canada, weighing in at 222 lbs, Wolf Hawkfield!

Davis: This is the first of our two main events and it should be a hell of a match.

Dingo: Definitely. All three have had some great matches before. Wolf's a two-time World Champion and Show's a one-time World Champion. Heckler's not so he's definitely the dark horse in this match but I reckon he's still in with a chance. He's taken Wolf to the limit before and I reckon he can do it again. He's just got to push a little bit further.

Davis: Ref calls for the bell and we're off. Show looks like he's saying something to Heckler. Can't really pick up what it was but Heckler seems to agree with it. And now they've both rushed Wolf Hawkfield! They've teamed up! They're both beating up on Wolf and there's nothing he can do to stop them both at once. 

Dingo: Good strategy. If you're looking at title reigns, Wolf is the most dangerous guy in the ring: it makes sense to take him out first. Don't worry too much Davis, the team won't last. Only one of them can win after all.

Davis: Double suplex now sends Wolf crashing to the ground. He staggers back to his feet but they're waiting for him with a double DDT. Cole Show goes for the cover but Heckler pulls him off and starts arguing with him. Looks like the team's fallen apart already. 

Well, that was sooner than even I expected. That was pretty stupid of Cole Show to cover him in full view of The Heckler though.

Davis: At the moment at least it's still just arguing. I take that back, Heckler just kneed Show in the gut and followed it with a DDT. Show's down but Wolf is getting back up behind him. 

Dingo: Damn it, Heckler, watch your back!

Davis: Heckler turns around but Wolf is waiting and hits him with a superkick! Heckler goes down to the mat. Show's getting up but Wolf cuts him off with an enzuigiri. Wolf's moving quickly now – he's locked in a cross armbreaker!

Dingo: Cole Show must have had more cross armbreakers than hot dinners at this point.

Davis: Will this be the one that makes him tap out? Has the previous stress damaged his arm? Cole Show's far from the ropes. He's going to have to break it himself. Wait, Heckler's getting to his feet.

Dingo: Come on, come on!

Davis: Heckler's seen the hold and he's broken it up! He covers Cole Show himself – one... Wolf breaks it up! And now Wolf and Heckler are trading punches in the centre of the ring. Show's getting back to his feet. Wolf is taking the lead – he's got two, no three, punches in unopposed. And now a big tomahawk chop from Wolf sends Heckler down to the mat but a big boot from Show sends Wolf down to join him.

Dingo: You gotta stay awake. Watch all the sides.

Davis: Heckler's getting up now but Show's ready for him and grabs him by the throat. Wolf's up too but he gets grabbed as well! Surely he can't be thinking – he is – double chokeslam! Double chokeslam! Just how strong is Cole Show? And he covers Wolf now – one, two... Kickout! He covers Heckler instead – one, two... kickout! Both men have kicked out of the chokeslam. 

Dingo: Stakes are high. These guys are giving it their absolute best. 

Davis: Show brings Heckler up and goes for the KO Punch but Heckler ducks underneath it. Heckler grabs him and goes for the Punchline but Show backpedals quickly and traps him in the ropes. But here comes Wolf now with a big lariat that takes all three men over the top rope to the outside!

Dingo: What did I just say? Ow, that would've hurt.

Davis: Wolf's the first to his feet and he pushes Cole Show back into the ring. Wolf grabs him in powerbomb position and lifts him up around onto his shoulders. I'm still amazed he can do that. I think it's going to be time for The Howling – wait, Heckler's come in the ring and he's broken it up! Heckler goes for the Punchline on Wolf but he breaks it. Show's up now and he levels Heckler with a KO Punch! Heckler is down! But Wolf's ready for Show and he grabs him and lifts him up again! The Howling! Wolf Hawkfield has hit Cole Show with The Howling! He goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall and new #1 Contender to the TTW World Championship, Wolf Hawkfield! 

Davis: This is certainly a big win for Wolf.

Dingo: Definitely.

Davis: Heckler's getting back up now. He's offering his hand to Wolf! I can't believe this! Wolf looks a bit doubtful but he takes it... oh come on! Heckler's grabbed him, pulled him in close, spun him around and now he's hit him with a Punchline!

Dingo:People aren't taking their losses well tonight.

Davis: Heckler's helping Cole Show up now. And Show's going over to Wolf – he's got him in an ankle lock! Come on, this is barbaric now! Someone has to stop this! Someone's just jumped the guard rail! I can't see who it is, they've got a hoodie on. They're in the ring now though. Heckler runs at him, going for a clothesline, but he ducks it and hits Heckler with a German suplex! Cole Show's seen it and released the ankle lock. He goes for a KO Punch but the man ducks underneath that too – German suplex to Cole Show!

Dingo: Whoever this guy is, he's on fire right now!

Davis: He's helping Wolf up now. And now he's lifting up his hood – it's Marky DeVine! It's Marky DeVine, the hottest free agent in professional wrestling! He's right here in TTW Dingo you selfish prick!

Dingo: What the hell did you just call me Davis?

Davis: I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me just there. Anyway, Marky DeVine is here and he's made a hell of a statement.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is your main event of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW World Championship! Introducing first, from the blinding whiteness of the tundra, weighing in at 160 lbs, Blizzard Mask 20XX! And his opponent, from Ireland, weighing in at 180 lbs, he is the reigning TTW World Champion, Juan Carlos!

Dingo: This is going to be one hell of a fight. Blizzard's riding a huge wave of momentum.

Davis: So's Juan.

Dingo: That's true but he's had the psychological advantage of being at the top of the hill. Blizzard's been climbing the hill and doing it very well.

Davis: That's an unusual metaphor. Anyway, ref calls for the bell and we're off. Blizzard goes for a roundhouse kick straight away but Juan ducks it and trips Blizzard up. Juan tries to cover him but Blizzard counters it into a monkey flip. Both men back to their feet now.

Dingo: They're even more evenly matched than I thought.

Davis: Lockup in the centre now. Juan appears to be stronger but he's having difficulty finding a purchase. Blizzard's getting a few headbutts in which certainly isn't helping things for Juan.

Dingo: Really? You think so?

Davis: Well, maybe it is, because Juan seems to be finding something – he hits a spinebuster on Blizzard! Blizzard's back up but Juan whips him into the corner and moves over there. 

Dingo: In matches like this it's vital to keep the pressure on.

Davis: Blizzard tries to push back out but Juan traps him in there – shiranui! Blizzard's down and Juan goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! Juan pulls Blizzard up to his feet but Blizzard cuts him off with a punch to the gut. Do you think that was a bit low?

Dingo: Nope.

Davis: Juan is still doubled over. Blizzard, sensing the situation, goes for the White Horizon but Juan's still aware enough to duck it. Juan comes back up with a European uppercut that sends Blizzard back. Juan moves in, going for another spinebuster, but Wolf fends him off with some elbows and then a toe kick.

Dingo: Still no clear advantage.

Davis: Juan's doubled over now and Blizzard takes advantage of that, hitting him with the Frost Bite. Now the champ is down and Blizzard moves in – he's got the Eye of Every Storm locked in! Will Juan tap out? Juan's holding in there but for how much longer? The pain must be unbearable!

Dingo: Submission holds like this are a test of just how much you want to win. Are you prepared to go through agony to hold on to that belt? Are you prepared to be injured for it? Where do you draw the line?

Davis: Wherever that line is, Juan hasn't crossed it yet. He's still holding in there. I think he's held out longer than anyone else has before. I think he's finding a hole in it though – he really needs it.

Dingo: If he can't find a hole very soon this will have to be over.

Davis: He's found it! Juan's broken the hold! He's broken the Eye of Every Storm! Blizzard can't believe it! Blizzard is apoplectic! He's yelling at the ref that he should have stopped the match anyway! I'm not sure why but that's what he's yelling. Juan's back to his feet though and Blizzard's noticed this. He's forced Juan into the ropes and trapped him there.

Dingo: Whatever he's thinking it won't be good news for Juan.

Davis: This isn't going to be good – Blizzard just spat Blue Mist! But Juan dodged to the side at the last second and the mist missed!

Dingo: That could be a blessing for Blizzard too. That move is illegal and would have had him DQ'ed. 

Davis: Blizzard goes for a big kick now on Juan but Juan catches his foot and pushes him backwards onto the mat. Blizzard's back up but Juan's ready. He jumps up and hits the Going Green DDT! Juan hits the Going Green DDT! One, two... Kickout! Blizzard's kicked out of the Going Green DDT! Juan looks shocked.

Dingo: Both men really want this championship. They've both gone through way more than I expected.

Davis: They're both to their feet now and Juan still has the edge. He's getting in some really hard knife edge chops to Blizzard. Blizzard's getting a few stiff kicks in but I don't think it's enough to turn the tide. And now a standing dropkick from Juan sends Blizzard back down to the mat. Juan's climbing the turnbuckle now. He's turning around – it's going to be moonsault time.

Dingo: Hold on, Blizzard's up. I think he might have been playing possum for that dropkick. 

Davis: Juan's still up there and Blizzard's moving really fast and now he's up there with him! He's up there and he has the element of surprise – Rend the Sky! Blizzard hits Rend the Sky, that top-rope snap Russian leg sweep! Both men go crashing down to the mat and Blizzard makes the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner as the result of a pinfall and new TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX! 

Davis: Winter has certainly come to TTW.

Dingo: And I tipped it.

Davis: Wait, someone's coming out from the back?

Dingo: Is it Stunning Steven Bowie? Is he cashing in already?

Davis: No, it's Wolf Hawkfield! He's hobbling slightly from Cole Show's ankle lock but he's here nonetheless. 

Dingo: What's he doing here?

Davis: He's pointing at Blizzard Mask 20XX. Not saying anything, just pointing. Well, these two men may well be colliding again soon and it'll be big news when they do. There's a rematch to sort out first though.

Dingo: That's right. Come see our next show TTW >Implications, for that match and others.